Boosteria's Apex Legends Boosting - Essential FAQs

Apex Legends Boosting FaQ - Boosteria

We've addressed a majority of the questions related to the Apex Legends boosting process. It's quite likely you'll find what you're looking for here.

boosteria boosting questions

How quickly will my order be completed?

At Boosteria, speed and efficiency define our exceptional service. We usually boost a few ranks daily, and most of the less complex boosts are completed within a day. Nonetheless, factors such as the size of the boost, targeted rank, and your rate of rank progression per win might influence the duration. Duo orders could require a bit more time as synchronization of playing schedules between you and your booster is necessary.

boosteria boosting questions

Can the booster play my preferred heroes?

Absolutely! You have the option to choose your booster's heroes, free of charge. This feature is activated by default, and you can select your heroes in your personal area post-purchase.

boosteria boosting questions

What are your Support Desk hours?

We operate our support services seven days a week, accessible via our Facebook Page, FB Messenger, email, and dedicated chat with a personal manager during your boost. While we're not a 24/7 service, responses may sometimes take 8-10 hours, but we generally respond much faster, from just a few minutes up to several hours.

boosteria boosting questions

How can I change my booster?

You can release your booster from the order in your customer area by putting the order on pause, which will return your order to our database for another booster. If your booster acts inappropriately or doesn't meet our standards, we encourage you to contact us.

boosteria boosting questions

Which regions and platforms do you support?

We support the PC platform across all regions. While PS4 and X-Box orders may experience initial delays, we can generally find boosters for these platforms too.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you have a Loyalty Program?

Yes, we do! We offer a five-level loyalty program with discounts of up to 40% at the highest level. As you spend more, you'll rise through the ranks, and at each level, we'll provide a unique coupon code for constant discounts on all our services. You're welcome to share this coupon code with others. If they use the code while making a purchase, their loyalty level will match yours, and they'll receive the corresponding discount.


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