All Alistar skins

Alistar skins sorted by release date and accompanied with their splash arts, video spotlights and prices. Our list includes legacy, limited and hextech skins for Alistar.

Alistar skins – Complete list of all Alistar skins

In this short article we will list all Alistar skins including legacy ones and limited edition – Black Alistar skin. Alistar skins are sorted by release date and accompanied by splash arts and video spotlights.


You could get that skin by buying digital pre-order edition of the game. When Alistar got updated skin became very attractive but still impossible get for current League of Legends player.

Release date: 14 June 2009

3D Model of Black Alistar skin

Black Alistar skin splash artBlack Alistar skin – Splash Art

Black Alistar Skin spotlight



This skin is very cheap and in the same has a good look which is rare situation. That’s because all Alistar skins were reworked during update in 2015 while prices stayed the same. Still it’s just a recolor but looks decent.

Release date: 13 January 2010

3D Model of Golden Alistar skin

Golden Alistar skin splash artGolden Alistar skin – Splash Art

Golden Alistar Skin spotlight



This skin is not available to purchase anymore unless legacy sale happens. Making a bull-kind character matador is a kind irony.

Price: 975 RP

Release date: 11 May 2010

3D Model of Matador Alistar skin

Matador Alistar skin splash artMatador Alistar skin – Splash Art


Matador Alistar Skin spotlight



Another skin which was put to legacy vault. Alistar turned into sheriff, looks good and price is reasonable.

Price: 520 RP

Release date: 16 February 2011

3D Model of Longhorn Alistar skin

Longhorn Alistar skin splash artLonghorn Alistar skin – Splash Art

Longhorn Alistar Skin spotlight




This Alistar skin is free and can obtain if you subscribe to League of Legends YouTube official channel. Skin is great because it looks nice and you can get it for free.

Price: Free giveway for youtube subscription

Release date: 23 September 2011

3D Model of Unchained Alistar MF skin

Unchained Alistar skin splash artUnchained Alistar skin – Splash Art

Unchained Alistar Skin spotlight




Infernal Alistar is one of the best skins for that champion. Makes Alistar looking even more brutal and furious. Price is cheap because during update this skin got new visual effects and not just simple remodeling.

Price: 975 RP

Release date: 13 July 2012

3D Model of Infernal Alistar skin

Infernal Alistar skin splash artInfernal Alistar skin – Splash Art

Infernal Alistar Skin spotlight




Event skin for Alistar which will probably be available to purchase only during major football events. Alistar appearance in that skin is not bad and there are not many people have this skin which makes it in some measure unique.

Price: 750 RP

Release date: 18 June 2014

3D Model of Sweeper Alistar skin

Sweeper Alistar skin splash artSweeper Alistar skin – Splash Art

Sweeper Alistar Skin spotlight



Alistar gets full armor in that skin. Nothing special but price is also not huge.

Price: 750 RP

Release date: 1 October 2015

3D Model of Marauder Alistar skin

Maradeur Alistar skin splash artMarauder Alistar skin – Splash Art

Marauder Alistar Skin spotlight


Good looking and stylish skin which is,sadly, not available to purchase. However, you will be able to buy it during major League of Legends championships. Amazing animation recall.

Price: 975 RP

Release date: 18 August 2016

3D Model of SKT T1 Alistar skin

SKT T1 Alistar skin splash artSKT T1 Alistar skin – Splash Art

SKT T1 Alistar Skin spotlight



One of the most fun skins in League of Legends, mostly because of blow the bell spam. The only skin which got chromas thus you can choose a color for your taste to play this pure fun skin. Recommended.

Price: 975 RP

Release date: 30 March 2017

3D Model of Moo Cow Alistar skin

Moo Cow Alistar skin splash artMoo Cow Alistar skin – Splash Art

Moo Cow Alistar Skin spotlight

Moo Cow Alistar Chromas Spotlight



This skin is extremely hard to get since you need to have 10 Rare Gems to craft it. But if you are Alistar main then it will be worth since skin is really great. Unique sound and visual effects included.

Price: 10 Rare Gems (Exclusive loot)

Release date: 27 March 2018

3D Model of Hextech Alistar skin

Hextech Alistar skin splash artHextech Alistar skin – Splash Art

Hextech Alistar Skin spotlight
These are all official skins for Alistar – League of Legends champion. We hope you enjoyed this list.
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