Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we tryed to answer on most questions which may appear regarding our elo boosting service.

Boosting Process

Why should I choose you?

We have invested great efforts and resources in our project to make it the best on the elo boosting market. Every booster that works for us has his/her own profile (example) that includes order statistics, rank and user reviews. We provide ability for our employees to share their LoL experience with the customers during boosting process via chat. You can track your order progress and be in touch with support center right from your personal area. Moreover we have a loyalty program with discounts for our customers and announce wide-spread promo-discounts on different services on regular basis.

Will my account be safe and won’t get stolen?

We have been working hard to make our project better than our competitors elo boosting services. Hardly stealing few account and, as a result, crashing the whole service because of bad reputation, is well worth all our efforts. We are much more interested in happy and contented customers that can get back to us any time, or recommend our services to their friends. Moreover this is actually not possible since you can always retrieve your account by your e-mail.

Will boosters chat with my friends?

No, they won’t reply back to anyone whispering to them.

Will I be able chat with my booster?

Yes, we provide our customers with opportunity to chat with booster during boosting process. You can check demo of personal area here.

How can I check progress of my boost?

We provide all neccessary tools to follow progress of elo boosting in personal area: history of matches played by elo booster and information block which shows the status of current game. You can check demo of personal area here.

Can I play on my account during boost?

Playing rankeds until boost is done is against our rules and can cause penalties that would make your boost shorter. You can play normal games between boosting sessions, however you need to ask your booster beforehand.

Can I pause a boost?

Yes, you can. Your order will be detached from current booster and would get back into base, so that any free booster could pick it up once you click “unpause”. If you wish to save your current booster you are free to discuss pause and further resume with him, but keep in mind that he is not obliged to wait and can start working on another order if he wants.

Can I choose champions booster will play?

Yes we provide such feature. You can specify champions for boost using “Extra Options” tab here. You will be offered to choose up to 4 champions for each lane booster will play and prioritize lanes to which booster should stick to. This service would cost 25% over total order cost.

I liked my last booster, can I choose him to boost me again?

Yes we provide such option. You can specify your booster using “Extra Options” tab. However start of fulfilling of such order can possibly be longer especially if booster you chose is already carrying some order – delay can increase up to few days. You can always change booster by clicking “Back to base” button in your personal area if you don’t want to wait anymore. This option doesn’t cost any extra fee.

Will booster spend my Blue Essence or RP?

Booster won’t do that without permission. He can ask you if he can spend your BE if needed, while spending RP is possible only if it would be your desire to give a booster such competence.

Will booster change my Runes?

Yes, booster can do that if it would seem profitable to him in order to provide best performance during elo boosting. But in most times he just will create a custom page or maybe even use one of yours :)

Payment Process

What payment methods are available?

We accept most payment methods available including such as Paypal, PaySafeCard, iDeal, credit and debit cards.

I have made my payment, what now?

Now your order is in our system and would shortly be claimed by a booster. When it happens he will notify you via chat before starting the first game on your account.

When can I expect new discount or promo?

We renew our promo on monthly basis or closer to holiday events (Christmas, Halloween etc).

General questions

What servers do you function on?

At the moment we work on the following servers: Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, North America, Latin America North and Oceania. It’s possible that we will eventually expand amount of servers we function on, you can always check our facebook and twitter pages for updates.

Can I buy amount of wins less than five?

No, we don’t provide boosts for orders lower than 5 wins at once.