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OWL and Overwatch Boosting

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Overwatch is a popular cross-platform 1st person cooperative shooter, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was announced on 7th October 2014 during Blizzcon. There are different heroes in Overwatch which makes a game such entertaining. This game is available on all popular gaming platforms: Playstation 4, X-Box and PC. On May 16th, it was said that Overwatch player base is equal to 10 millions of players!

Heroes in Overwatch

Overwatch is competitive team-based games in 6 versus 6 format where each team fights for an objective. There are different modes such as attack and defend, point control or cart pushing (the idea of which was probably taken from Team Fortress 2). 

Right now, there are 29 heroes in the game. Each player of the team must pick a unique hero as in any modern MOBA game. All heroes are split into three categories:

  • Tanks – heroes who can take a lot of incoming damage
  • Damage Dealers – squishy heroes with a great amount of damage
  • Supports – basically healers, shield providers, and crowd controllers.

Each hero in overwatch has it’s own unique appearance and tool kit. For example, there is Reinhardt, a strong melee hero with massive stun wave as the ultimate ability. Tracer is an incredibly mobile squishy damage dealer who can constantly teleport across the battlefield and follow squishy support heroes. She makes weaker and annoys enemy team’s backline. Or Mercy, which is a bit typical but very effective support hero who flies from one ally to another, healing and buffing them and resurrecting fallen heroes once in a while.

Maps in Overwatch

As previously said, there are 3 types of map challenges:

  • One team is attacking, another one is defending. After the end of the first round, teams swap their roles.
  • Both teams are fighting for the one point until one of the get 100% score
  • Pushing the cart. One team is pushing the cart which heals nearby heroes, another one defends and does anything they could to prevent opponents to reach control points. When round ends teams swap their roles.

Maps are very beautiful and usually represent one country. For example, events of the map which name is “Volskaya Industries” happen in Russia, while thematic of other maps send players to Numbani, Nepal, China, United Kingdom, etc. However, there are neutral maps such as Lunar Horizon Colony and Blizzard World.

Skins and Cosmetics

There are many customization options in the game. Each hero has about 15 skins of different variations, from basic recolor to legendary tier when everything changes completely. For example, Tornbjorn has Viking and pirate skins. Also, there are customization options for other different elements such as animations for the play of the game, custom emotions, phrases, graffiti, and golden weapons. You obtain these cosmetics via loot boxes which you gain each time your account level up or you can purchase them directly in the game store for real money. However, if you want specific skin it can be bought via internal game currency which you gain when you get duplicates from loot boxes.

The sad moment is that because Overwatch is the 1st person shooter and you won’t see the most part of your cosmetics during your games. However, all of them look great and were made with a high level of quality!

Constant Game Support and Content Update by Developers

Overwatch is being constantly supported by its developers. New heroes, maps and game modes arrive to the game on a regular basis. As an example, recently a new hero whose name is Ashe added to the hero pool. You can read about Ashe in more details here. Every significant event or holiday, no matter if it’s New Year, Helloween or Olympic Games, you will be able to celebrate it in the game with your friends.

Overwatch League

Let’s talk now about Overwatch League, an esport league where team of professionals from around the world compete each other on real life arenas under the loud support of fans. OWL was announced in 2016, however the first season of Overwatch League saw a play since January to June of 2018th, with the final stage as playoffs in July.


Overwatch League is split by seasons. Every season divided by stages and ends in single-elimination playoffs at the end of it. OW League follows traditional model of North America professional sport system. In this system each team plays against every other team and thus organizers and fans find out the strongest and most successful teams in the roster. During the finals a champion team is determined and each team is getting money prizes depending on their performance. For example, in the first season prize pool was equal to $3.5 millions while the top 1 place was awarded with one million.

Game Modes: Quick Games and Rankeds

There are different game modes including fun ones, but the most important and popular are quick and ranked games. In the quick games you can practice your aim and new heroes while ranked mode is longer and provides more challenging game conditions in which you have to compete with enemy team for ranked points. Depending on ranked points you have you get a specific league.

For example, 2000-2499 ranked points is equal to the gold league, while 2500-2999 points is equal to the platinum league. Because only a few players can get above gold rank, as in LoL, overwatch boosting services became quite popular.

Boosteria Advantages

If you’re striving to attain a higher rank than you’re currently able to reach in Overwatch, you might consider utilizing a reasonably priced Overwatch rank boosting service such as Boosteria. You simply need to specify your current rank and your desired rank, complete a purchase, and then provide your login details. This allows your designated booster to access your account and play ranked games on your behalf.

With this method, a skilled Overwatch player, equipped with superior in-game skills and an impressive win rate, can lift your account to the upper echelons of the ranked system. As you continue to utilize this service in the future, you’ll have the opportunity to select your preferred language for communication with the booster, choose the heroes you’d like the booster to play, expedite your boost for an additional cost, or even select a booster you prefer.

During the boosting process, you have the ability to pause your order at any time and reach out to the support team, which exists to resolve any issues you may encounter. While your order is underway, you can interact with your boosting companion through the personal area just as you would on Boosteria’s platform.

For more information on the pricing and details of the service, you can visit our Overwatch Boosting Prices page. Discover the edge Boosteria can offer and propel your Overwatch gameplay to new heights.


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