What to do when you are behind?

Several recommendations on what actions you need to take when you lose your lane.
What you should do and should not when you are behind.

How to comeback in League when you are behind?

No one can always win. But as soon as your ranked position start to reflect your real skill the more often you will lose lane because of being matched against opponents with approximately the same skills. We all don’t like situation when we are behind therefore we have to catch up. But what if situation already demands comeback? What should we do to move out of such unpleasant situation or at least don’t make it worse? Meet “LoL comeback guide” in which we will tell you the ways how you can get out of situation when you are already behind and losing your lane! 


What to do when you lose lane in LoL

First of all, you have to understand that you are behind. Often player’s ego doesn’t allow them to accept that therefore people are finding reasons why they are actually not, like “i still can get him, he just was lucky” or “he is a noob and i’m only X cs behind”. Very likely that you are behind because you did a few mistakes in the past. Thus in order to prevent further mistakes due to tilt you have to calm yourself and accept the fact that you are behind and have to comeback. Also you shouldn’t focus on the fact that you are losing because it can affect your ingame performance. Good trick is to imagine that you have started a new game with current conditions where you already behind your opponent.

Let’s consider what actions need to be taken in order to make your life easier when you are already behind your enemy in LoL. Also you can get a help if you order a lol coaching.


First of all, if you already died on the lane then you have to stop fighting with your opponent. Very unlikely that you would defeat him while your foe can get an additonal kill. Be care to go on the foe’s half of the lane because this way he will have enough space to engage fight with you. It’s better to lose some minions than feed your enemy and by that lose even more minions. Ask your jungler for a gank but don’t blame him if he doesn’t come. If you won’t keep feeding your enemy then jungler will be able to boost other lanes (especially this rule concerns top lane). Also you have to learn to rely only on yourself during LoL solo queue games.


If your aim was a damage item then switch it in the side of defensive item to make yourself less likely to be bursted. This will prevent you from dying during an enemy dives and make you feel more safe during the enemy jungler ganks and in the creep slain process. Don’t follow “scripted builds” when you build the same set of items every game despite anything. In most situations a damage item as the first choice to build will lead to the further and even harder lane domination of your foe. The same rule item choice works for junglers as well.


If you can freeze a minion wave in a safe place nearly your turret then don’t hesitate to do that. This is your chance to get extra minions in order to reduce backlog from your opponent. In this case, your enemy can decide to roam and your duty is to warn your allies to prevent further snowball of your foe. Ability to freeze lane is very useful even if you are not behind. This way you can increase (or reduce if you are behind) the gap between you and your enemy in amount of slained creep (CS). 


If a foe is zoning you from minions and you feel that he would kill you in the moment you try to slain a minion then a nice option will be to roam shortly. You can turn the game around if you gank the middle lane from the top lane; or the bottom / top lane from the middle lane. Actually, you can do that even if you are not behind, just always look for an opportunity to roam during the lane phase since this is a nice way to affect events happening on other lanes and helps you to carry the game. This rule works for top and mid laners mostly since there is a little use in a roaming attack damage carry, however supports with CC should seek for an opportunity to change the balance of power on the middle lane or in jungle.


If you have to catch up then you should be ready to what it can take some time. Don’t forget: anything can happen in the solo queue! Probably, you can remember games when you already lost the hope to win but in the end your team won. In game like LoL patience is great advance since it helps you to avoid mistakes and calmly wait for an opportunity to comeback.


What to do when your team is behind

Sometimes the whole team is losing and feeds. In this case, in order to win you have to establish cooperation to use one of the following tactics:


Due to chaotic nature of the solo queue most of teams who are ahead usually start to overextend. Thus you would have your chance when enemy team engage in the minority or during their try to dive you. However you and your team have to be careful in order to avoid senseless fights in the “clean field” while you are behind. Don’t forget that passive behaviour of your team may provoke opponents to overextend. Such strategy is called “turtle strategy” when your team starts to play extremly careful and waiting for enemy mistakes expecting them to engage in the minority or dive you under the turret.


Another way to use for comeback chaotic nature of the solo queue is always to be in a group in order to catch someone who got separated from the enemy team, then chain Crowd Control and burst that foe. This tactic depends on your team setup but it works well if you would be able to coordinate your team.


Split pushing strategy is a nice way to make enemy team busy and evade team fight until your team becomes strong enough to strike back. You need to choose a player among your team whose champion is strong duelist or who has nice escape abilities while is able to push lane fast and let him to push the lane. Meanwhile rest of your team should stick together and act synchronously with that player. You can read about split push strategy in details in our split pushing guide.


Another important factor is map objectives. If you will be able to coordinate your team to get Dragon, Turrets or Nashor fast enough to avoid a fight with foes then you will have a nice chance to make a comeback and win the game. You can read in details about Summoner’s Rift objectives here (timing and the most effective ways to get them).



What actions you should avoid in order to win the game?


Blame can only make situation worse and most times actually does it. If your real aim is climbing through LoL ranked system then you have to learn to stop yourself when you want to say something bad. Flame war among the team when people chat instead of playing or even refuse to help each other is usually auto-lose.


Often players call to surrender knowing in advance that no one will agree and they just will get 1/4 vote. They do that in order to draw attention to themselves. If you aim is not to demoralize your team and make them annoyed by you then you shouldn’t do that. In case if such players is in your team the best way to ignore him and just vote “no” without any wards. Don’t make his aim to draw attention to himself to succeed.


Another way for people who want to draw attention to themselves is to demonstrate how bad situation on their lane is. Thus they leave a lane. If you are being zoned it’s better to roam in order to help allies. There is jungler whose income depend on monsters so it’s better to do not steal gold from him. However it’s absolutely normally to take one camp if you have time to do that but not anymore. 

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  1. Lord M

    I had many successful comebacks in league..

    First of all, you shouldn’t react on negative behaviour of your team mates. There is always the one who cries non-stop calling surrender.
    Second. when enemy team starts to win in the lol solo queue it and most times it’s your chance to make a comeback. In this moment, you have to make your team group and finally start to play as team. This is not always possible but if you would be able to motivate your team to play till the end, very likely that you will get your win.
    P.S. Also warding near your base is important to get this overextending boys ;x

  2. DieTheArticle

    Oh, I know the answer to this question even without reading the whole article! The correct answer – you can’t x D! I’m kidding, of course, playing with my team we regularly perform quality comebacks, but playing with random gamers, i can predict the outcome of the game just looking at the behavior of my team. Seeing that the team begins to lose heart, I will try to cheer them up, but in the most cases, it ends with nothing.

    But how many times my friends and I dragged the game from a seemingly “lose swamp” in the “Winners Hills.” If only people in the League were more friendly and tuned correctly, it would no longer be League : D

  3. Johnd542

    Spot on with this writeup, I actually believe this website needs a great deal more attention. Ill probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info! degbegcdbedk

  4. SadBadWolf

    I know the answer! It is literally impossibru! Team just given up and nothing can bring their spirit back. No i really want to learn how to comeback in LoL, but i do not know how to convince other team mates!

  5. Qreek

    Well, games there we could make a comeback are the best i remember. And maybe are the only i remember :D
    The important part is not surrender when there is still a chance!

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