Boosteria Points are our internal currency that you can earn on each purchase or via refer-a-friend program. Then you can spend them for discount on boosting, coaching or improving status of membership.

EARN boosteria points

USE OUR SERVICES - For each purchase no matter if it would be elo boosting or coaching you will get certain amount of BP depending on the price of your order.
REFER-A-FRIEND - Refer your friend to us and he will get a 15% discount for his/her first purchase and both of you will get 100 additional BP. There is no limit on number of friends invited.

spend boosteria points

MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM - If you ever bought a service on Boosteria then you have a 3% lifetime discount! Moreover, you can increase it up to 7% by spending Boosteria Points.
DISCOUNT FOR BOOSTING - You can use your Boosteria Points to get discount for your next boost. We have different variants of discount depending on your current BP amount.
DISCOUNT ON COACHING - You can spend Boosteria Points to get discount on coaching hours from our high skilled coaches! You can obtain up to 6 hours with a coach!
Boosteria Loyalty Program

Advantages of Boosteria Loyalty program

Our membership program provides constant discount of up to 7% on any LoL boosting order you will ever make.

Also you can spend BP to get additional discount of up to 9% right away!

So, it will be right to save some Boosteria Points to purchase high price order later.

The bigger your boosting order is – the more BP you will gain.


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Boosteria has a team of professional players from Diamond, Master or even Challenger league. They are friendly and polite, and will help you to improve your ingame performance by answering any questions will appear.

Average waiting time before order starts is 15 minutes.