eSports Challenges: Bugs in Overwatch, Bans in LoL, Fnatic Roster Shifts

Overwatch 2's bug issues, League of Legends' gameplay imbalances, and Fnatic's major CSGO team changes. Discover how these scenarios shape the eSports.

Navigating eSports Challenges: Bugs in Overwatch, Bans in LoL, Fnatic Roster Shifts

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1. The Bug Paralyzing Overwatch 2’s Hero Kiriko

The landscape of eSports continually evolves, shaped by both players and developers alike. Among the prominent eSports titles, Overwatch 2 is currently grappling with an issue that has left players and fans frustrated. One of its support heroes, Kiriko, is at the center of attention due to a bug severely affecting her gameplay.

In the ensemble of Overwatch 2‘s 37 heroes, Kiriko’s unique ability, Swift Step, distinguishes her by allowing teleportation. This ability, however, has been compromised by a debilitating bug. Previously, Kiriko was unable to use Swift Step to teleport to tank heroes in a crouching position. Unfortunately, this problem has escalated to include all characters, effectively reducing Kiriko’s in-game utility.

Several players have shared their vexing experiences, with absurd instances where Swift Step has led to characters being teleported below the map, resulting in their death. Despite ongoing pleas from the community, the bug has persisted into Season 5 of Overwatch 2, leaving many to hope for a fix in the upcoming Season 6.

2. The Dominance of Milio in LoL

While Overwatch 2 deals with game-breaking bugs, another eSports heavyweight, LoL, faces a unique imbalance in gameplay dynamics. The support champion Milio, released in March, has fast become a preferred choice, his influence so pronounced that he now has a 41.3% ban rate in Patch 13.12 for Platinum ranks and above.

Dominance of Milio in LoL

Milio’s compatibility with nearly any AD carry champion, coupled with his considerable utility for team compositions, has skyrocketed his popularity. Even though he lacks a reliable engagement ability, his power within the game has led to a high pick rate and prioritization during drafts by professional players across the globe.

Despite the overwhelming ban rate and a 49.6% win rate, Riot Games, the developers of League, have expressed no immediate plans to alter Milio‘s mechanics for Patch 13.13. Given his continued influence, it wouldn’t be surprising if changes are considered in future patches.

3. Fnatic’s CSGO Team: A Time for Change

Away from the in-game dynamics, significant changes are also reshaping eSports teams. Fnatic, a renowned name in the CSGO arena, is in the throes of major changes with a potential roster reshuffle on the horizon.

Fnatic CSGO Team

The team’s AWPer, Nico ‘nicoodoz’ Tamjidi, who joined Fnatic in June 2022 alongside Fredrik ‘roeJ’ Jørgensen from Copenhagen Flames, is exploring new opportunities. Rumors are rife about Fnatic’s interest in AWPers Aurélien ‘afro’ Drapier, formerly of LDLC, and Erkhan ‘gokushima’ Bagynanov of the Russian team HOTU.

Despite ending the season with a last-place finish at IEM Dallas, Fnatic is reportedly planning to retain only two players, one of them being the 29-year-old roeJ. As they approach the new season, Fnatic is set to compete in the Play-In Stage at IEM Cologne and Gamers8 as part of Saudi Arabia’s gaming festival.

These fascinating developments underscore the dynamic and intricate nature of eSports. Beyond the sheer act of playing, it encompasses handling in-game bugs, player dynamics, team strategies, and balance issues that can affect the balance of competition. For Overwatch 2, League, and Fnatic CSGO, these scenarios offer valuable lessons and growth opportunities as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of eSports.


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