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Little League: Review of the TeamFight Tactics

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The new mode in the League that is almost close to the calling the new IP of the Riot Games – Teamfight Tactics.

It is a common thing to create a popular genre game and go to the top with it vying with Valve. To be honest, this is the only thing Riot Games does in the past ten years. Will they succeed this time? I am sure that they will.

Teamfight Tactics

I stand in the queue of PBE-server for two hours to have a chance to try the Teamfight Tactics, but the result is totally worth waiting.

This is a new genre that even doesn’t have a name yet, but the popularity of these games are incredible. The very idea of these games is simple – you put units in the field and they fighting against an opponent, if you win you will deal some damage (depends on your figures that stayed alive) and if you lose you will be damaged. Sounds simple! But between struggles, you can upgrade these units, buy new figures, increase your Little Legend level to gain an ability to put even more units on the board and much much more.


If you are already know how basic Auto Chess mechanic works you could freely skip this part :).

One of the greatest things in the design of games made by Riot – is the simple interface where the user could understand all necessary data on the visual level. Teamfight Tactics is fully following this simple logic: the user interface is understandable on the intuitive level.

On the left panel, you could see your team composition by roles and race. In Teamfight Tactics as in other games of this genre, the lore is affecting the game, you could combine various classes or origins to receive an additional bonus and the mechanics of these interactions is the very thing that made Auto Chess so popular. League has 144 champions and their number is only growing, so TFT has a lot of champions that might be added to. Right now there are 50 figures. Each champion has the next characteristics:

  • Class;
  • Origin;
  • Ability;
  • Level;
  • Items;
  • Health and Mana.

The very process of fighting might look a bit chaotic but after a short time, you will see all the abilities and receive a skill to watch for your health left and the gold. So do not worry if you still do not understand what happens at the battlefield.

Well, it is time to speak about these characteristics in TFT.


Every unit here has its own Class and Origin. They work in a similar way – if you stack a few units with the same classes and origins they will receive additional buffs. This is the core mechanic of the game, which you need to understand to achieve success in the Teamfight Tactics, and this is what makes this game so interesting. So many combinations and this is without taking items into account. Remember that each unit has its own Class and Origin and that greatly expands the list of available combinations.

Teamfight Tactics Origins:

  • Demon: A chance(30%, 50%, 70%) to burn target’s current mana per each hit and deal true damage equal to the mana burned;
  • Dragon: When 2 dragons are on the board they become immune to the magic damage;
  • Exile: Exile units start the fight with the shield that equals 100% of the maximum health if they standing alone at the desk;
  • Glacial: Glacial units have a chance (20%, 30%, 45%) to stun the target for 2 seconds with the auto attacks;
  • Robot: Robots start the fight with the full mana from the very beginning;
  • Imperial: Imperials deal double damage. 2 Imperial units buff only one of them, 4 – all;
  • Noble: A random ally (3 nobles) or the whole team (6 nobles) receive 100 armor and 35 health per hit;
  • Ninja: Ninjas gain additional (40%, 60%) attack damage;
  • Pirate: You start a PvP round with the chest that contains 0-4 gold;
  • Phantom: A random enemy start a fight with only 100 health left;
  • Wild: Wild units generate 1 stack of Fury per hit (max 5 stacks), each stack grants 7% attack speed. 1 unit – only Wildings benefits from the Fury stacks, 4 – all units benefits;
  • Void: Grant your team with the 50% armor penetration;
  • Yordle: Yordles units could dodge attacks with 20% (3 units) and 50% (6 units) chance;

Teamfight Tactics Classes:

  • Assassin: 3(6) Assassins jump behind the farthest enemy and have a chance to deal +150%(+350%) bonus damage;
  • Blademaster:3(6) Blademasters have a 35 chance to deal a double (triple) strike;
  • Brawler: 2(4) Brawlers gain additional 300(700) health;
  • Elementalist: At the start of the fight 3 Elementalists summons one Elemental Adjacent;
  • Guardian: 2 Guardians give 30 armor to all units that start the fight close to them;
  • Gunslinger: 2 (4) Gunslingers have a 50% chance to deal damage to the one (all) enemy in the range;
  • Knight: 2(4(6)) Knights block 20 (40(80)) damage from auto attacks;
  • Ranger: 2(4) rangers have a 25% (65%) chance to double the attack speed for three seconds;
  • Shapeshifter: 3 Shapeshifter will activate their alternative form with gaining +100% of maximum health and healing for the same amount;
  • Sorcerer: 3(6) Sorcerers gain +25(+100) ability power to all allies.


Each champion has an active or passive ability from the League that is used when he reaches 100 mana. And that is where the fun begins.

Teamfight tactics field

iot Games has stated that it will introduce modifications to champions or their abilities with each season (lasting 3-4 months) to keep Teamfight Tactics engaging and maintain peak player interest. Given Riot Games’ extensive resources and reputation, there’s little reason to worry about balance issues; all is expected to be well-managed. If Teamfight Tactics proves successful, it’s plausible that Riot might establish dedicated PBE servers for fine-tuning balance issues prior to each season.

The champions, like the items, are derived from the League of Legends itself. However, you might spot some new, or even discarded items. To put it simply, there are eight foundational items that improve a champion’s basic statistics and 36 combinations of these items, which, besides enhancing base stats, bestow additional active and passive abilities. Professional League players will likely intuitively understand most of these, but for the rest, you might find a detailed spreadsheet helpful.

The champions you acquire from the carousel always come with an item. Additional items can be won through successful PvE rounds. All items are kept on the bench, but once you assign an item to a champion, the only way to retrieve it is by selling the corresponding champion. Therefore, item combination should be approached with caution – once an item has been upgraded, it can’t be disassembled. You would need to understand the following table for reference:

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Teamfight tactics Items

The wrong combination could totally ruin a match, so if you are interested in climbing the Teamfight Tactics ranked ladder you need to learn all 36 items. You could learn them all in the games, but if you are interested in TFT boosting, you’d better visit official wiki and remember all the combinations and the effects they are granting.


All the features above are well known to the fans of this genre, but Riot Games would be not themselves if they will not add innovative new features. These two features are carousel and Little Legends.

Carousel is a comeback mechanic that was developed to give a chance to players who was not so blessed with RNG. Everyone, from the last place to the first will have an opportunity to claim a free champion with an item. So every player decides which hero or item he needs to become stronger and climb from the last place.


Little Legends are beautiful companions that providing additional buffs and bonuses to you, so you everyone will find the best one, that fits the most to their playstyle. In the future, you will be able to upgrade your Little companions to increase their potential and buffs, so take care of your little fellow! Between matches, they will be able to dance, cheering you up, and do many other animations.


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