Best League pro players

Our chart of LoL professional players. Who is the best on pro scene?
We consider top players from three regions: Europe, North America and South Korea.

Best League pro players in the world

When watching LCS, LCK, LPL and the other competitive scenes, everyone sometimes finds themselves wondering who are the best LoL players. This article will answer your question with arguments to why these players are this good, grouped by region.


We will start our chart of top LoL pro players in Europe region. Meanwhile we recommend your to order a boost from our elo boost pros.


Best LoL player - Huni

Huni started his LoL career as a part of the Samsung organization as a practice partner for the team, though he was never officially a substitute for the team. The first team he officially joined was FNATIC, just before the start of the 2015 EU LCS Spring/Regular Season, as part of a new roster for the team including ReignoverFebivenSteeelback, and YellowStar, who remained the support from the previous line-up. In spite of low expectations for the team consisting of relatively unknown players, they placed second in the regular season with a 13-5 game record, and Huni himself won the Rookie of the Split award for the EU LCS.

Even though they were second in the regular split, they achieved first place during play-offs and went to the Mid Season Invitational where they beat TSM and went to 5 games against SKT T1.

His play style is very aggressive, matched with great mechanical play and good map awareness. Huni is never the one to lose a 1 vs 1 matchup and is never behind during a lane swap. Huni is probably Fnatic’s best player, being the play maker who brings a lot of advantages to the team.


Best EU jungler is Loulex

Coming out of the jungle with unrelenting aggression, Loulex smites and ganks for H2K as their starting jungler. Known for his Lee Sin play early in his career, he got his debut playing for Gambit Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas before finding a spot with H2K. Developing his champion pool to include Jarvan IV and Rek’Sai, as well as his now famous Lee Sin, Loulex leads the charge with his mechanical skill and play-making ability.

Loulex is a jungler whose map awareness is supreme: he is always setting up vision for his team, counter ganking, counter jungling or ganking lanes with no wards. This ability in combination with his mechanics makes him the best European jungler right now.


Best LoL european mid laner  - Febiven

Febiven is one of the newest competitive LoL players, but his well timed skills, wide champion pool, mind games and great mechanics make him a great mid laner. He began his career with H2K and left them for Fnatic after winning the promotion tournament.

His play style is alike his team mate’s – Huni. He is an aggressive laner who tries his best to create advantages for his team when he gets ahead, even if just by terrorizing the enemy mid laner and jungler.

He is known for beating Faker, arguably the best LoL player, in an one-on-one match up at Mid Season Invitational while escaping ganks from Bengi and Wolf.


Best ADc EU - Rekkles

Rekkles is Fnatic’s marksman who started playing LoL competitively in 2012 on Playing Ducks until June 2012 and in November the same year he was approached by Fnatic. However, because of the age requirement he wasn’t able to play in the 2013 EU LCS, so he played with Copenhagen Wolves outside the League Championship Series until he reached the needed age.

After playing with Fnatic for the duration of Season 4, when xPeke, SoaZ and Cyanide left, he joined Elements only to return to Fnatic after a split of mediocre matches.

Rekkles is on this list because of his variable play style which means he is able to be solid on his own while YellowStar is pulling off ganks somewhere else, but he is also able to play aggressively when YellowStar is with him, thus making Fnatic’s bottom lane a very feared one worldwide.

His team doesn’t require him to hard carry games, but to remain solid while they make the plays. Always being on par with the enemy or even ahead of them while being in numerical disadvantage is what makes Rekkles the best marksman in Europe.


Best Europe support - YellowStar

YellowStar became a professional in the scene by being picked up to play for eSports organization, Against All Authority in September 2010. They were able to compete and make a better name for themselves at the IEM Season V – LoL Invitational in Germany, placing 2nd after losing to team MyRevenge. His team then went on to play at the biggest event at the time, the Riot Season 1 Championship in June 2011. Facing off against the former familiar lineup of MyRevenge, now Fnatic, aAa were unable take 1st, losing 2-0. They then went up again versus Team SoloMid to determine 2nd place and repeated winning over the American team, taking silver in the tournament.

In season 2, Yellowstar and his team had taken 4th place at the IEM Season VI – World Championship after winning against SK Gaming and losing versus Team Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming. They also took part in the Season 2 World Championship, but that event was disappointing as they went winless in the group stage and finished on 11th or 12th place.

In season 3 Yellowstar was picked up by Fnatic for whom he played as AD Carry for a while, only to find himself playing Support for Puzsu until Rekkles was old enough to play. The team had gotten first in both splits and went on to the Season 3 World Championship where they took 3rd/4th place.

In season 4 the only addition to Fnatic was Rekkles. The team had qualified for the World Championship again, but didn’t manage to get out of the group stage, being put in the “Group of Deft” as Rekkles likes to call it, having to play against Samsung Galaxy Blue, LMQ and OMG, some of the best teams at the time.

After season 4, four of Fnatic’s members left, thus YellowStar had to recreate the team with the help of Fnatic management.

Yellowstar is on this list because of his experience, game knowledge and game mechanics. Being able to create the strongest team in a region out of rookies is a hard deed to accomplish, but he succeeded. His play style meshes in with the rest of Fnatic, being another threat for their enemies, capable of ganking anyone when they expect it least.



Our guide of best LoL pro players we continue with consideration of North American region.


Quas started out on the team New World Eclipse, where he played in the top lane from May 2013 to September 2013. On September 14th, Quas joined the reformed ggLA, taking the position of top laner with KOR Kez as jungle, Bischu in the mid lane, otter as AD Carry, and NydusHerMain as support. He played with them up until October 14th when he left to take the position of solo laner for Team Curse, to play in the top lane. In early January, Team Curse went through a rebranding process and became Team Liquid, Quas remains the starting top laner for Team Liquid.

Quas is the best top laner in North America because he is extremely solid in his performance, he is almost always ahead of his opponent and is constantly making plays around the map with the use of Teleport or by pushing his minions into the enemy tower and roaming by foot.


Best NA jungler - Santorin

Santorin’s LoL career started when he was searching for something new since he got tired of Counter-strike. He began playing competitively for Intellectual Playground and continued with the likes of Vengeance eSports, The Fox Sound, Team Coast to finally arrive on Team SoloMid’s starting roster as a jungler.

Santorin is the best jungler in the NA LCS for his outstanding performance because of which he won the Rookie of the Split award. Santorin is a jungler who is constantly making sure his team has enough vision and is always reminding his team where the enemy jungle is or might be just by looking at the map. Besides the fact that his main champion is Lee Sin, he also makes up a great Rek’Sai.


Bjergsen is TSM’s star player who was picked up after he played with less good teams like Western Wolves, Team LDLC, Copenhagen Wolves and Ninjas In Pyjamas.

During the Season 3 European LCS, Bjergsen was unable to play with his team until Week 3 due to age restrictions put in place by Riot Games. For the first two weeks, he was temporarily replaced by the team’s sub cowTard. After he turned 17 years old on February 21st, he was able to rejoin the main lineup and play their remaining LCS matches. After finding success with CW after his rejoining, his team left to become Ninjas in Pyjamas for the Summer LCS.

On November 2nd, 2013, Bjergsen would leave NiP to move to NA and join the Team SoloMid lineup as their mid laner, becoming the 2nd player to cross over from the EU to NA LCS, after Edward left Gambit to join Curse during Season 3.

He is TSM’s best player because of the fact that if he gets ahead, the whole team is ahead and his snowball turns into the team’s snowball which makes up a boulder of snow and crushes the opponent team. He is a play maker who always profits from his advantage by making his team mates get a slight advantage because of his ganks.


Best Na Marksman - Doublelift

Known for his Blitzcrank, Doublelift gained the attention of HotshotGG and duo queued together in early 2011. He was asked to join Counter Logic Gaming as a substitute which he accepted, but soon moved to Epik Gamer for a starting position as Support. He then moved on to unRestricted, now known as Curse Gaming, to become their starting AD Carry. He competed for Curse at LAN events such as IGN Proleague Season 3 – Atlantic City and IEM Season VI – Global Challenge New York.

In November 2011, Doublelift rejoined CLG as their AD Carry after leaving Curse.

He is best known for his strong mechanics with Vayne, Lucian and Ezreal and the fact that many times in Season 3 and Season 4 their strategy revolved around getting him ahead and protecting him. The fact that this strategy worked so well for them means that he is able to deal enough damage while he isn’t in danger and this is a very important characteristic of a great marksman.

While he was the team’s only carry in the past, now the team has two more play makers, ZionSpartan and Pobelter, but Doublelift still manages to shine with his great plays and solid play.


Aphromoo played on 6 other professional teams and was a highly reputable AD player before switching to CLG. However, after his former team’s loss to the hands of CLG at IPL 5, he accepted an offer from CLG to join the team as their support player. Aphromoo wanted to win and partnered with his co-star Doublelift in bottom lane, this combination was nicknamed Rush Hour and was considered to be one of the most feared lanes in the LCS at the time. On May 27, 2013 Aphromoo left the CLG roster and has been a free agent since then. On the 20th and 21st of August Aphromoo competed in the eBay 1v1 tournament representing Save The Children and managed to get into the semifinals but ended up losing to Westrice in the semifinals.

In October 2013, Aphromoo was announced as the new AD for the reformed Team Curse.

In October 13th, Aphromoo was released from the new Team Curse roster.

Aphromoo then received an offer from Doublelift to play support for CLG once again during a solo queue encounter. With the support changes in Season 4, Aphromoo found a renewed motivation to play the role. After a successful tryout period, Aphromoo rejoined CLG as their starting support player and reforms the Rush Hour botlane with Doublelift.

Aphromoo is on this list because of his great play style: he is an aggressive support who roams a lot to put up wards and gank. His skill shots are impeccable, Morgana, Bard and Thresh being three of his most feared champions. Even if Alistar has no skill shots that doesn’t mean Aphromoo cannot perform extremely well on him. Alistar is his signature champion, being one of the only NA LCS players who play him often and really well.




Now we will travel to the homeland of cybersport – South Korea. 


MaRin dove directly into the deep end of Korea’s esports ecosystem when he signed with SK Telecom T1 S in 2013. After the SK organization consolidated their dual teams into one squad, Marin was named the starting top laner for the remade SK Telecom T1, one of the strongest LoL teams in the world. With a penchant for disrupting enemy teams by playing tanky champions like Maokai and Gnar, Marin is a feared opponent on Summoner’s Rift.

MaRin made this list simply by being the best Korean top laner. He was never outclassed by anyone either in lane or in team fights. He is constantly beating on the opponent top laner and is always ahead of them even when lane swaps happen. He uses this to his team’s advantage by teleporting on all occasions and either disrupting the enemy team or dealing a lot of damage.


Ambition began his eSports career in November 2011 by playing for MiG Blaze. After a few months the team became Azubu Blaze, later became CJ Entus Blaze only to remain as CJ Entus after the unification of the two CJ teams with Ambition on the starting roster as a jungler.

Ambition is very well known as an active jungler, he is always doing something around the map. All the time he is either counter jungling, warding or ganking. His active play is what made him be on this list as the best jungler in Korea.


He started playing LoL in December 2011 when the Korean server opened. After becoming a strong mid laner, known for his strong LeBlanc he was picked up by SK Telecom T1 in February 2013, and played on their second team, before moving to their first team in June. After this he became widely regarded the best LoL player in the world, in October 2013 Faker went on to win the LoL World Championship with SK Telecom T1 K.

After season 3 Faker stayed in SKT T1 K for the 4th season but the team didn’t perform as well, not making the World Championship. In Season 5 K has been united with S, keeping Faker as the starting mid laner, but also keeping Easyhoon.

Nowadays Faker is known for being the player with the largest champion pool ever, having played all the meta champions and off meta champions as well, for example he is sometimes playing Master Yi mid and is also considered to be a great Riven player, alongside LeBlanc, Zed and Azir.

Faker’s constant play making play style is what brought him to this list and he will probably keep the spot as the best player in the world for a long time. Everything he does is translated into a team advantage by him, thus bringing a lot of wins to SKT.


Cpt Jack has began his eSports career in November 2011 for MiG Blaze and stuck with Blaze through all their name changes until January 2014 when he was picked up by Jin Air Green Wings Stealths. In December 2014 the team merged with Jin Air Green Wings Falcons, but Cpt Jack remained as starting Marksman.

He is very well known for his perfect use of Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash, but for his great game mechanics as well.

He is a very aggressive player who dies very rarely. This controlled aggression play style, his experience and the fact that he can use it very effectively makes him the best Marksman in Korea.


Along with his teammate Shy, he was a member of MiG when the team won the OngameNet Invitational, a victory contributing to his eventual invitation to join Azubu Frost. He remained the support player of Azubu Frost being with them when they placed second in the 2012 Season 2 world finals. He remained with the team when it was acquired by CJ Entus and continues to play for them as their support player.

MadLife is very well known for his skill shots and impactful plays that can give the team such a good advantage that they win the game off of that.

The mechanics, game knowledge and experience he possesses make him the best support of Korea.




  1. Huni

  2. MaRin

  3. Quas

Even though these players are very much alike in play styles, the ranking is made by comparing the frequency with which the players help their team during the game. Huni is using his teleport with each opportunity he has, while MaRin and Quas prefer using it to get back to lane and outfarm their opponent.


  1. Ambition

  2. Santorin

  3. Loulex

The difference between Ambition and the other two junglers is pretty big, while the difference between Santorin and Loulex is rather small. Ambition is a jungler that is doing something all the time, while Santorin and Loulex have some downtime while waiting for the opponent to make a mistake.


  1. Faker

  2. Febiven

  3. Bjergsen

Putting Faker in the first place wasn’t a hard choice since he is the best LoL player, but the positions of Febiven and Bjergsen aren’t so easy. While Febiven is great, he lacks the experience that Bjergsen has. Even if it’s just a season, it’s still pretty huge. Febiven did beat Bjergsen though and is showing a great potential to improve at everything he does, so he deserves the second place in the mid lane standings.


  1. Cpt Jack

  2. Rekkles

  3. Doublelift

Cpt Jack’s experience, amazing mechanics and great positioning is what makes him be the first.

The big difference between Rekkles and Doublelift is that Doublelift tends to position himself in bad places, thus dying very fast and losing the team fight while Rekkles’s positioning is great.


  1. MadLife

  2. YellowStar

  3. Aphromoo

MadLife is the best support in the world because of his spectacular plays, good calls and vision control.

While the difference between YellowStar and Aphromoo isn’t that big, YellowStar is on second place because of his more active play style. He is rarely seen with his marksman because he is always somewhere else making plays happen and thus brings his team great advantage.


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