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Best League Teams: Europe

It’s time for another “Best LoL Teams” article. This time we will cover Europe. The strongest European teams right now are Fnatic, Origen and Unicorns of Love.

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Best LoL european team - Fnatic

Fnatic is arguably the strongest team in Europe right now, ending the Spring Split in first place and having a great show at the Mid Season Invitational, being able to stomp TSM and take 2 games off SK Telecom T1.

After the two weeks in the Summer Split, Fnatic holds the first place alongside Origen with a winning spree of 4 games.

Their team is made of Huni in the top lane, Reignover in the jungle, Febiven in the mid lane, Rekkles as marksman and Yellowstar as support.

Huni is one of the best top laners in Europe, the only ones close to his level being Soaz and Odoamne. His dominant, carry play-style has brought Fnatic a lot of wins. Some could say that Huni is very alike to NA LCS’ Quas. He is the back bone of the team and when the other’s don’t do well he is trying his best to bring them advantages.

His most played champions in the Spring Split have been Rumble, Lissandra and Gnar. So far in the Summer Split he has played Gnar, Cho’Gath and Ryze. These picks show us that Huni is able to play anything his team needs, from a high damage threat to a tanky, crowd control heavy champion.

A honorable mention in his champion picks is definitely Hecarim. He is the pioneer of Hecarim in Europe, being one of the only people who played the ghostly centaur when he appeared in the East.

Reignover began his esports career as a part of Incredible Miracle 2. After spending three seasons in LCK, Reignover moved over to Fnatic’s newly formed roster. He is a very important factor in his teams wins since his play style revolves around early pressure on top lane and mid lane.

Fnatic’s jungler has been mostly seen on Rengar, Rek’Sai and Olaf in the Spring Split, while, so far, in the Summer Split he has played Rek’Sai, Evelynn and Gragas. His champion pool consists of high damage, tanky champions who pose great threat to his enemies early on.

Febiven is hands-down Europe’s best mid laner. He started his career with Cloud9 Eclipse and won the Promotion Series with H2K. After all this, Fnatic approached him and he accepted. It didn’t take him long to settle in as he managed to have a 7.8 KDA and first place in the European LCS in his debut Split.

He is one of the only players who were able to step up to SKT’s Faker in a one-on-one matchup.

Febiven’s champion pool includes assassins and long range damage threats. In the Spring Split he had found success on champions such as LeBlanc, Zed and Xerath, while so far he has played Azir, Cassiopeia and LeBlanc this Split. The fact that he is a very mechanical and smart player is letting his team make sure that there is no help required on his lane and that any help they give to him will snowball into a huge advantage.

Rekkles is one of the most feared marksmen in the world. He debuted with Fnatic’s 2012 roster at IPL5, but due to age restrictions he was unable to take part in the EU LCS during the 2013 season. He had trained with Copenhagen Wolves and returned to Fnatic for the 2014 Spring Split, but left for Elements after Soaz, Cyanide and xPeke left. He returned to Fnatic after being let down by Elements and now he is showing the same prowess he had shown before playing for his former team.

His most played champions in the Spring Split were Graves, Corki and Jinx with which even though his team lost, he still had good stats. So far, in the Summer Split, Rekkles has played Ezreal and Ashe. These picks allow us to believe that he is another player who can do whatever his team needs, Ezreal being a long range poke champion and Ashe being a long range initiator who can slow the enemy team for long periods of time.

Yellowstar is a former marksman who turned to support. With the departure of former Fnatic top laner, jungler and mid laner, Yellowstar had the chance to rebuild Fnatic from scratch at the start of 2015. His team swept through the Spring Split, thus claiming 1st place in the playoffs and having a great showing at MSI.

The champions he played most have a high play making potential; he has played Janna, Annie and Alistar in the Spring Split, while so far he has played Alistar, Morgana and Nautilus in the Summer Split.

These picks translate into his play style, him being Fnatic’s first line of team fight initiation. He isn’t only a great initiator, but he is also great at peeling for his team by playing Janna and Alistar.

Fnatic’s play style revolves around team play and great map pressure even from early levels. Because of their strong laners, Reignover’s job is made very easy. He makes sure his team has the vision they need and makes a great threat out of himself by denying enemy vision, thus they do not know from where the gank will come and the element of surprise will be on Fnatic’s side.

Rekkles’s safe, passive play style molds greatly with the rest of the team. He is safely farming while Yellowstar is warding the enemy jungle or is pulling off ganks on either lane.



Best European LoL team - Origen

Origen was founded by Fnatic’s ex-star on the mid lane, xPeke. It is one of the newest teams in the European competitive scene, but because of it’s veteran players and new talent they have debuted their season in the Challenger Series with a 9-1 record and came in the LCS by taking Meet Your Maker’s spot without having to play them.

It is formed of Soaz in the top lane, Amazing in the jungle, xPeke in the mid lane, Niels as marksman and Mithy as support.

Soaz is best known for his time spent with Fnatic when he was consistently one of the best top laners in the world. He is also known for sometimes having strange picks in the top lane such as Blitzcrank or Lee Sin.

His champion pool in the Summer Split so far consists of Rumble and Hecarim. These two solid picks have allowed him to have a great lane phase and extremely good team fights. Most of the time when people referred to Soaz they referred to a top laner who hated the tank meta and carved to play champions with whom he could be more than a meat shield for his team. This season’s meta is great for him, there being more variety in the top lane than there ever was.

Amazing was one of Europe’s best junglers, even though he didn’t have a very skilled team to play with. TSM had seen that and they picked him up for the 2014 season. He had a great impact over TSM’s games and the same is to be expected of him on Origen.

Amazing’s most played champions so far include the likes of Gragas, Sejuani and Evelynn. These picks yell out his aggressive play style peppered with many ganks and exceptional team fights.

xPeke is another player who is very well known for his time as Fnatic’s star mid laner. Alongside Cyanide he had a very impactful play style by tending to win 1vs1 matchups and then roaming a lot while not losing the creep score lead and maintaining vision in the enemy jungle.

While on Fnatic, xPeke played the likes of Zed, LeBlanc and Kassadin very much, being a constant threat to his enemies. In the Summer Split that just began he has played Vladimir, LeBlanc and Morgana. His champion pool shows that he has changed a little and can play champions that benefit his team, but he can still play assassins.

Niels is the new blood on the LCS scene. After failing to qualify for the Challenger Series with SK Gaming Prime he was recruited by Origen and qualified for the EU LCS without any trouble.

His exceptional play in the first week has brought him his first MVP title and set the bar for performance pretty high.

So far he has played Kalista, Urgot and Vayne. His huge KDA of 23.7 allows us to believe that his mechanics are very well developed and his champion picks show that Niels makes good use of his mechanics with Kalista and Vayne while using his game knowledge when playing Urgot.

Mithy is yet another veteran on Origen’s roster, having played for LemonDogs in season 3 and helping his team qualify for the World Championship.

This veteran’s champion pool consists of Thresh, Annie and Alistar, champions who can play the role of team fight initiators very well. Mithy’s picks make us believe that he is the player Origen trust when it comes to capitalizing on enemy mistakes, thus starting a team fight Origen cannot lose.

So far Origen has showed very strong lane phases which translated into good mid game and late game battles, allowing them to win all their games so far.



Unicorns of Love came in as a team who utilizes off-meta and unique picks such as Poppy and Shaco. They beat the likes of TSM at IEM San Jose and took the second place in the Spring Split.

Their roster is made of Vizicsacsi on the top lane, Kikis as their jungler, PowerOfEvil on mid lane, Vardags as marksman and Hylissang as support.

Vizicsacsi played a key role in raising the Unicorns of Love out of the EU Challenger scene and into the EU LCS. He played a combination of meta picks such as Gnar and completely unexpected picks such as Yorick and Poppy.

His picks in the Summer Split have been Maokai, Nocturne and Ryze. These picks mean that even though he is playing on the big LCS scene, he still hasn’t changed his style of playing meta and off-meta champions. Even though his Nocturne play wasn’t the best he was still able to output such a threat to the enemy team that the Unicorns secured their victory.

Kikis began his esports career in 2012, but spent several years trying to get into the LCS. He is known for his dominating performances on Nidalee and Nunu, maintaining a 6-2 record over the course of the Spring Split, but he is also known for being the only Shaco player in the LCS.

So far he has played only Gragas and Nunu in the Summer Split. The two tanks have a good presence in both ganking and team fighting. The pressure they apply on the enemies is huge, Gragas being one of the best gankers in the game and Nunu being an extremely good, early drake killer and counter jungler.

PowerOfEvil is UoL’s star player. He is best known for his mechanics on champions such as Cassiopeia and Orianna, but also for the fact that he is very solid in team fights.

This Split, POE has played Kog’Maw and Cassiopeia. These champions are both great in team fights, good positioning and great ability placement allowing them to chip off their opponents and turn the mountain into rubble before it reaches them.

Vardags is often seen as UOL’s weakest link because of his lackluster lane phase, but outside of it he is able to show his prowess as a marksman who truly deserves to be in the LCS.

He is best known for his Sivir and Corki, but recently he has shown that he can also play Urgot and Jinx. His champion pool shows us that he loves being in the back line, poking the enemies until they cannot continue fighting anymore and thus they have to give up on objectives.

Hylissang is another relatively new player in the European esports scene. He was recruited by the Unicorns prior to their run for the EU Challenger Series in 2014. He is known for his aggressive play, preferring champions that initiate fights over those who peel for his team. In the Spring Split he had found comfort on champions such as Annie and Leona.

In the Summer Split he has played Annie and Morgana. His play style hasn’t changed one bit, continuing to play his favorite initiation support, Annie, and showing another strong initiation support, Morgana.

Unicorns of Love is a team that creates chaos on the Fields of Justice with their off-meta picks and crazy strategies as the Varus mid POE pulled off in the Playoffs or Kikis’s Shaco jungle. Often, if UoL can control the chaos they create, they are able to secure the win and keep their reputation of chaos-dwellers.


In conclusion, Europe’s finest are very mechanical teams which have a very strong laning phase and rely on their team work to win games, often in a very violent manner.


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