Frequently Asked Questions at Boosteria

Frequently Asked Questions at Boosteria

We have answered most of the questions that arise about the boosting process. Most likely here you will find the answer to your question.

boosteria boosting questions

How can I become booster myself?

You must meet the strict requirements of our service and actually be in the top 1% of players in your discipline. You can get acquainted with the requirements on the Jobs page.

boosteria boosting questions

How long will it take to complete the order?

On the checkout page, we indicate the estimated lead time with some lead time. Usually the boost is even faster.

boosteria boosting questions

I would like to play on my account myself while the boost is in progress. Is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. You have to warn your booster or set your boost on pause. Furthermore, you shouldn't play ranked games thereby disrupting the boosting process. If you are going to log into your account, please ask the booster first, whether he is currently playing on your account.

boosteria boosting questions

How can I change booster?

You can change your booster by putting the order on pause and then unpause. You can also contact our admin directly through the chat in the client area, if for any reason your current booster does not suit you.

boosteria boosting questions

I would like to be in contact with people from my friend list. Is it possible?

Yes, our boosters are instructed in this regard and, at your request, are always ready to forward any messages you send or respond to those who write to you.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you have a loyalty program and how does it work?

We have a loyalty program. You will receive your promo code and discount after the first purchase. You can see the details of the loyalty program and your current level in the customer area.


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