Detailed view of most popular picks of LoL ELO Boosters.
Picks are divided by roles and each lane is reviewed separately.
In this guide you will find best League champions for solo queue.

Best Champions for LoL ELO Boosting

Which champions do the ELO boosters use for LoL boosting more frequently? There are no strict champion picks everyone strictly hold to. Still there are common preferences that’s why we made this top solo queue champions to buy chart. Let’s sort trends of best lol champions for each role in elo boosting by position on Summoner’s Rift.



Top lane affects game result not that much as other lanes due it’s apartness (which can be slightly compensated by choosing Teleport Icon Teleport over Ignite Icon Ignite as summoner spell but it’s not always a good choice, especially if your target is stomping your enemy). You can see top lane game impact at if you sort champions by winrate. Ordinary it can be considered great success if top laners occupy even single position in top 10 by winrate (At the moment the guide was published the first hit  was made by Fiora in top 7 : 18/02/2015). Still there are LoL champions who can carry game hard in good hands even at high elo.


Riven Elo Boosting Riven

One of the most popular elo boosters choice when talking about top lane champions. The reason of such popularity is her amazing mechanics, the efficiency of which depends on your microcontrol entirely (if played well Riven has a great chance to win 1v2 battles when enemy jungler ganks).

lol elo boost by Riven

Riven is hard to master and she has high skillcap. First thing that you have to learn is how to use your abilities in the right place at the right time. This skill is obtained with experience basically but there are a few common things you need to stick to:

  1. Use your abilities wisely and don’t spam them all at once the moment fight is started. Riven is becoming defenseless when all her cooldowns are off. Try to “stretch” your abilities use through fight. Obviously there’s no need to adhere to this rule in case your opponent is on low HP and within reach.
  2. Auto-attack your enemy if possible after each ability use, this would discharge stacks of Riven Runic Blade Runic Blade and would not only cause additional damage but also prevent your cooldowns from going off too fast.
  3. Don’t expose yourself in teamfights. Riven has a great survivability due to her numerous dashes and ministun from Riven Ki Burst Icon Ki Burst but if you will be hit by CC under enemy team focus you would not last a second.

Difficulty: Very hard

Since release Riven has survived some significant nerfs in the past but she is still on fire.


Fiora LoL Boosting Fiora

Fiora has a lot of pros that make her an easy choice to start snowball: her single-target damage is amazing, two dashes from Fiora Lunge Icon Lunge make it difficult for enemy squishes to escape, ultimate ability Fiora Blade Waltz Icon Blade Waltz is magnificent both against solo-targets and during team fights. Pretty straight gameplay and mechanics of Fiora are also valuable for new players.

Fiora Elo Boosting

Absence of escape ability is the only serious con, which should be compensated by map awareness during lane phase and precise choice of time to go in during team fight phase.

Difficulty: Average

Due to +15 damage bonus you are getting from Fiora Riposte Icon Riposte you can replace usual attack damage runes with armor penetration ones without any difficulty in minion slain.


Riven Elo Boosting Jax

Jax is a well known late game monster. This champion is snowballing very hard and does not need much to do that. Usually Blade of The Ruined King Icon Blade of Ruined King is enough to start winning one versus one fights even if Jax is slightly behind. In general Jax is a champion that can come back even if he was stomped hard – he needs only a few kills to get back in the game. This is possible because of his amazing scaling.

Jax Elo Boost to Diamond 3

However Jax is weak during early game against faceroll champions such as Renekton Jax Counter Renekton, Pantheon Jax Counter Pantheon, Darius Jax Counter Darius etc. Thus you need to be careful to survive through hard times against them till you get your strength.

Difficulty: Average


Riven Elo Boosting Pantheon

Simple and straight mechanics combined with global range ultimate which makes Pantheon able to have presence over the map gives this champion the chance to get his slot in this list.

Spaming Spear Throw Q Spear Throw to your opponent and engaging in mini fights under Aegis of Protection would lead to victory in lane changes against most melee champions. Because of 100% crit chance that Heartseeker strike Icon Heartseeker Strike provides it often ends in dive kill while Aegis of Protection absorbs tower hits. Grand Skyfall Icon Grand Skyfall is a nice way to punish enemy mid laner who has gone too far from his turret or to return to lane if you see a potential kill or you don’t want to waste minions.

LoL Rank Up by Pantheon

Consider maxing  Heartseeker strike Icon Heartseeker Strike after you get level 2 of  Spear Throw Q Spear Throw.  It scales much better than  Spear Throw Q Spear Throw which provides only 40 additional damage per level.

Difficulty: Easy


Irelia LoL Boosting Irelia

This is a universal bruiser with lots of benefits: huge single target DPS including true damage, lane sustain from Irelia Sustain Icon Hiten Style and Irelia Ultimate Icon Transcendent Blades, long stun/slow provided by Irelia stun Equilibrium Strike and CC negation with the help of Irelia Anti Crowd Control Ionian Fervor. Too much to be missed.

Irelia Elo Boost

This champion should be played aggressively thus requires a sense of game to understand when to go in. Skill of casting ultimate while moving would need some practice as well.

Difficulty: Above Average



Midlane elo boost picks

Midlane is the most comfortable lane to carry a game from. The main reason for it is the opportunities to roam (you are in the center of the map and can easily reach the place of action). Additionally it’s shorter than the other lanes and thus the hardest lane to gank. Therefore an enemy jungler has less chances to mess your cards up. Let’s review the most suitable / lol op champions for carrying game alone.


Katarina LoL rank up Katarina

Being a very mobile champion without mana Katarina has practically no competitors and maybe she is the best LoL champion of all time to carry game alone. The greatest advantage she has is provided by her passive ability Katarina Voracity Icon Voracity. Jumping on enemies over and over after participation in a kill makes pentakills possible. In team fights you have to think fast and click fast to deal all possible damage.

Katarina lol boost


During the lane phase the main key to success is constant roaming (preferably to bottom lane). During team fight you have to be patient and wait for good opportunity to cast  full time Death Lotus To Carry games Death Lotus even if waiting would lead to death of one of your allies.

Difficulty: Hard


Talon Bursting Elo Boost Talon

Assassin with great push potential and a strong burst fits elo booster needs perfectly. Talon can get the first kill on his lane if his enemy is reckless enough to come within his reach. Pushing your lane and roaming to bottom lane are ordinary things you should do in order to carry the game, especially if you can’t get your lane opponent.


As one of the cons we can name no escape ability except for wasting Talon Ultimate to escape Shadow Assault or casting Cutthroat to minion for escape Cutthroat on an enemy minion which is unlikely to happen.

Talon Quadra Kill During LoL Boost

Maybe you would need some practice to land all your abilities on the enemy while he is silenced for one second by Cutthroat Icon Cutthroat.

Difficulty: Average


Ahri Roaming Elo Boost Ahri

We will continue to stick to mobility theme on the mid lane: Ahri is a champion whose ultimate Spirit Rush Icon Icon Spirit Rush makes you able to jump 3 times in a row which is just awesome for a fight control.

Ahri Rank Up

Moreover she has a great ranged taunt mechanic Ahri Charm Engage Icon Charm which can lead to a fatal cast on target or engage a team fight in case an enemy would get caught out of position. Besides the presence of true damage Orb of Deception to carry game Orb of Deception is great tool to push lane.

As always if you can’t kill your lane opponent – push lane and roam.

Difficulty: Hard


Ahri Roaming Elo Boost Fizz

Champion with non-target mechanic and huge single-target damage which is often pick during elo boosting. Chum The Waters Icon Chum The Waters is a long range (1275) weapon of destruction. It provides slow and huge damage over a large range and allows both to engage teamfights and start one versus one fights at the middle. Chum The Waters Icon Chum The Waters followed by the Playful/Trickster Icon Playful/Trickster as a gap closer and Urchin strike Icon Urchin Strike with charged Fizz Seastone Tridet Seastone Trident combined with Ignite Icon Ignite usually leave few chances for squishy champion to survive even if he tried to stay away from Fizz. 

Fizz Elo Push Champion

Playful/Trickster Icon Playful/Trickster coupled with Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya’s Hourglass makes Fizz practically invulnerable for 3.25 seconds which is quite a time in terms of LoL.  

Playful/Trickster Icon Playful/Trickster allows to jump over obstacles which opens the door for great escapes. 

Difficulty: Above Average




elo boosting by adc

When you play on the bottom lane you have almost no opportunity to roam. Still you can potentially get two kills instead of usual one and your performance often determines if the dragon will be slain by your team. List of the top ADc champions pros use, boosters version.


Caitlyn long range Caitlyn

Caitlyn has the longest base attack range in LoL which provides significant advantage over most AD carries. Difference in attack range makes her able to hit an enemy without getting hit back. Decent level of micro control is needed to keep balance in poke, creep slain and avoiding back shots.

Caitlyn LoL Boost Champion

Caitlyn feels most comfortable during the lane phase. Piltover Peacemaker Piltover Peacemaker is a strong ability to clean minion waves and to poke, Yorlde snap trap Yordle Snap Traps provides lane control and Caitlyn escape ganks during LoL boost 90 Caliber Net is an ideal escape tool. Attack range allows Caitlyn to hit enemies under turret without receiving back fire from that turret. Make your enemies receive damage by your auto’s while they farm under turret and you will achieve your goal. Meanwhile Caitlyn escape ganks during LoL boost Yordle Snap Traps and wards should protect you from ganks.

Difficulty: Hard


Jinx lol boost Jinx

As well as Caitlyn long range Caitlyn Jinx has a long attack range from Jinx Long Range Icon Switcheroo! but it also has splash and mana cost. You can use that range advantage the same way you do with Caitlyn long range Caitlyn but you have to track you mana.

Jinx Elo Push Champion

Jinx abilities are very aggressive and provide crowd control effects however she has no escape ways except  Flash Icon Flash. She can use Jinx Flame Chompers Flame Chompers! to zone incoming jungler or slow enemy with Jinx Zap Zap! before running away (with the help of support it’s usually  enough to escape successfully). This makes her a really harsh opponent to play against but pretty vulnerable when enemy ganks. Using offensive mechanics of Jinx and not being punished is a skill which demands experience.

Difficulty: Above Average


Graves elo boosting Graves

Graves Elo Boost Champion

Graves is the only attack damage carry with a decent burst but it’s compensated by a low base attack speed. Facerolling combination of burst potential and tankyness provided by Graves True Gift Passive True Gift is the one of major reasons for him being in the list. Graves Buckshot Carries Buckshot, Graves Collater Damage Icon Collateral Damage, a pair of auto-attacks with the help of your support can easily lead to a kill. Graves Smokescreen Icon Smokescreen and Graves Quickdraw Icon Quickdraw would be of big help on a jungler gank or anytime you have to escape. Apart from being a part of burst combination Graves Buckshot Carries Buckshot is perfect for minion slain and makes Graves one of the best pushers among attack damage carries.

Difficulty: Below Average



Jungler role is the most popular among elo boosters. That’s explained by the fact that “action field” of a jungler is the whole map while rest roles belong to their map part. Opportunity to affect events on the entire map from the very beginning attracts boosters to that role. In this list we represent top of the most competive LoL champions in the jungle.


Jarvan 4 boosting Icon Jarvan IV

elo boost to gold league

Jarvan IV can be discribed with a single word – versatility. Jarvan Demacian Standart Demacian Standart and Jarvan Dragon Strike Dragon strike combo can be used in many ways: escape, knock up, gap closer or as tool for distant cast of Jarvan Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm. Don’t forget thatJarvan Demacian Standart Demacian standart provides attack speed and armor buff which accelerates jungle farm, dragon slain or the process of destroying turrets. Moreover there is a Jarvan IV Golde Aegis Golden Aegis which provides mass slow and survivability. Jarvan Cataclysm Cataclysm can be the last word after knock up and slow else can be used as a long-range team fight engage tool right after Jarvan Demacian Standart Demacian Standart and Jarvan Dragon Strike Dragon strike gap closer combo. Different types of crowd control and strong base stats make J4 so popular among LoL elo boosters.

Difficulty: Average


 Vi boost Vi

Vi Elo Boost to Diamond

Straight and simple mechanics combined with fast jungle farm make Vi a great choice. Vault Breaker Vault Breaker is a long range gap closer with a decent damage and a short knock out. This ability is similar to what Jarvan 4 boosting Icon Jarvan IV does with his combination of Jarvan Dragon Strike Demacian Standart and Jarvan Dragon Strike Dragon strike and can be used as an escape. Tankyness from the Vi Shield Blast Shield creates balance with other strictly offensive spells. Combination of Vi Denting Blows ICon Denting Blows and Excessive Force Icon Excessive Force cleans up jungle really fast (that’s a really important factor for a jungler). Vi has one of the most simple and effective ultimates in LoL – Vi Ultimate Assault and Battery which is definitely huge plus. Long range engage is possible with Vault Breaker Vault Breaker followed by Vi Ultimate Assault and Battery same way as you do with Jarvan 4 boosting Icon Jarvan’s IV combo.

Difficulty: Average


 Lee Sin LoL boost Lee Sin

Lee sin Rank up champion

For most junglers gap closer ability is important and Lee Sin has a great one: Sonic Wave Icon Sonic Wave has a range of 1100 and a very decent damage but almost all Lee Sin’s performance depends on how accurately player would land Sonic Wave Icon Sonic Wave. Shield ability Lee Sin Safeguard Icon Safeguard which can also be targeted on wards is one of the best jungler abilities and can be used successfuly in many situations. Roundhouse kick Lee Sin Kick Dragon’s Rage can be used both defensively and offensively which adds more variability. Blind monk skillcap is very high and allows to perform effective and complex tricks but this demands practice and experience. 

Difficulty: Very Hard




In general Elo boosters avoid picking supports but they may choose one if there is no other choice or they are playing in duo on the bottom lane. Still there are a few supports which are best pick in LoL if you want to carry game alone.


Annie damage elo boost Annie

Annie Support LoL Boost

That’s probably the only support who can make a solo kill of full HP squishy champion due to huge base damage combined with stun from Annie stun Pyromania. Amazing AoE stun from Tibbers Icon Summon: Tibbers with significant damage from the rest of abilities followed make her one of the best picks on support role if you have to rely on your own entirely. Range of Annie spells is pretty low therefore we recommend to build Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya’s Hourglass after common support items. This will compensate the lack of escape abilities and low amount of base health points. Use Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya’s Hourglass after an engage so that to avoid punishment from the enemy team.

Annie has 2nd longest auto-attack range in LoL (625 against 650 Caitlyn long range Caitlyn has). Attack range allows Annie to poke enemies without getting hit back.

Difficulty: Above Average


 Annie damage elo boost Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank LoL Boosting

Blitzcrank is a kill bringer. Successfull Rocket Grab Icon Rocket Grab superiority in numbers in team fight or free objectives conquer. In late game one Rocket Grab Icon Rocket Grab can determine the outcome of the game. Knock up from Power Fist Icon Power First and Static Field Static Field‘s mass silence are nice additions to opportunity to switch the course of the game to your side by a single ability usage. Seek for opprotunities to roam to the midlane or assist your jungler in invasion (e.g. if you ADc recalled and you don’t need to or your enemies died thus your lane partner is safe) since this leads to additional advantage your team needs to win.


Difficulty: Average


 Zyra carries games Zyra

Zyra support carry games

Zyra is a champion with massive AoE damage output. Even as support she often ends game with first or second position in overall damage to the champions. Her ultimate Zyra Stranglethorns icon Stranglethorns is very strong in team fights, providing decent crowd control on the large area. Zyra’s core item is Liandry's Torment for DPS Liandry’s Torment, it provides significant damage improve to her. This occurs due low cooldown of Deadly Blossom icon Deadly Blossom and her plants which keep refreshing Liandry's Torment for DPS Liandry’s Torment effect. We recommend you to max first Deadly Blossom icon Deadly Blossom as strong poke tool for agressive game instead ofGrasping root icon Grasping Root as usual practice on Zyra. However she is very easy target for enemies because she is squishy and has no escapes thus you have be really careful to keep balance in aggressiveness and safety.

Difficulty: Above Average


This list represents the most popular / best lol champions for solo queue among the elo boosters. However you can carry with any champion in LoL if you’re good with it. There are elo boosters whose main champions are Amumu booster pick Amumu or Fiddlesticks rank up Fiddlesticks. Therefore it’s better to focus on your personal performance instead of champions you play if you aim is to improve your LoL skill.

Amumu elo boostings


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  1. Ryan

    Veigar is op. Although he is fragile in the early games. Once he stacks up few ap with his Q and gets his ult then there is almost no one to stop him unless the enemy team has someone like xin , jax , riven , darius. Land that stund E and then W and Q and Ult gg

  2. Orkso

    I think Talon is really great to boost ranked position. I started to main this assasin and he is really nice, the main idea to win with him is to roam constantly. Boots of mobilty must have. Because Rake cleans waves very fast – you have can push your lane to go to gank bottom lane. Don’t chase for ADc – most time you support is easier target which you get for sure. Also on 6 level with ignite you can melt most mid lane squishy champs like Ahri or Zed.
    In team fight you have lot’s of AoE + invis thus you won’t be useless. Talon op :o

    1. The Hand of Noxus

      Talon isnt hard to play… Katarina isnt as well… But cait and fizz are the hardest between those four

      1. Gregz

        Kat is hard cuz of her weak laning phase and the necessary map awareness. Cait relatively easy tho. I’d rank it Kat, Fizz, Cait from hardest to easiest but I’ve never played Talon

  3. The Hand of Noxus

    What about Darius? Hes easy to play… Not hard to master…. Tanky… and teamfights are easy to win.. Only champ that counters him is Renekton

    1. Kratos

      You can boost almost with all champs who has potential for solo kills and roam / or if such champion is able to 1v2, in this case you can keep pushing your lane until people come to kill you and then you execute em! (:

  4. Lawerence

    Really awesome master players!!!
    If I need boosters for my LoL account then I would definitely hire one of them!!!

  5. RegardlessJoe

    Pretty interesting post, but i don’t see Malzahar here. Do you guys think that this, almost perfect mid lane champion does not deserve a place in the list? Yeah, i understand that he was pretty weak in last patches, but right now his winrate climbing increadibly fast, and if i see a really good Malzahar in enemy’s team i’m starting to cry.

    And the second question – I see in this list only a few champions whose difficulty is on Hard level, i always think that these kind of champions in the right hands can do miracles.

    oh oh oh, and what you guys think about new Zac? I think he is pretty strong to carry some games. Can he be used to boost my elo?

  6. He-Man

    Lol, that’s why i Love LoL, even considering that this is really outdated post, these champions are still on-the-go :D Especially that blind monky boi, oh gawd how i hate him, especially when someone plays as Lee Sin against me.

  7. Pharaoh

    Would like to see the same kind of guide for the current time and meta.
    I think Yasuo and Akali would be included in such list for sure.

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