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Duo Boost (+0%)

Experience the thrill of the game and team up with one of our pro players with the Duo Queue option! Join the action and make an impact in the game while leveling up your skills alongside our experts. Choose this option to take part in the boost yourself and be the winner in the game!

"Duo Boost" option is not available in a combination with "Choose Legends" option.

Coming soon
Choose Booster (+0$)

njoy the freedom of choosing your booster or continuing with the same pro who has already boosted your HS Battlegrounds account. Our custom booster selection option lets you tailor your boosting journey to your preferences!

"Choose Booster" option is not available in a combination with "Watch Stream" option.

Coming soon
Speed Up Boost (+20%)

Choose our priority option to fast-track your HS BG boost! Boost the pay for your booster and watch your order rise to the top of our queue. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to rapid boosting!

Choose Legends (free)

Optimize your boosting experience by selecting the exact Legends you want your booster to use! With this option, you can pick them up in the customer area and make the booster use them exclusively.

"Choose Legends" option is not available in a combination with "Duo Boost" option.

Coming soon
Watch Stream (+20%)

Enjoy a front-row seat to your Battlegrounds rank-boosting process with our live stream option! Choose this feature to watch our pros elevate your rank in real-time and witness their expertise firsthand.

"Watch Stream" option is not available in a combination with "Choose Booster" option.

Approximate time:
2 days 15 hours
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Elite Victory Rates
At Boosteria, we pride ourselves on hiring only the best HS:BG players who have achieved an impressive 8000 rating (0.1% top) in the ranked system. This elite level of skill allows our boosters to consistently win the majority of games while ensuring rapid progress for your account's rank.
Trustworthy Money-Back Policy
At Boosteria, we understand that circumstances may change. If your order hasn't started yet, we're more than willing to offer a complete refund. In the event that the boosting has already begun, we'll accommodate you with a partial refund.
Professional Support Zone
At Boosteria, our support team is always at your service through direct chat with your personal manager in the customer area, Facebook Messenger, and our ticket system on the site. With response times typically ranging from a few minutes to several hours, and a rare maximum of 24 hours, you'll receive prompt assistance whenever you need it.
Connect with HS:BG Pros
We at Boosteria exclusively work with the finest players from the top 0.1% of the HS:BG ranked system, all with an exceptional 8000+ rating. As your BattleGrounds account receives its boost, make the most of this opportunity to chat with an accomplished professional player and absorb their priceless knowledge.
Quick BG Rank Boosting
Boosteria's unique order distribution system ensures that most boosts commence within just 5 minutes. Coupled with the exceptional skills of our rank boosters, the majority of boosts are completed in record time.

Enjoy Seamless Post-Payment Process!

Instant Return to Boosteria

Following your payment, you'll be redirected to Boosteria to create your account swiftly and securely.

Fast & Simple Boosteria's Account Set-Up

Effortlessly set up your Boosteria account and provide your game login details if necessary for the chosen boost.

Booster's Warm Hello & Order Commencement

Our advanced order system ensures boosters start your order within minutes, keeping you updated via chat.

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Who's Your Dedicated HSBG Boosting Professional at Boosteria?

When You Choose Boosteria, Rest Assured That Your HSBG Boosting Pro Boasts a Verified 8000+ Rating and a History of Success. Discover Our Esteemed Lineup of Boosting Experts on the "Loyalty Program Demo" Page - Trustworthy Professionals Who Have Stood the Test of Time.

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Stay Connected: Can You Chat with Hearthstone Battlegrounds Friends During Your Boost?

Never Miss a Beat: Boosteria Keeps You Connected with Your Hearthstone Battlegrounds Friends During Your Boost. Our Boosting Pros Handle Message Transfers, So You Can Stay in Touch and Enjoy a Top-Notch Boosting Experience!

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What Sets Boosteria's Support Team Apart in Delivering Exceptional Assistance?

Outstanding Support at Boosteria: Our Support Team Provides Daily Help, Ensuring Responses within Minutes to Hours, and Never More than a Day. Count on Prompt, Efficient Support via Internal Chat, Facebook Messenger, and E-Mail Tickets!

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How Can You Maximize Your Savings and Rewards with Boosteria's Loyalty Program?

Rewarding Loyalty at Boosteria: After Your First Purchase, Enjoy Additional Discounts and the Most Competitive Hearthstone Battlegrounds Boosting Rates! Discover Our Loyalty Program Details in Your Account or at the Loyalty Program Demo!

Experience the Best in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Boosting Business: Boosteria is a Pioneer in Ranked Boosting Services, with Years of Proven Success!

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Experience the pinnacle of gaming success with Boosteria, a pioneer in ranked boosting services boasting years of proven triumphs. Our unrivaled expertise guarantees excellence in service, making us your ultimate choice for HS:BG rank boosting victories. Trust our skilled boosters and exceptional customer support to help you achieve your gaming goals!

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Skyrocket your Hearthstone Battlegrounds rank in record time with Boosteria's special order distribution system, developed in-house to ensure most boosts begin within just 5 minutes. Coupled with our skilled and professional booster team, you can expect lightning-fast order completion times, only at Boosteria - your ticket to HS Battlegrounds success!

Boosteria goes the extra mile for our customers, offering unbeatable benefits to help you achieve your gaming aspirations. From professional daily operating support and exclusive loyalty program discounts to our fair refund policy and lightning-fast order completion times, trust Boosteria to deliver the ultimate Hearthstone Battlegrounds boosting experience for you!

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Conquer Hearthstone Battlegrounds with Boosteria: Experience the unmatched power of our boosting services and join the winning side!

Boosting service for all LoL players

Experience the Best in the Business: Boosteria is a Pioneer in Ranked Boosting Services, with Years of Proven Success. Our Unmatched Expertise Guarantees Excellence in Service - Trust Us for Your Ultimate Gaming Triumph!

Lightning fast LoL Elo boosting

Get Your Game on in Record Time: Our Special Order Distribution System - Developed In-House - Ensures That Most Hearthstone Battlegrounds Rank Boosts Begin in Just 5 Minutes. Plus, with Our Skilled and Professional Booster Team, You Can Expect Lightning-Fast Order Completion Times - Only at Boosteria!

Fair LoL Elo boosting by pro players

At Boosteria, We Go Above and Beyond for Our Customers - Offering Unbeatable Benefits to Help You Achieve Your Gaming Goals. From Professional, Daily Operating Support to Exclusive Loyalty Program Discounts, Our Fair Refund Policy and Lightning-Fast Order Completion Times - Trust Us to Deliver the Ultimate Hearthstone Battlegrounds Boosting Experience!