Rising Legends and Controversies: An Overview of Recent Developments in TFT

Explore the latest in TFT: EMEA Rising Legends news and debates on Zeke’s Herald balancing and the new gacha battle pass.

Rising Legends and Controversies: An Overview of Recent Developments in TFT

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EMEA TFT Rising Legends Announces New Season

Riot Games, the game publisher behind the widely popular auto-battler game, TFTs, recently announced the return of the EMEA TFT Rising Legends, a regional competition that draws participants from across the region. This event promises not only an intense gaming experience but also the opportunity to win a share of a whopping €117,750 (~£100,797) prize fund.

Set to commence in June, the season will have several stages, starting with an open qualifier involving 512 participants. From this vast pool, the top 32 will earn a coveted spot in the Golden Spatula Cups, a platform where they can win both cash prizes and points.

TFT EMEA New Season

The 2023 edition of the EMEA TFT boasts the largest prize pool in its history, more than double the €50,000 (~£44,100) from the previous Monsters Attack competition. The climax of Set nine will be a three-day tournament where players from the Golden Spatula Cups and in-game ladder will vie for the chance to compete at the TFT Runeterra Reforged championship and the €25,000 (~£21.415) first-place prize.

Max Wischow, the Product Lead for EMEA TFT esports, has expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming season, stating that it brings more prize money to the table and thus increases the stakes.

Zeke’s Herald Balancing Controversy

Set 9 of TFT titled “Runeterra: Reforged,” brought numerous changes to the game, including new units, traits, and the Portals mechanic. However, these new additions have not been without controversy.

TFT Zeke's Herald Backlash



The main issue comes from players exploiting the Zeke’s Herald stacking strategy, which significantly boosts the unit and adjacent allies’ attack speed. As this stacking effect can be boosted by the Twisted Fate Legend, many players are leveraging it to gain an edge over their opponents. The backlash from the community prompted a response from the lead developer, Mortdog, signaling a potential rebalancing move in the near future.

Players React to the New Gacha-Style Battle Pass

The launch of Set 9 also marked significant changes to the TFT battle pass, leaving many players disgruntled. The root of the frustration is the removal of Little Legend eggs, which were rewards players could earn regardless of whether they paid for the premium pass.

Riot Games replaced these eggs with a new currency called Treasure Tokens, which players can use in the Treasure Realms for randomised rewards, leading to a gacha-style system. While this change theoretically allows all players to access the rarest and most valuable rewards (Mythic cosmetics), it also takes away the certainty of getting Little Legends from the premium pass and adds a substantial amount of time to accumulate enough tokens.

Despite the initial excitement over the potential of future mythics, the gacha system has left a sour taste in the community, especially as it appears to be less financially sensible than previous arrangements. Riot Games has not yet responded to the backlash, but as players continue to express their disappointment, it’s likely that the issue will be addressed soon.

In conclusion, the world of TFT is bustling with excitement and controversy as new seasons and changes roll out. Players are looking forward to the competitive scene in EMEA TFT Rising Legends, grappling with balancing issues, and voicing concerns over the new gacha-style battle pass. To keep your game in top shape amidst these changes, consider leveraging services like Boosteria for an added edge.



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