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Favor a particular booster? Maybe one of our booster's profiles on our 'Boosters' page intrigued you. Select this option to ensure your favored booster manages your LOR elo boost. However, this might slightly delay the start of the boosting due to the booster's schedule.
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Wish to speed up your LOR boost? Then this option is perfect for you. We will prioritize your order in our distribution system and provide an additional incentive to the booster for rapid completion.
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Interested in watching your LOR elo boost in real time? Choose this option and your LOR booster will stream their gameplay, providing a live display of your rank improvement.
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Top 0.1% Boosters
At Boosteria, we take pride in our exceptional team of players who rank among LOR's top 0.1% (Diamond 1 and Masters). We only employ the very best to ensure our customers receive premium service. Our highly skilled players ensure a high win rate and quick lor rank boosting.
Fair Refund Policy
At Boosteria, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our fair refund policy reflects that. Should your lor elo boost order not have started, we'll return the full amount. If the boost has begun, we'll issue a partial refund, ensuring fairness at all times.
Personal Pro Support
Boosteria places great importance on customer service, offering assistance through various means including direct chat with your personal manager in the customer area, Facebook messenger, and our accessible ticket system on our site. Our dedicated support team promises quick response times, guaranteeing a smooth experience for all our lor boost customers.
Chat with LOR Pro Player
As stated, our team consists of the top 0.1% players from the ranked system. During your account boost, you'll have the chance to chat with a pro player, gaining invaluable insights!
Experience Rapid Boosting
Our unique order distribution system ensures that most lor elo boosts begin within 5 minutes. Thanks to our expert boosters, most boosts are completed promptly.

Payment Completed? Here are the Next Steps!

Return to Boosteria

Post payment completion, you will be redirected back to Boosteria to establish an account.

Create Your Boosteria Account

Setting up an account is easy, simply enter your game login information, and get ready for your LOR rank boost.

Your Booster Says Hello and Commences Your Order

Thanks to our efficient order distribution system, a booster typically starts your order within a few minutes of registration and greets you via chat.

We got answer for any question about LoL Elo boosting

Who will be my LOR booster at Boosteria?

Boosteria carefully chooses professional boosters based on their exceptional skills, each achieving a high rank in the game. You can check out their profiles on our 'Boosters' page. Armed with a proven track record and extensive experience, they are ready to elevate your LOR rank!

We got answer for any question about LoL Elo boosting

Can I stay in touch with my friends while my rank is being boosted?

Absolutely, you can. Our LOR boosters encourage communication, allowing you to chat with friends throughout the boosting process. Your gaming experience remains our top priority.

We got answer for any question about LoL Elo boosting

How responsive is Boosteria's customer support?

Our support team is always available to you, reachable via direct chat with your personal manager, Facebook messenger, or our intuitive site-based ticket system. With response times ranging from minutes to a few hours, we ensure you're never left waiting for more than 24 hours.

We got answer for any question about LoL Elo boosting

What does Boosteria's refund policy cover?

We stand by our LOR Boosting service and provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you decide to cancel your order before the start of the boosting process, we will happily issue a full refund. If the LOR Elo Boosting has already begun, a partial refund will be provided based on the progress made. Our ultimate aim is to ensure every customer is thoroughly satisfied with our boosting services.

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Featured Review pixelfury87 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Appreciate your review mate!

Order was completed super fast 100% would recommend :)

Featured Review flufficus89 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Thanks for your order! Glad everything went well!

fast booster did it in 2 days would reccomend and order again!

Featured Review blitzfire overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Thank you! Enjoy your account!

they were great! Good price and fast work! Would recommend! Fast and quick

Featured Review shadowstrike84 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Thanks for your order! Glad everything went well!

WOOOOW!! I got my order definetely faster than expected

Featured Review whiskerz23 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Thank you for review!

I am really satisfied with the booster 200% recommended!

Featured Review bloopersquid overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Thank you! Fast and efficient boosts are our duty!

the best!

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Here, you can browse through unique, verified reviews for our Runeterra LOR boosting services. Originally an elo boosting venture, we've grown into several popular games over time. We have gathered thousands of reviews over the past eight years, which you can read here.

Choosing Boosteria's Premium LOR Elo Boosting Service brings a host of benefits. Here's why our service is exceptional:

boosteria over 30000 completed lor boost orders

Over 30,000 Completed Orders: Boosteria is well-known for successfully completing more than 30,000 orders across several competitive games, showcasing our skill and dedication to excellence.

top rated verified reviews lor boosting by boosteria

Top-rated Verified Reviews: Our service boasts a multitude of 5-star verified reviews from satisfied customers, displaying our commitment to high quality and client satisfaction.

24 on 7 expert support for lor boosting by boosteria

24/7 Expert Support: Interact with your dedicated manager, utilize our ticket system, or get in touch with us through Facebook Messenger. Our skilled team typically responds within a matter of hours, ensuring a maximum response time of 24 hours.

gameplay enhancement lor boosting service boosteria

Gameplay Enhancement: Boosteria's goal extends beyond just boosting your rank to improving your gameplay. Learn from top LOR players, acquiring the skills necessary to maintain your boosted rank.

boosteria 8 year experience in lor boosting

8-Year Track Record in Boosting: As a respected and trusted service in the boosting industry, Boosteria has a significant 8-year history. Our long-term presence shows our consistency, reliability, and superior service.

continious discounts for loyal lor boosting customers boosteria

Continuous Discounts for Loyalty: At Boosteria, we value loyalty. Our regular clients are rewarded with the best rates across all main boosting services, with continuous discounts up to 40%, ensuring a rewarding experience for our frequent customers.

Choose Boosteria's Premium Service for LOR Elo Boosting and enhance your gaming experience!

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Still Unsure? Here are 3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Boosteria for Your LOR Rank Boosting Needs!

Boosting service for all LoL players

Rapid Start and Swift Completion: At Boosteria, your time is valuable. Our advanced system ensures that your LOR boost order begins within 5 minutes of being placed, reducing unnecessary wait times. Moreover, our efficient boosters aim for swift order completion, allowing you to reap the benefits of a boosted rank quickly.

Lightning fast LoL Elo boosting

Premium, Friendly LOR Boosters: Our team is composed of top-level LOR boosters, many reaching the highest ranks in the game. Along with their superior gameplay, they bring a friendly, collaborative attitude to make your boosting experience both enjoyable and instructive.

Fair LoL Elo boosting by pro players

Transparent Refund Policy: At Boosteria, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. That's why we offer a clear refund policy, reinforcing our commitment to your satisfaction. If our LOR boosting service doesn't meet your expectations, for any reason, you're entitled to a refund according to our policy. This assurance acts as a safety measure, providing peace of mind when choosing our services.

Revealing the Fundamentals of LOR Boosting Services and Why Boosteria is Your Ideal Choice

In this section, we'll spotlight why Boosteria stands out among other LOR Elo boosting services and why we should be your primary choice for swift and efficient LOR Elo boosting to your desired rank.


What is LOR Boosting?

LOR Boosting is a service where expert players, often referred to as LOR boosters, assist you in achieving your target rank in the game faster and more efficiently than you could alone. This service is ideal for those aiming to advance to higher ranks but lack the necessary time or skills to achieve it on their own. Boosteria provides a comprehensive and intuitive LOR Elo Boosting service, enabling you to enjoy high elo gameplay without the typical time investment or challenges.


Deciphering Boosteria's Refund Policy: What You Need to Know

At Boosteria, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. As such, we offer a transparent and fair refund policy. If our LOR Elo boosting service does not meet your expectations for any reason, you're entitled to a refund in accordance with our policy's terms and conditions. We are steadfast in ensuring every customer feels valued and confident in their decision to choose our services.


Inside Boosteria: How Does Our Support System Function?

Boosteria boasts a robust support system designed to assist you throughout your LOR Elo boosting journey. Our customer support team is available 24/7, ready to address your queries, solve any issues, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable LOR Elo boosting experience. We prioritize open communication, and our support team is always ready to go the extra mile for your satisfaction.


Meet the Professionals: Who Are the LOR Boosters in the Boosteria Team?

Boosteria's team comprises handpicked, experienced LOR players who have proven their expertise in the game's upper tiers. They are more than just skilled players; they understand the intricacies of LOR and know how to effectively boost any account to its desired rank. Each booster in our team is dedicated to delivering top-tier service while ensuring the utmost safety and security of your account.


Prompt Service: How Does Boosteria Ensure a 5-Minute Start?

To assure a quick start, Boosteria uses an advanced order system that allows your order to start within a mere 5 minutes of confirmation. This efficient process minimizes wait times and allows you to reap the benefits of our LOR rank boosting services almost immediately. Our dedication to a fast start epitomizes our commitment to superior customer service.


What is LOR Duo Boosting and Does Boosteria Offer It?

LOR Duo Boosting is a unique service that allows you to boost your rank while playing alongside a professional booster. This not only advances your position in the ranks but also provides a valuable learning experience as you gain insights into superior gameplay strategies. Boosteria certainly provides this service, taking substantial steps to ensure your privacy and enjoyment throughout the process.


Navigating the Boosteria Customer Journey: How Do Order Tracking Progress, Customer Area, and Personal Manager Function?

At Boosteria, we value transparency and provide an efficient system for tracking your LOR boosting orders. Our exclusive customer area allows you to monitor your boost's progress in real time and communicate with your booster. Moreover, a personal manager is assigned to each order, ensuring you have a point of contact for any inquiries or assistance you may need during the boosting process. This thorough system ensures you stay informed and satisfied with our services from start to finish.

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