Paysafe Card is the easiest way to pay for Boosting

How to use Paysafe Card for elo boosting services?
Benefits of using Paysafe Card for payments on the Internet.

PaysafeCard: Easy way to pay for Elo boost in League


Boosteria in now accepting this way of payments, so if you wanted to acquire a hi-quality Elo boost but do not want to share personal info, now you know the way how to pay for it. Just follow next easy steps:

  1. Log in or register new account on the G2A Pay website:
  2. On the left panel click on the “Add G2A Coins” menu;
  3. Choose the number of G2A Coins you want to get, and complete payment process;
  4. After you added G2A Coins on G2A Wallet, go back to our website and go to the checkout, then choose G2A as the payment method. Then you will be redirected to the G2A website, where you need to choose G2A Wallet as the payment option to complete the transaction.

That is all, now your order is in the work! After a couple of days (depends on the order) you will receive your desired Elo league. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via LiveChat, E-Mail, or Facebook.

g2a paysafecardG2A now accepting PaysafeCard



PaysafeCard is a special card for making online-payments by check, voucher, or the plastic card itself. PaySafeCard contains a unique 16-number code that allows you to purchase on the internet, even if you have not got a credit card, PayPal, or anything else. All you need is to buy a Paysafe card in one of the thousands selling spots, and then simply enter the PIN-code in the special menu.

To make a purchase on the Internet with the Paysafe Card all you need to do is to erase a protective layer from the card, and enter your PIN-code. Paysafe Cards are used by thousands of various websites all over the world. But still, firstly check if a company where you want to commit a purchase accept Paysafe Card.

You could buy a Paysafe Card almost everywhere, for the more detailed info, please check the official website. PaysafeCard could look not as common card, sometimes it sold as a ticket or a simple check (as in the image below), but this is not important at all. All you need is a unique 16 number PIN-code, that is secured with a protective layer.

paysafecard examplesPaySafeCard examples

Paysafe Card is the simplest way to buy something on web. All you need to do is:

  1. Find PaySafeCard retailers in your area;
  2. Buy a PaysafeCard in the amount that you need;
  3. Pay online, by entering a special 16 PIN-code.

paysafecard step by stepThe simplest way to pay for anything


PaysafeCard may guarantee to the client next features:

  • Confidentiality of purchases;
  • Quick payments;
  • Ability to use up to 10 PIN codes from the various cards;
  • Easy way for payments;
  • Full secured payments;

Confidentiality of PaysafeCard

Paysafe Card can guarantee a full confidentiality while you making payment on the web. When you buying Paysafe Card at the official trading spots, you will never be required to enter your personal data. That means that the PaysafeCard’s owner remains incognito, while he making purchases online.

But where you can buy Paysafe Cards? Just check a special map, that will quickly show the nearest trading spots.

So if you want to stay anonymous, then the PaysafeCard payment method is the best. This method has only one little problem – right now not all services on the web accepting cards of this system.

Payments Security with PaysafeCard

Using Paysafe Card you could be sure that your payment and your personal data is heavily secured. When you using a common credit card you left your personal data, that can be used by some scammers. Of course, this is a problem only if you want to use a not-trustworthy website, but with Paysafe Card, you could make a purchase even on this site without any fear for your data. 

Scammers just do not receive any data to use against you. Anonymousity of the Paysafe Card could guarantee to a client the highest level of security.

Popular services that accept PaysafeCard

So where you can use a Paysafecard? Almost everywhere on the Internet. With Paysafe Card you could make purchases on such popular websites as:

This system is European so the card value is in USD. You could buy Paysafe Card with 10, 25, 50 and 100 USD on it, depending on what you want to buy. If you want to make a payment in another currency, then it will be automatically converted. This service is extremely popular and you could easily find a website where you could use it.


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