NAVI Roster Shifts & Thunderpick's $600k CS:GO Tournament Impact

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NAVI’s Bold Moves in CS:GO Roster and Thunderpick’s $600k Tournament Revolutionize the Esports Landscape

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CS:GO is witnessing a period of transformation with prominent esports organization NAVI reportedly planning to remove ‘npl’ from their roster and Thunderpick, a cryptocurrency betting company, announcing a new $600k CS:GO tournament. These events exemplify the ever-evolving nature of esports, where success is often determined by an organization’s ability to adapt and innovate.

NAVI’s Roster Reshuffle: The End of npl’s Tenure

NAVI’s decision to remove Andrii ‘npl’ Kukharskyi from their CS:GO team is a significant one, and it marks a turning point for the organization. Despite the promise he showed early on, npl’s performance over the last season was not as expected, which has ultimately led to his departure from the team.

The news comes after a disappointing season for NAVI, which saw them unable to progress beyond the semi-finals in any major tournament. A particularly low point was the team’s 9th-11th place finish at the Paris Major, a result far below their usual standards.

npl’s journey with NAVI began in December 2022 when he was promoted from the academy team. He was initially part of a six-man rotation with Viktor ‘⁠sdy⁠’ Orudzhev, who was released at the end of the year. After witnessing the rise of Valeriy ‘b1t’ Vakhovskiy, a fellow academy graduate who has become an integral part of the main team, NAVI had high hopes for npl.

Navi CSGO Roster Shake

However, these hopes soon began to diminish as npl’s performance was less than satisfactory. With a team-low average HLTV rating of 0.92 and an Impact of 0.83, npl struggled to make his mark. Even npl himself admitted at IEM Katowice that he wasn’t content with his progression.

NAVI’s Potential Shift to International Players

While NAVI is closing the chapter with npl, they are reportedly looking to fill the vacant spot in the roster by taking a new approach. According to sources, the organization is seriously considering switching to English communication to go international. This would significantly expand the pool of players NAVI could recruit from, offering a wider range of talent to replace npl.

This potential change in direction comes amid a very restricted recruitment scenario due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. NAVI had previously set their sights on Kazakhstani player Timur ‘buster’ Tulepov last year but decided against it due to complications involving business with the Russian organization

Thunderpick’s $600k CS:GO World Championship Announcement

On the other side of the CS:GO spectrum, Thunderpick, a cryptocurrency betting platform, has announced a new tournament series titled the Thunderpick CS:GO World Championship. With an impressive $600,000 prize pool to be paid out in Bitcoin, the tournament series will be a significant event in the CS:GO calendar.

Scheduled to take place from July to November 2023, the championship will consist of regional qualifiers and a LAN finals. The four qualifiers will each boast a $25,000 prize pool, and the grand final’s pool will stand at a massive $500,000. Thunderpick has selected esports data company GRID as a partner for the event, bolstering its credibility and logistical capabilities.

Thunderpick: A Rising Star in Esports

Thunderpick is a relatively new player in the esports betting scene, specializing in cryptocurrency betting. Despite its relatively recent entry into the public eye, it has managed to secure a high-profile partnership with North American esports organization Evil Geniuses. This partnership encompasses all of the organization’s rosters and includes an invitation to the LAN finals of the World Championship.

Thunderpicks 600k CSGO Tournament

Thunderpick has already dipped its toes in esports event organization, having organized several CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments in 2022, with the prize pools also paid in Bitcoin. The Thunderpick CS:GO World Championship marks a significant increase in scale and ambition for the company.

Eight teams will reach the grand finals through qualifiers, joined by eight directly invited teams. In an intriguing move, Thunderpick has also announced that it will sponsor bootcamps in Europe for North American teams that qualify for the LAN finals. While the company has yet to announce the venue or date for the finals, this move strongly suggests that the finals will take place somewhere in Europe.


The current changes in the CS:GO scene, both in terms of team compositions and tournament structures, underline the dynamic nature of the esports industry. As NAVI navigates its roster changes and Thunderpick brings a significant new tournament to the scene, players must constantly adapt and improve.

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