eSports Update: Dreamleague Playoffs, Valorant Skins, Rocket League

Latest eSports news: Dreamleague Season 20 Playoffs, Riot Games' Valorant team-branded skins initiative, and Women's Rocket League debut at the Olympics.

eSports Update: Dreamleague Playoffs, Valorant Skins, Rocket League

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The eSports world is witnessing a surge of riveting events and initiatives. Key amongst these are the Dreamleague Season 20 playoffs which have now reached an exciting phase with the top four teams identified. In a bid to enhance fan engagement, Riot Games has unveiled a plan for introducing Valorant eSports team-branded skins. In an unprecedented move, Women’s Rocket League teams will be making their debut at the Olympic eSports Week, setting the stage for an extraordinary showcase of talent and skill. Here’s a more comprehensive dive into these happenings.

The Race to the Top: Dreamleague Season 20 Playoffs Unveil Top Four Contenders

The Dreamleague Season 20 playoffs are upon us, with PSG.LGD, BetBoom Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, and Talon Esports now ready to face off in an intense double-elimination round, each competing for their share of the $1,000,000 USD prize pot. Interestingly, this time, each team hails from a unique region, making this a true international battle and breaking the monotonous domination by Western Europe.

DreamLeague Season 2 PlayOff

The group stage was an exhibition of power and strategy, with PSG.LGD and BetBoom Esports initially topping the scoreboard. However, after an awe-inspiring 2-0 victory over PSG.LGD, BetBoom lost its leading position to a few losses against Talon Esports and 9Pandas. A duel is now set between BetBoom Esports and Gaimin Gladiators, both standing at the 2nd position. The triumphant team from the Best-of-Three (BO3) tiebreaker will get a significant advantage in the playoffs, requiring just one series win to secure a spot in the Top 2 and a ticket to Riyadh Masters 2023.

With the playoffs kicking off on June 24th, we will witness PSG.LGD, presently at the top, challenge the victor of the tiebreaker, and the other team will face Talon Esports in the lower bracket. The epic tournament will wrap up on June 25th, as the Top 2 advance to the Riyadh Masters 2023.

Enhancing Fan Engagement: Riot Games to Launch Valorant eSports Team-Branded Skins

In a bid to boost the fan experience, Riot Games has recently announced the forthcoming launch of Valorant eSports skins. This feature will allow the players to support their preferred teams right within the game. Despite maintaining secrecy about the specifics, Leo Faria, the Global Head of Valorant eSports, confirmed on the Wiseman podcast that these skins would be introduced in the coming year.

Choosing a top-tier Valorant Boosting Service like Boosteria can help players elevate their gaming prowess and enjoy the upcoming Valorant eSports skins to the fullest. This collaborative initiative between Riot and the VCT teams will bring multiple benefits. Teams will be rewarded with a generous stipend and a percentage of revenue generated from in-game purchases.

In line with VALORANT’s upcoming game innovations, the introduction of team-branded skins will deepen Valorant’s integration with its global eSports scene, and offer a fresh revenue source for eSports teams. Riot plans to disclose further details and an official release date by the end of this year.

Creating History: Women’s Rocket League Teams Gear Up for Olympic eSports Week

A fascinating development is underway in the eSports domain, with Women’s Rocket League teams G2 Luna and Williams Resolve preparing to make their mark at the Olympic eSports Week. G2 Luna, a new entrant, will compete against Williams Resolve in an exhibition match on June 23rd. Both teams consist of seasoned players who have demonstrated exceptional talent in high-stakes Rocket League matches.

Rocket League Olympics Boosteria

G2 Luna’s player Carlee “kiaa” Eichhorst voiced her enthusiasm about representing women and potentially inspiring others on this global platform. Williams Resolve, composed of Sophie “Stvn” Stepvenson, Millie “Duckz” Ward, and Bella “Crimson” Selwood, stands as one of the European Rocket League’s finest teams. The team’s anticipation to represent their organization at the Olympic eSports Week speaks volumes about the growing importance and inspirational potential of eSports worldwide.


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