VALORANT's Upcoming Game Innovations: Team-Branded Skins and Mastercard Partnership

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VALORANT’s Upcoming Game Innovations: Team-Branded Skins and Mastercard Partnership

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Riot Games is pushing the boundaries of player engagement in its popular first-person shooter game, VALORANT, with the announcement of team-branded skins to be introduced next year. This ground-breaking initiative, monetized via microtransactions, is geared towards reinforcing the esports ecosystem within the game. This business model aligns with Riot Games’ future vision for esports, as indicated by the President of Esports at Riot Games, John Needham.

Valorant’s New Strategy for Esports Sustainability

In 2023, the VALORANT Champions Tour circuit saw a significant transformation, launching a tier-one circuit involving 30 Riot Games-partnered teams across three global regions. This reformed structure provides financial support to organizations via an annual stipend, thereby assisting operational expenses. Organizations, in return, engage in marketing activities, produce content for broadcast, activate fans at VCT events, and support their pro players.

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Exciting Developments in Game Content

Prior to this initiative, VALORANT had already paved the way for team revenue generation through exclusive special in-game bundles at the past two world championships. Half of the revenue from these bundles, which sold to the tune of $42 million in 2022, was shared with participating teams.

Mastercard Joins Forces with VALORANT

In other exciting news, Riot Games announced the extension of its long-standing relationship with Mastercard to global events across the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). The Mastercard logo has already begun appearing in the ongoing VCT Masters broadcasts from Tokyo, with more exposure planned at the VCT Champions in Los Angeles later this summer. Both Riot Games and Mastercard are thrilled about this partnership, eagerly anticipating collaborative projects centered around diversity, inclusion, and sustainability for the global player base.

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