LoL Elo boosting rules

Base and strict rules our LoL pushers stick to during rank up process.
Courtesy and manners combined with speed and safety.

Elo boosting rules we follow

There are several basic rules our LoL Elo pushers have to follow as a part of our reliable elo boosting service. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and fast service. Thus work with the discipline of our staff is our top priority.


  1. They won’t chat with anyone from your friendlist or respond to any incoming messages.This is needed to prevent spoiling the fact of boosting to your friends.
  2. They won’t flame during games to avoid any suspension while your account is in our hands. At the moment of recruiting we the check amount of honor on potential booster account and if it’s low we the applicant is rejected. This is a basic procedure to check if applicants account was recently banned (honor is reset to 0-0-0-0 on suspension).
  3. They will elo boost one division per day for accounts below diamond 5 and 16+ league points gain. This rule was invented to hold fast completion rate of orders we receive.

elo boost to platinum

Violation of elo boosting rules listed above may result in serious penalties or even dismissal of LoL booster. These rules are aimed at providing quick and quality elo boosting services to our customers.


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  1. SerbianSoul

    Hate when people starting to flame in solo queue. This makes game really frustrating :E
    I’m glad that you are following your guys to prevent that.

    1. Prostik

      Well there are only few people who are playing Urgot on decent level thus i guess they decided to avoid adding him o_0

  2. QuaqoMole

    Ha, these elo boosting rules are so easy, and the second must be used by everyone in ranked games! But i love the thing about 1st rule, i really do not want to tell to my friends that i’m using boosting service.

  3. Some guy

    Well, every rule is obvious and any customer will demand it from you i guess. Glad that you really follow them. Boosteria <3

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