Champions with highest skill cap!

What LoL champions demands the most skill with the highest payout?
Detailed analysis of each champion (with runes and masteries) used by challengers and on pro scene!

League champions with highest skill cap

As everyone knows, LoL has champions with different skill caps. Some are made to be easily picked up and mastered, such as Garen or Tryndamere, others have few mechanics that make them slightly harder to play, for example LeBlanc or Rengar, and then there are champions who are hard to learn and hard to master, but being good at them has huge rewards.

LoL hardest playable champions all have something in common: the ability to either carry games themselves or be a pain in their teams backs. Nothing ruins the game more than a high skill cap champion played poorly, but a high skill cap champion played well is what ruins the game for the enemy team and brings joy to yours.

In this article you will read about the hardest champions to master and a detailed description of each of them. If you want to master hardest LoL champion then we recommend you to take a lesson from profesional LoL coach.



Lee Sin champion with highest skillcap

Lee Sin has been one of the most popular and strongest junglers in both solo queue and competitive play for a while now. He has a lot of tools at his disposal, but he takes a while to master. Lee Sin is really strong early game which he can use to pressure lanes or the enemy jungler. From there, Lee Sin scales into the mid game by taking vision control of the map with his mobility and Sightstone Icon Sightstone, then transitions into a utility based tank in the late game.

The blind monk is a godly jungler for those who can play him well. His mobility, crowd control and fast jungle clear time makes him a champion that is able to farm well while giving his enemies cold sweats from the thought of him coming to gank their lane.

Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to master because of the amount of plays he can make, the most popular one being called “InSec”, after the player who made it so popular. It involves landing Sonic Wave Icon Sonic Wave onto an enemy and then using Resonating Strike Icon Resonating Strike to get closer to them. Afterwards, the player Safeguard Icon Safeguards to a ward in the position to use Dragon's Rage Icon Dragon’s Rage to kick the enemy target closer to the allied team so that the team can kill that champion very fast. It is mostly used to put an enemy carry out of position and thus make the team fight a lot easier.

As all champions, he has pros & cons.

  • Pros: Very strong early game; fits into and team composition; can stick to targets easily.
  • Cons: Doesn’t scale well; hard to play.


Most players on the competitive scene who play Lee Sin play him with flat AD marks, flat Armor seals, flat Magic Resist glyphs and flat AD quintessences.


As for masteries, Lee Sin benefits of 21/9/0 the most since his early game is really good.


The skill priority is R>Q>E>W. Sonic Wave Icon Sonic Wave Resonating Strike Icon Resonating Strike makes up most of your damage while contributing to your mobility. Tempest Icon Tempest / Cripple Icon Cripple is important to sticking to targets because of the slow it gives.


Make yourself as big of a threat as possible in the early and mid game. Because of Lee Sin’s mobility you should be able to apply pressure to the enemy jungler as well as the enemy lanes. To have a good start, you can try gank the opponent jungler at his buff at level 2. This means you kill a camp from your own jungle, get level 2 and then invade. Be careful when doing this though, the jungle can be warded or the enemy could not be there if they start on the other side of the map. If they aren’t there you could either wait or risk killing the buff guardian yourself.



Azir highest skill cap LoL champion

Azir is a champion who is defined by his really weak early game but extremely good late game. This champion can take down the whole enemy team if he is able to pull off a 3 soldiered Conquering Sands Icon Conquering Sands followed by a few attacks.

What makes this champion’s skill cap to be so high is the fact that if he isn’t played correctly he straight up loses everything and cannot come back at all. Because of his early game damage being so low there is almost nothing he can do unless he has the time to chip off his opponents.

You must understand that no matter what you do, your damage will still be bad early game, Azir is a champion that doesn’t only scale with items and stats, he also scales with levels. However with every item you get, your damage will increase significantly. Combining it with your immense range, your soldiers allow you to wave clear easily, poke your opponents down, zone them out and destroy them in team fights. These attributes make him worth to play even in solo queue. Remember that you first need cooldown reduction and ability power to do this.

  • Pros: Very long range; huge late game damage; able to single handedly carry games; decent mobility and crowd control; easy wave clear; kills drake and Nashor very fast.
  • Cons: Takes a long time to scale; almost no damage early game; hard to learn and master.


At competitive level, Azir is played with flat Magic Penetration marks, scaling Health seals, scaling Cooldown Reduction glyphs and flat Ability Power quintessences.


For masteries, pro players take 21/0/9, putting points into Arcane Blade for more late game damage, but also taking Butcher and Feast for a little help in the early game.


Azir’s skill priority is R>Q>E>W. Q is the spell that will deal most of your poke damage and is also the spell which repositions your soldiers. Having this ability maxed first will ensure you that you have a base cooldown of 6 seconds on it and it’s damage grows significantly with each point put into it.


In the early game you have to farm as much as possible while trying to be safe. Safety as Azir means poking your opponent with the sand soldiers. If they cannot get close to you most champions cannot deal damage to you, thus making you have a good lane to farm until you reach your power spike.

Bear in mind that Lee Sin isn’t the only one capable of InSec. Azir is also possible to do this, but he can knock more targets to his team. The only downside to this is that Azir will not be safe at all while performing it and he will probably die if it fails.



Highest skill cap LoL champion - Riven

Riven is a very high damage, high moblity champion that is a very strong and safe top laner. If she starts getting ahead she can snowball games really hard and force entire teams to come try and deal with her. If she is left to do her thing in a teamfight, she can wipe out entire enemy backlines in mere seconds.

While Riven is a strong and safe laner, she doesn’t have any built in sustain she can fall back on like many bruisers do. If she starts falling behind she can become quite useless. Her great scaling also cause some issues. Even when behind she cannot afford to build defensively as she’ll simply do no damage and won’t be able to do her job.

Riven is a hard to play champion because of the fact that while she can do everything, she can also lose lane just as easy. Her animation cancelling makes her really strong for people who mastered her, and there are more mechanics like BoxBox move that made Riven change the direction of her third Broken Wings Icon Broken Wings by putting up a ward in mid-air.

  • Pros: High damage; high mobility; snowballs very hard; strong laner.
  • Cons: No sustain; can be shut down by crowd control; predictable movement; tricky playstyle.


Riven is played with flat Attack Damage marks, flat Armor seals, flat Cooldown Reduction glyphs and flat Attack Damage quintessences.


Her masteries are 21/9/0 as she doesn’t have any use for the utility masteries and the two masteries which involve landing spells to increase basic attack damage and vice versa mash in very well with the play style of this champion.


Riven’s skill priority depends on what kind of lane she has. If she is laning against an opponent with a lot of poke or much burst the optimal skill priority is R>Q>E>W. Broken Wings Icon Broken Wings is always going to be a skill of great importance because it is the bread and butter skill of Riven. It deals a lot of damage and gets her the very important Runic Blade Icon Runic Blade stacks. You have to max Valor Icon Valor second because Riven has no sustain and thus this ability allows her to stay on lane more.

If Riven is playing against a champion who doesn’t have the two attributes written above then she can max R>Q>W>E for more damage.


To succeed as Riven you have to either farm until you out-scale your opponent or dominate them and snowball out of control.

An important mechanic to all Riven players is animation cancelling. This mechanic allows Riven to stop her animation and use a basic attack in the meantime. If used correctly this can double the damage per second you deal while comboing Broken Wings Icon Broken Wings and it can make you never have too many Runic Blade Icon Runic Blade stacks because you consume them just as you generate them.

Once you snowball you can either split push until you finish the game or group with your team and terrorize the enemy back line with your huge damage.

In team fights, Riven’s mobility is very important to reaching her goal. It allows her to reach the squishy enemies and pulverize them with her abilities and attack damage steroid on her Blade of Exile Icon Blade of the Exile. In case any enemy gets away with low health, Riven can cast Wind Slash Icon Wind Slash to deal an enormous amount of damage because it scales with the enemy missing health.



Yasuo champion with highest skillcap

Yasuo is a champion that is very hard to play because of the fact he is really squishy and he must be close to his enemies to deal most of his damage.

The weakest side of Yasuo is his early game, you get the first power spike when you finish your first item: Statikk Shiv Icon Statikk Shiv and you are going to get bullied in lane if you are against a ranged champion or someone like Jax. Wind Wall Icon Wind Wall blocks projectiles, but its cooldown is around 20 seconds.

His high skill cap allows you to make amazing plays and when you get a hold of him, the laning starts to feel easy and pretty simple.

  • Pros: Easy farming; low cooldowns; high mobility; high skill cap; double critical chance.
  • Cons: Squishy; very item dependant; no sustain; hard to master.


Yasuo is played with flat Attack Damage marks, flat Armor seals, flat Magic Resist glyphs and flat Attack Damage quintessences.


His most popular mastery choice is 21/9/0. These work well with Yasuo’s play style of a fighter mixed in with an assassin.


Yasuo’s skill priority is R>Q>E>W. Steel Tempest Icon Steel Tempest is Yasuo’s bread and butter skill, it dealing Yasuo’s most damage and allowing him to knock up his enemies after using it a few times.


The most important thing for Yasuo is farming. Because of the fact that he is very item dependent he has to reach his power spike as soon as possible before starting to fight alongside his team. His low cool down skills allow him to farm without pushing the lane and his dash makes him be able to get to his opponent easily and poke them a little before returning to safety.

Because of Way of the Wanderer Icon Way of the Wanderer, Yasuo’s core items are Statikk Shiv Icon Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge Icon Infinity Edge. After purchasing these two items, Yasuo will have a critical chance of 90%, thus making 90% of his attacks be critical hits and deal bonus damage. Keep in mind that Steel Tempest Icon Steel Tempest applies on-hit effects so it can also score critical hits, even though Way of the Wanderer Icon Way of the Wande reduces the damage of these critical hits to 75% effectiveness.

In team fights Yasuo’s positioning is key. If he can get close enough to his enemies and still be safe he can deal a lot of damage. His Wind Wall Icon Wind Wall is able to block most ranged damage and crowd control casted from afar. This ability is very important to Yasuo’s and his team’s safety because it can block high damage or crowd control spells such as Ziggs‘s spells, Jinx‘s Super Mega Death Rocket!, Ashe’s Crystalline Arrow, Ahri’s Charm, etc.

One of Yasuo’s most important traits is his ultimate that can be chained with his team’s help and thus making up combos that obliterate the opposition. In combination with champions who can knock more opponents at once such as Alistar, Janna, Wukong, Malphite, etc. Yasuo can keep the crowd control going by extending that knock and empowering himself with a 50% bonus armor penetration buff. One nifty little trick that can increase the damage dealt by Yasuo during the suspension from Last Breath Icon Last Breath is using Steel Tempest Icon Steel Tempest while casting the ultimate ability. Steel Tempest Icon Steel Tempest  will be cast and will deal more damage than usual because of the armor penetration buff.



Cassiopeia highest skillcap champion

Cassiopeia is one of the hardest yet most rewarding champions in LoL. She is an incredibly high skill cap AP champion who can put out a lot of single target damage. She is tough to play and even harder to master because she is highly dependent on skill placement and positioning. One wrong move and your DPS drops to zero. Furthermore, correct or incorrect use of her ultimate, Petrifying Gaze Icon Petrifying Gaze, can singlehandedly win you or lose you games. This being said, if you are willing to put the time and effort into learning her, she will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. A good Cassiopeia can heavily influence the outcome of a game. A great Cassiopeia is absolutely terrifying and can easily carry the game by herself.

  • Pros: High damage per second; great utility; great scaling
  • Cons: Very squishy; requires good positioning; relatively weak early game; no escape


Cassiopeia is played with flat Magic Pen marks, scaling HP seals, scaling Ability Power glyphs and flat Ability Power quintessences.


As for masteries, Cassiopeia is played 21/0/9, making great use of Feast and biscuits to stay in lane more time.


Her skill priority is and will always be R>E>Q>W, but the first skill point will always be used on Noxious Blast Icon Noxious Blast.


Cassiopeia is yet another champion who needs to farm before getting strong. After finishing your first two items you will be dealing a lot of damage. While laning you have to make sure to stack your Aspect of the Serpent Icon Aspect of the Serpent. It gives you 5% increased ability power and Aspect of the Serpent Icon Twin Fang heal at 100 stacks, 10% increased ability power at 250 stacks and 30% increased ability power at 500 stacks. This is immense. Imagine you have over 500 AP. This passive combined with Rabadon's Deathcap Icon Rabadon’s Deathcap will turn your 500 AP into around 800 AP if not more.

In team fights you have to position yourself as well as possible to not allow the enemy team to get to you, thus allowing you to dish out a lot of damage, single target and AoE. By landing Miasma Icon Miasma in choke points your enemies will either be zoned or will take a lot of damage while being slowed. If a target is poisoned make sure to use Aspect of the Serpent Icon Twin Fang on them at least once because it gives the enemy a debuff that stacks twice and increases further poison damage by 20% each stack.

As mentioned above, if you land Petrifying Gaze Icon Petrifying Gaze correctly you will most probably win the fight, but if you do not then chances are that you are out of position and the enemy team will focus you down.



Bard highest skillcap champion in LoL

Bard is LoL newest support champion. He is great at roaming and making plays on lanes other than bot, but this doesn’t mean that he is easy to play; he is actually one of the hardest champions in the game right now.

He has means to peel, heal and help his team escape, but he also has a skill that can help either team depending on when and where it is used.

If Bard uses his ultimate wrongly then his team will have to suffer a lot.

  • Pros: Great roaming potential; gets stronger as game progresses; game changing ultimate
  • Cons: His ultimate can change the game for worse; marksman has to be ahead or in a good position for Bard to roam safely; very team oriented


Bard is played with flat Hybrid Penetration marks, flat HP seals, scaling Magic Resist glyphs and Movement Speed quintessences.


The best masteries for him are 0/9/21, taking all the gold generating masteries along with the biscuit mastery and the movement speed one.


Bard maximizes his skills according to the game he is playing. If his marksman is having a bad early game then he will tend to use R>W>Q>E as skill priority, but if the marksman has a solid lane phase then Bard will use R>Q>W>E.


Make sure to always have mana for an emergency Magical Journey Icon Magical Journey in case you can use it over a wall to get yourself and your team to safety.

During laning phase you should have a Caretaker’s Shrine Icon Caretaker’s Shrine up most of the time if you or your marksman take some damage while skirmishing with the enemy laners. If you want to roam to take meeps, ward or gank, you will have to be careful when you do so because your lane mate might need your help to farm or not get killed. It’s best to roam when you have a clear path in your mind that will make you take most meeps and allow you to ward enemy territory. Ganking isn’t always successful, but warding is successful most times.

You should also take care when using Tempered Fate Icon Tempered Fate. This ability puts EVERYTHING into stasis, not only enemies or allies, but towers and neutral monsters too. By using this ability at the wrong time you can win the fight for the enemy team, but if used correctly then your team will most likely win. To use this ability right you must take care so that your team mates don’t get put into stasis. If they are into stasis and the enemies aren’t then they will be able to position themselves so that they can kill your team without receiving great amounts of damage.


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    Master Yi is one of the champs with the hardest skillcap, most Yi i see in soloq are dying in the first seconds of team fights :D
    You should build him as glass cannon and know when to go in to have a decent result during TF


    Yeah, all of them require alot of skill and mastery, sure you can jump in a game and do good but if you take the time to master them, you can easily carry yourself out of any bad situation.

  4. Lokki

    My vote is for Zed. Too much to look at: positions of your shadows, energy level, position of your enemy etc.

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    All these champions are great, but i’m dissapointed only in one thing. Even if you master a really hard champions like, for example Yasuo, then any Meta ADc champion can easily destroy you. I dont’ feel that that my efforts are just wasted. Such complex LoL champions are not rewarded for the skill. Although character balancing is a very difficult job and i hope that riots know best.

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    Lee Sin and Yasuo are most high-skill caped champions due to hard mechanics. Both of these champs are incredible weak on low elo because you have to be really good at mechanics to carry with these 2 champs.

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