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DotA 2 MMR boosting: from Herald to Immortal

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Basics of MMR DotA 2, or Why you interested in Defense of the Ancients

Let’s speak about “how to become a professional player in Dota 2” if you just started. The first thing you should understand – to become a professional you need to master one of the 5 roles in Dota 2 and earn a really high MMR (MatchMaking Rating). First of all, I’ll tell you some info about different roles in DotA, and after we will speak a little about “How to boost MMR in Dota 2“. So let’s start right now!

Basic roles in Dota

Each of the next roles is unique and differ from another by its behavior. To be impactful you need to have a pull from 3 to 6 heroes of your favorite position. But you need to perfectly learn these heroes, understand their weak and strong sides, know all timings, and have a whole lot of practice. 

The next is a very brief description of the roles in Dota 2, but remember that many professional teams experimenting with the styles and team compositions. Trying to invent new laning schemes to surprise an enemy. So learn to play on each of these roles. This will help you to predict what your enemy will do, and know how to play against them in the most efficient way. Do not stop on 2-3 heroes, Dota is continuously updating and your hero pull may become useless in one day.

Before choosing the role you need to clearly see what your team will expect from you. And always remember that the practice is the best way to increase your skill. Even in public games you will familiarize with timing and will more clearly feel your hero, and th times when you need to press the right buttons. 

1st position: Carry

Carry is the core of every team. This is the golden boy who deserves all creeps on the map and on which farm the whole team is relying. Carry in DotA 2 is a physical damage dealer whose potential is opening only closer to the late game (25+ minute of the game), due to his addictivity to the items.

Carry must have the greatest micro. The laning stage is so important to him, that he must know every trick that will let him to CS or Dany minions. Playing as a Carry you need to know how to control the lane, to decrease the number of creeps that your opponent could slay.

The best Carry heroes in patch 7.20:

  • Phantom Assassin;
  • Juggernaut;
  • Terrorblade;
  • Anti-Mage;
  • Faceless Void.

2nd position: Mid laner

There are plenty of heroes who really need some levels to become stronger, and these heroes are preferring the middle lane. His power is in the early and mid game, and that is why your Mid Laner must have enough skill to win the lane and to start snowballing, giving the advantage over the enemies to the whole team. Mid lane heroes could be as physical, as magical damage dealers.

Mid laners should not stay on the lane forever. When you get enough level to open your potential you must use it, starting snowballing into the enemy’s ranks, smiting their resistance. 

The best Mid Laners in patch 7.20:

  • Rubick;
  • Kunkka;
  • Outworld Devourer;
  • Invoker;
  • Monkey King.

3rd position: Hard laner

Hard lane is the most interesting lane in the Dota 2. You have the widest variations of heroes which you may pick to dominate the lane. If you see that enemies are aiming at aggressive playstyle, then you need to take heroes that have decent durability or have great escaping tools. The best choice is to pick such a hero who could soak a lot of damage and still have an ability to earn some gold and experience.

Hard laner’s job is to find gold and experience even if they totally lost their lane. You must be common with uncomfortable laning stage and clearly see all opportunities to gain a little advantage.

The best Hard Laners in patch 7.20:

  • Tusk;
  • Brewmaster;
  • Tiny;
  • Centaur Warrunner;
  • Beastmaster.

4th position: Semi-support

Players of the fourth position are aiming at getting the basic artifacts without stealing gold from the upper roles. Semi-supports are mostly free from casual supporting things like warding the map, buying the smokes and etc. But they need to see all the opportunities to earn some free-gold. In most situations, 4th position need only Blink Dagger and Ultimate to be a useful part of the team.

The best Semi-Supports in patch 7.20:

  • Grimstroke;
  • Rubick;
  • Lion;
  • Undying;
  • Phoenix.

5th position: Support

Hero, on whose all shoulders is laying the responsibility of the map control. In his tools arsenal, he must have some ganking or saving abilities that could help his team to win the laning phase. His macro must be on the whole different level, and he must coordinate the whole team. But this role is extremely vulnerable because they are spending all the money they earn on wards and other supportive artifacts.

You need to understand that playing as support you need to clearly see the whole situation on the map and predict every move of the enemy. Your job is to create a space for your main positions, even if this means that you will be killed. If you could create a situation where 2-3 heroes will be pulled just to kill you – then you win some free time for your Core, in which he should earn a much more then the enemies get from you.

The best supports in patch 7.20:

  • Lich;
  • Dazzle;
  • Lion;
  • Shadow Shaman;
  • Keeper of the Light.

How MMR boosting works in Dota 2

Increasing your MMR in Dota 2 is never ending process, that will drain most of your powers. But the emotions that you earning from the victories against strong opponents are priceless. So if oyu want to meet the worthy enemies, you need to beat your way up to the highest ranks of Dota 2, right to the Titan.

I’ll give you some advice, follow them and you will dramatically increase your gaming skill. But if you know that you doing everything right, but just do not have enough free time to earn desired ranks, then you could always use the easy way – dota 2 boosting. I’ll tell you later about this solution, but right now let’s focus on solo MMR boosting.

Warm up before MM

This is not a decisive factor, and everybody has their own position about this part, but this is My guide, isn’t it? I think that you just need to warm up before starting a matchmaking rating game. Just play one normal all pick, or custom game “Overthrow“. To increase your reaction I suggesting games like osu!“, but the best choice – play an unranked game with your hero, let your fingers remember which buttons you need to smash.

Choose hero and position

To quickly increase your MMR you need to learn how to play on 1-2 metacharacters, but to understand the whole game and feel the match you need to learn how to play on various heroes and positions. 

Even the most Meta and Imbalance hero couldn’t compensate the lack of practice and training. It will be a great mistake if you think that you need some decent micro only on core (1 and 2) positions and all you need to do as support is just to run around and place wards. Everything that is about “micro” can be trained with simple practice. Of course, support position requires less practice than the core, but you still need to learn how and when you need to press the right buttons.

Best heroes to Boost MMR in Dota 2:

  1. Carry – Terrorblade, Phantom Lancer, Phantom Assassin;
  2. Mid Laner – Storm Spirit, Outworld Devourer, Invoker;
  3. Hard Laner – Centaur Warrunner; Enigma; Brewmaster.

But even if you playing only as Carry, you must be ready that sometimes you couldn’t take this position, and you need to switch your role. Pick Legion Commander as a jungler is a bad idea, Dota is not LoL and junglers here are a mostly useless part of the team. Just consider it as a chance to practice your support side.

Best combo to play with a friend

If you want to increase your party MMR (Idk why though), it would be better if you pick the heroes that would cover the weak sides of each other. Instead of picking two core roles (and in most cases it is impossible) you should aim at getting some interesting duos. The best combo is any hero + Io because not so many are know how to play against that duo in the low MMR. Also, you could pick Grimstroke and any possible hero, any double lane with Grimstroke will annihilate an enemy. 

Boost MMR or enjoy the game?

MMR Boosting is like a second job, and you will spend all your free time on it. In Dota 2 you either increasing your MMR or playing to have some fun. To boost dota 2 rating you need to spend a lot of time, practice every day, the more the better. And all your actions must be useful, so if you in a lose streak then take a short break and try to look at yourself, maybe the real problem is your behavior in a match.

dota 2 carry

Naturally, we all aspire to achieve the highest possible rating, but it’s essential to remember that Dota 2 was designed for enjoyment. In your pursuit of high MMR, don’t let the love for the game fade away; otherwise, your efforts will lose their purpose. If your solo efforts to boost your MMR are proving too strenuous, consider availing of a Dota 2 boost. If your losses can be attributed to teammates, then this could be the ideal solution to your problems. The game should always remain enjoyable and rewarding, never a source of stress.

The very last thing I could say to you – play the game in a way you like it. Do not set a high MMR as a goal, or you gonna have a bad time. You need to put a lot of efforts in Dota 2 to reach even the Top 1000 rank, and I have great doubts that this is really worth it.


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