Global Esports Surge: Saudi's Gaming City & Olympic Esports Week

Explore the rise of global esports with Saudi Arabia's $500M gaming city project and the inaugural Olympic Esports Week in Singapore.

Saudi Arabia’s Esports City and the Inaugural Olympic Esports Week: The New Era of Global Gaming and Esports

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Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious $500 Million Esports City Project

As part of Saudi Arabia’s broader initiative to diversify its oil-dependent economy, the nation has announced an ambitious plan to construct an esports city in Riyadh with a whopping budget of $500 million. As stated by Mohammed AlQahtani, CEO of Saudi Arabia Holding Co., the esports city is a pivotal development for the gaming industry in the Kingdom. He believes this initiative will make Saudi Arabia a global hub for esports and attract top esports teams worldwide. The country is also looking forward to hosting the World Cyber Games in this yet-to-be-constructed city, which is expected to be completed by 2024.

Saudi Arabia Ambitious City Project

This city is an integral part of the larger initiative known as Saudi Vision 2030, steered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The gaming and esports sectors form the core focus of this plan, with the ultimate goal of creating employment opportunities in various industries while providing world-class entertainment for residents and tourists.

The Inaugural Olympic Esports Week

In keeping with the latest trends in the world of esports, Singapore recently played host to the inaugural Olympic Esports Week. Organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), this event brought together elite virtual athletes across various disciplines, including archery, shooting, racing, cycling, sailing, dancing, and chess.

Far from the stereotypical notion of gamers as unhealthy, isolated youngsters, the participants in the Olympic Esports Week defied this image. For instance, Siti Zhwyee, a 38-year-old dance fitness instructor and mother of two, competed in ‘Just Dance’. Her daily practice routine to stay at the top of her game was not only enjoyable for her but also fun for her children at home.

Inagural Olympic Esport Week

Though the winners of the Olympic Esports Week did not receive medals, the event marked a significant advancement in the integration of esports into mainstream sporting culture. It was part of IOC President Thomas Bach’s strategy to keep the Olympics relevant to young people and embrace technological advances.

The Olympic Esports Week signifies a new era in global esports, reflecting the similar values shared by traditional sports and esports, such as friendship, respect, and excellence.

Olympic Esports Series Chess Event

The Olympic Esports Series 2023 Chess Event, a collaboration between the International Olympic Committee, International Chess Federation, and, took place in Singapore. It began with open qualifiers on in April, with an astonishing 42,000 players from 219 countries. The qualifying events led to the Olympic Esports Series Finals, featuring eight prevailing players and two wild cards. The final stages were divided into the Pool Stage and the Knockout Stage, which concluded with matches for Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies.

Esports – A Changing Landscape

The burgeoning interest in esports reflects a changing landscape. Aided by large-scale projects like Saudi Arabia’s esports city and international events like the Olympic Esports Week, the industry is set to evolve and continue growing rapidly. As players aim to gain an edge over their competitors and achieve their desired rank in the most popular games, services like Boosteria can provide a significant advantage.

The future of gaming and esports is thrilling. With countries diversifying their economies and embracing this industry, and with esports becoming part of the Olympic tradition, the global gaming scene is undergoing a transformative and exciting phase.



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