New Runes in the LoL

Runes reforged in League. Detailed guide to best lol rune setups.

League Runes Reforged – LoL Runes Guide


The “runes and masteries” system in LoL was created to create a flexible environment, where all players could find the way, they want to play. They continuously upgraded that system, but the game was developing too fast and Riot Games decided that in 2018 Season LoL need something fresh, unique and new. And now we can see the results of their work – Runes Reforged

Below you will see the most interesting data about lol new runes, like new runes, best rune builds, what are rune paths and etc.


Right after the LoL Season 7, developers decided that “runes and masteries” system is too complicated, and create a completely new system, that was merged from the previous masteries and runes. This initiative was called “Runes Reforged“. Firstly new LoL runes were added in the Pre-Season 2018 and they contain the best from the ancestors. 

runes reforged lol 2018

Players now can choose two of the five available paths, but only one path can be used as a primary and contain 4 runes, a secondary path will be able to hold only two runes. Runes Reforged are very similar to the previous Mastery Tree. Each Rune Path is created as a Mastery tree, where you have tiers of talents that were replaced by special runes.

Runes Reforge is very similar to the Masteries: Each Path has 4 Tiers, with 3 runes in each tier where you could choose only 1 rune per tier. The only one Tier that I want to highlight is a Keystone Runes. All Keystone Runes greatly affect the core gameplay of the champion, and the whole idea was borrowed from the Keystone Masteries.

The second major feature of the Runes Reforged is that all bonus AD / bonus AP runes are now adaptive, and that’s mean that you will not spend any time while you switch all AP runes on AD runes and vice versa.

runes reforged lol rune paths

The new runes in LoL are absolutely free, and all new players will immediately receive 5 Preset Rune Pages. If a player had any rune pages in the previous system they will be transferred across to the new system, with a small compensation.


All new players will receive seven basic rune pages – 5 Preset Pages that cannot be edited, and 2 slots for personalized pages. This was created to welcome newcomers with the new rune system in the LoL, but as soon as you promoted your account to the 11 level, you can purchase additional Rune Pages

rune pages in LoL

New rune page costs 590 RP or 6300 Blue Essence, and the limit of maximum was extended from 20 rune pages per person to 25.


For all old players who bought a lot of expensive runes, or rune pages will receive a solid compensation.

Rune pages compensation

All players will keep their Rune Pages in the “Runes Reforged” system, but also they will receive a Mystery Epic Skin for every 4 Rune pages that were purchased with Riot Points, or 1500 Blue Essence if they were purchased with Influence Points.

Marks, Seals and Glyphs compensation

If player purchased tier-3 marks, glyphs or seals before LoL Season 2017, then he will receive 100 Blue Essence for each of them. And full refund for purchases that were executed during Season 2017, up to August 31.


This situation is similar to the previous one. If player obtained runes before Season 2017, then he will receive 300 Blue essence for each Quint. All other players, who buy Quints during Season 2017, will receive a full refund compensation


As I mentioned before, new rune system is very similar to the old masteries. And as in the old system, you may choose two Paths out of Five:

  • Precision – Rune Path that is focused on sustained damage. Perfect for ADC.
    Passive bonus – Precision Trait: 18% Bonus Attack Speed.
  • Domination – Rune Path that is focused on burst damage. Perfect for Assassins. 
    Passive bonus – Domination Trait: 16 AP or 10.8 bonus AD (Adaptive, bonuses are based on the highest stat).
  • Sorcery – Rune Path that is focused on ability damage and utility. Perfect for AD.
    Passive bonus – Sorcery Trait: 25 AP or 15 bonus AD (Adaptive, bonuses are based on the highest stat).
  • Resolve – Rune Path that is focused on healing, resistances, and health. Perfect for all supports.
    Passive bonus – Resolve Trait: 130 Bonus health.
  • Inspiration – Rune Pats that is focused on unique tools, items, and gold generation. Perfect for supports.
    Passive bonus – Inspiration Trait: increasing the passive bonuses from the other Paths, and Potion and Elixirs last 20% longer.

Precision Runes

runes reforged: precision

Improved Attacks and Sustained Damage

All Marksman champions are well known more as ADC and they need the ability to deal sustained damage during the teamfight, and the Precision Path can offer many interesting runes that will definitely interest you.

Precision Keystones Runes

press the attack runePress the Attack

tempo runeLethal Tempo

fleet footwork runeFleet Footwork

Conqueror runeConqueror

Auto attacks against enemies stacks for 4 second. Each 3rd stack deals 30-120 bonus adaptive damage and applying the Vulnerable debuff on them, that causes them to take 12% increased damage for the next 6 seconds. After you damage an enemy champion, after 1.5 seconds you will receive a 30%-80% attack speed buff which removing the attack speed cap for 3 seconds. If you attacking the champion while this buff is active, then you will extend the duration up to 6 seconds. Moving and Attacking generate Energize stacks, up to 100. When you reach the cap, next basic attack will restore 5-50 (depends on level) +10% bonus AD / +20% AP (Adaptive) health and grants a massive (30%) bonus movement speed buff for a one second.  Entering combat generates one stack every second for the next 3 seconds. After reaching 4 stacks, your next basic attack within 3 seconds against an enemy champion grants 10 – 35 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage for 3 seconds and converts 20% of your damage to champions to true damage for the duration. Entering combat will refresh the triggering attack duration.

Precision Heroism Runes

overheal rune


Triumph rune


presence of mind rune

Presence of Mind 

 Overhealing is converting into a Shield up to 10 (+10% of max health). This shield will decay unless you receiving healing, deal damage or take damage in the last 6 seconds.  After a takedown, you restore 15% of the missing health and grant 25 of additional gold.  After a takedown, you restore mana equal to 100% of mana expended for 5 seconds.

Precision Legend Runes

This is accumulating runes, effect of which increased during the game. Champions gain the Legend stack for every 20 points:

  • 20 points per champion takedown.
  • 20 points per epic monster takedown.
  • 5 points per large monster kill.
  • 1 point per minion kill.

Alacrity rune

Legend: Alacrity

tenacity rune

Legend: Tenacity 

bloodline rune

Legend: Bloodline 

 Each Alacrity stack gains 1.5% bonus attack speed, up to 18% (3% attack speed base) with 10 stacks. Each Tenacity stack gains 1.5% tenacity, up to 20% (5% tenacity base) with 10 stacks   Each Bloodline stack gains 0.8% life steal, up to 8% with 10 stacks.
Precision Combat Runes

coup de grace rune

Coup de Grace

cut down rune

Cut Down 

last stand rune

Last Stand 

You deal 10% increased damage to all champions that are below 40% hp. In addition, you gain 9 AD or 15 AP for 10 seconds after a takedown.   You deal 4% bonus damage to champions with 150 more max health than you. This bonus increased up to 10% if the enemy champions have more than 2000 max hp than you. You deal 5% bonus damage, while below 60% of max hp. The lower your health, the greater the bonus, up to 12% with 30% of max hp. 

Domination Runes

runes reforged: Domination

Burst Damage and Target Access

Domination runes are created for such champions that able to perform a kill in a few seconds. If you seek a rune path for a burst champion then Domination Path is your choice.

Domination Keystone Runes

electrocute rune


predator rune


dark harvest rune

Dark Harvest

Auto attacks and abilities generate stack on hits. After applying 3 stacks on an enemy champion, he will be struck by a lightning, that deals 50-220 (+50% bonus AD / +30% AP) adaptive damage. Boots now have the active effect. After channeling a 3 sec cast, you gain 45% bonus MS for 15 seconds, or until you perform an attack, which deals 60-140 (+40% bonus AD / +25% AP) bonus adaptive damage Champions, Large Monsters, and Minions now drop Soul Essence on death. After collecting a Soul Essence your champion becomes empowered by it and deals 40-80 (+ Total Soul Essence) (+25% bonus AD / +20% AP) adaptive damage.

Domination Malice Runes

cheap shot rune

Cheap Shot

Taste of blood rune

Taste of Blood

sedden impact rune

Sudden Impact

All champion’s attacks on an impaired enemy will deal 12-30 bonus True damage  Heal yourself for 18-35 (+20 bonus AD / +10% AP) health, each time you damage an enemy champion.  Grants 10 Lethality and 8 Magic Penetration for the 5 seconds if you attack an enemy within 3 sec window of dash, blink, invisibility, camouflage or teleport.

Domination Tracking Runes

Zombie Ward Rune

Zombie Ward

ghost poro rune

Ghost Poro

eyeball collection rune

Eyeball Collection

 After destroying an enemy ward, a Zombie Ward will appear in your Trinket Slot. Zombie Ward grants vision over 1100 units and it is visible to the enemy team.  After you enter a brush a channeling cast will start, that upon completion summons a Ghost Poro. This Poro grants vision over surrounding area until the other one summoned, or an enemy champion enters the brush. For champion takedown, you collect 2 Eyeballs, that gain 1 AP or 0.6 AD per Eyeball, up to 20 AP or 12 AD (10 Eyeballs max cap). 

Domination Hunter Runes

These runes have a special Bounty Hunter stacks, which can be earned for takedown unique enemy champions.

reavenous hunter rune

Ravenous Hunter

ingenious hunter rune

Ingenious Hunter

relentless hunter rune

Relentless Hunter

 Heal for 2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack of the damage dealt by abilities  Reduces the CD of the active items by 10% and additionally +6% per Bounty Hunter stack. Out-of-combat MS increased by 8, and +8 per Bounty Hunter stack. 

Sorcery Runes

runes reforged: sorcery

Empowered abilities and resource manipulation

As you can recognize from the Path’s name, this path was created mostly for mages. Mid lane players will surely choose this path for all champions that prefer Ability Damage.

Sorcery Keystone Runes

Summon Aery rune

Summon Aery

arcane comet rune

Arcane Comet

Phase rush rune

Phase Rush

 Summon an Aery that assist you, dealing 15-40 (+10% AP or +15% bonus AD) adaptive damage or shielding allies for 30-80 (+25% AP or +40% bonus AD).  Damaging abilities summon an Arcane Comet at their current location, dealing 35-105 (+20% AP or +40% bonus AD) adaptive damage.  Auto attacks and abilities generate special stacks. After you accumulated 3 stacks your movement speed increased by 15%-40% for 3 seconds.

Sorcery Artefact Runes

Nullifying orb

Nullifying Orb

manaflow band rune

Manaflow Band

The ultimate hat rune

The Ultimate Hat 

 If your HP gets lower than 30% of max hp, then you will receive a shield that absorbs 40-120 (+10% AP or +15% bonus AD) magic damage for 4 sec.  Your next ability’s mana cost will be refunded, and in addition, it will restore 8% of your missing mana CD of your ultimate reduced by 5% and additionally by 2% after each time you cast it, up to 15%

Sorcery Excellence Runes

Transcendence rune


Celerity rune


absolute focus rune

Absolute Focus

10% CDR on 10 level, and 2 AP or 1.2 AD for every 1% of CDR in excess of the cap  4% bonus MS, additionally you gain bonus AP or AD equal to bonus MS (8% in AP or 4.8% in AD).  While your HP is high (above 70 of max health) you receive 3-24 bonus AD or 5-40 AP.

Sorcery Power Runes

Scorch rune


Waterwalking rune


Gathering storm rune

Gathering Storm

 Ability sets the enemy champion on fire, dealing 30-60 bonus magic damage after one second.  While champion is standing in the river he gains 25 bonus MS and 5-30 AP or 3-18 bonus AD. Every 10 minutes you receive 1 (+1 per minute) stack of Gathering Storm. Each stack grants 8 AP or 4.8 AD. There is no upper cap. 

Resolve Runes

runes reforged: resolve

Durability and Crowd Control

If you want to stay alive in a teamfights or be sure that your allies will stay alive, then you probably want to choose the Resolve Path. Special runes that are focused on resistance and health increasing.

Resolve Keystone Runes

Grasp of the Ungying rune

Grasp of the Undying

aftershock rune


Guardian rune


After dealing or receiving damage in the last 2 second you will generate stacks. At 4 stacks next auto attack will deal 4% of your maximum Hp as bonus magic damage, restore 2% of your max HP and permanently grants 5 HP
For ranged champions, the damage and healing is halved
Immobilizing grants 20 (+30% armor) bonus armor and 20 (+30% magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 sec. After 2.5 sec you release a shockwave that deals 40-140 (+3.5% of max HP) magic damage to nearby enemies. You can guard an ally within 175 units. If Guarded ally takes damage, then both of you gain a shield that absorbs 60-150 (+20% Guardian’s AP and +10% Guardian’s bonus health) and 20% bonus MS for 1.5 sec.

Resolve Strenght Runes

Unflinching rune


demolish rune


font of life rune

Font of Life

After casting a summoner spell you gain 15% slow resist and tenacity, and 10% slow resist and tenacity for each summoner spell on CD. Generate stacks on enemy structures within 600 units, 6 stacks after 4 seconds. Attacking structure with 6 stacks you will deal 125 (+30% max HP) bonus physical damage. Marking the impaired enemies for 4 seconds. Each attack on the marked target will heal you for 5 (+1% of max HP) healths.

Resolve Resistance Runes

Iron skin rune

Iron Skin

Mirror shell rune

Mirror Shell

conditioning rune


Grants 5 bonus armor and additional 5% armor for 3 seconds, when you restore at least 20 HP. Gain 5 bonus magic resistance and additional 5% magic resistance for 3 seconds, when you restore at least 20 HP. After 10 minutes you will receive 8 bonus armor and 8 bonus magic resistance and increase total armor and magic resistance by 5%.

Resolve Vitality Runes

Overgrowth rune


Revitalize rune


Second wind rune

Second Wind

Every 8 monsters or minions that was slained near you increase your max hp by 0.2%. Gain 5% Heal and Shield Power. This bonus increased by 10% versus targets below 40% HP.  If you taking damage from an enemy, you heal for 6 (+4 of missing HP) over 10 sec.

Inspiration Runes

runes reforged: inspiration

Creative Tools and Rule Bending

At the first glance, this Path was designed as a secondary, but at a closer look, you can see all the advantages of these runes. This Rune Path can be used by anyone if you brave enough.

Inspiration Keystone Runes

unsealed spellbook rune

Unsealed Spellbook

Glacial Augment rune

Glacial Augment

Kleptomancy rune


CD of all summoner spells reduced by 25%, and you may swap summoner spells at the shop, by exchanging Summoner Shards. You start to gain Summoner Shard at the second minute of a match and gain another one every 6 minutes. Auto attacks slow enemies for 1.5 seconds, which increases over the duration. Melee champions slow enemies by 40% that increases to 50%, while Ranged Champions slow enemies by 20% that increases to 40%. After using an ability your attack range is increased by 25, and this attack will gain 5 gold or random consumable item.

Inspiration Contraption Runes

Hextech Flashpoint rune

Hextech Flashpoint

biscuit delivery rune

Biscuit Delivery

perfect timing rune

Perfect Timing

While flash is on CD you still be able to use this spell, but with 2.5 channeling cast  You will receive Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will every 3 minutes up to 12 minutes of a match. This biscuit will refill 15% of missing mana and health or can be sold for 30 gold. At the 6 minutes of a match, you will receive Replica Stopwatch. This item is identical to the Stopwatch, but it has only half the value and cost 300 gold more to upgrade.

Inspiration Tomorrow Runes

Magical Footwear rune

Magical Footwear

Future's market rune

Future’s Market

Minion dematerializer rune

Minion Dematerializer

 At 10 minutes you will receive a free Slightly Magical Boots. These boots gain 10 bonus MS.  Enter a debt to buy items, up to 150 (+5 gold per minute) gold. Unavailable until 2:00.  Gain 6 Minion Dematerializers that can be used to slay the Melee minion, Caster Minion, or Siege minion. The first use of this item gains 4%  increased damage to the type of the minion that it was used, the rest Dematerializers increase this bonus only by 1%.
Inspiration Beyond Runes

cosmic insight rune

Cosmic Insight

approach velocity rune

Approach Velocity

celestial body rune

Celestial Body

 Gain 5% CDR and increases the CDR cap to 45%. Gain 10% increased MS if you moving forward to the impaired champion  Gain 100 health, but for the first 10 minutes, you deal 10% less damage.


In the Runes Reforged we have a great variety of the builds, but which of them is the most effective? This time Riot Games created the pretty unique system with more than once perfect build, where you should choose talents based on a specific situation.   


The whole difference in the rune builds is erased by professional LoL players, whom always are looking for the most effective and the most profitable rune build for a champion. Of course, you could try all of them, to find the most effective build for you. But if you do not understand the game on a professional level, then I strictly recommend to use the most popular rune builds, that have a high winrate stat.

best rune buildes

I want to remind that this is a standardized guide, and for your champion, runes can drastically change.

Runes for Mid lane

best runes for mid lane

The best Rune Path for the mid lane is Sorcery because most of the AP champions are incredibly strong in the Middle lane. So I want to highlight the most pickable Rune Paths and Runes for AP champions.

The most popular Rune Paths for the AP champions are Sorcery (Primary) and Domination / Inspiration (Secondary).

best mid runes

Best Primary Rune Path for Mid lane

As I said before, the best Primary for mid lane champions path is the Sorcery, because it proposes many interesting runes that can increase your Ability Power.

Tier 1 – Sorcery Keystone Runes:

  • Summon Aery, due to her ability to constantly assist you in harassing the enemy champion.
  • Arcane Comet, if you sure that the comet will definitely land on the enemy. This will greatly increase the bursting potential of any champion.

Tier 2 – Sorcery Artefact Runes:

  • Manaflow Band. This rune incredibly helps you put pressure on the enemy champion, even if you low on mana.

Tier 3 – Sorcery Excellence Runes:

  • Transcendence. Great rune for all casters, that increase the efficiency of CDR items and even increase your AP for each percent over the CDR cap.

Tier 4 – Sorcery Power Runes:

  • Scorch. Expands your bursting potential even further. The only disadvantage of this talent that it has a pretty long CD – 20 sec.
  • Gathering Storm. If you see that you cannot end this game early, then you’d better take this rune. Greatly boost your power in a late game.
Best Secondary Rune Path for Mid lane

The two best secondary Paths are Domination and Inspiration. Each of them has their cons and pros, but which to choose is up for you.

Let’s start with the Domination Path secondary runes:

  • Cheap Shot. What can be better for AP champion, than to deal a slightly more damage to an enemy?
  • Eyeball Collection. If you know that you have the skill to collect all 20 Eyeballs in the early game, then you will gain a strong boost to your AP to the end of the game.
  • Ravenous / Relentless Hunter. This is more a personal choice. What do you prefer, a small life steal or the out-of-combat movement speed? 

Inspiration rune build for Mid lane:

  • Perfect Timing. The stopwatch is one of the greatest items in LoL, and you will receive this item for free, what’s can be better? In addition, the CD of the Zhonya’s Hourglass, Guardian Angel and Gargoyle Stoneplate will be reduced by 15%.
  • Magical Footwear. Free stuff is always great, but this is the free boots that are slightly faster than ordinary. Our choice!
  • Cosmic Insight. +5% to the whole CDR possible in the game? I’ll take two!Leag

LoL runes for ADC

best runes ADC

As ADC you want to continuously deal a sustained damage that sooner or later will destroy the whole enemy team. The Precision Rune Path seems like an ideal primary path, but what about secondary? The most popular secondary rune path for AD Carry is Domination, but Sorcery is fine too, and due to the League of Graphs, the second option has even higher winrate, but almost twice more unpopular.

best adc runes

Best Primary Rune Path for AD Carry

Improved attacks and sustained damage.  Looks exactly what we need as ADC, so I suppose that we will take the Precision Rune Path. There is only one best Rune build for ADC champions, and below I’ll explain why it is so.

Tier 1 – Precision Keystone Runes:

  • Press the Attack. The only great choice in this tier, because it not only greatly increase our DD potential, but also apply the strong (12% more incoming damage from all sources) debuff on an enemy.

Tier 2 – Precision Heroism Runes:

  • Triumph. As ADC you definitely do not want to die in the middle of the fight, and Triumph rune greatly helps you in overcoming death.

Tier 3 – Precision Legend Runes:

  • Legend: Alacrity. This row is strange too, the only thing you want as ADC is runes that increase your damage, and only the Alacrity does it. So there are no competitors in this row.

Tier 4 – Precision Combat Runes:

  • Coup de Grace. A great bonus that grants a massive (10%) damage bonus to all your attacks during the execute phase (target is below 40% of max hp)/
Best Secondary Rune Path for AD Carry

According to the data we have, the best domination rune build for the AD Carry champions is next:

  • Taste of Blood. Heal you when you damaging an enemy. Can be quite useful, especially considering the fact that it is our job – to deal damage.
  • Eyeball Collection. Additional damage for ADC? But you will see the full potential of this rune, only if you can collect 20 eyeballs as fast as you can.
  • Ravenous Hunter. There are no damage increasing runes in this row, but what the second thing that ADC love as damage? The right answer is Life Steal.

But some players prefer Sorcery as a secondary rune path for AD Carry:

  • This tier is interesting, but I prefer the Nullifying Orb because it can save you in the most dangerous situation. The other two are interesting but situational.
  • Celerity. The most popular and strong rune in this row, especially for fast champions. Grants a nice damage bonus and great increase in the movement speed.
  • Gathering Storm. This is obvious, but I’ll explain – AD Carry champions are pretty weak at the start of the game, but the longer the match, the more power they accumulate, and this rune is ideally complementing it.

Runes for Tank

best runes for tank

As a tank, you want to absorb as many damage as it possible, so you would like to have a Resolve runes. Resolve Path is the only path that provides survivability, so any tanky champions should choose it.

best tank runes

Best Primary Rune Path for Tank

Resolve Rune Path is concentrated around resistances, health, and healing, so it is the best choice for all Tanks

Tier 1 – Resolve Keystone Runes:

  • Aftershock. Grants shield and then deal damage. Looks pretty neat, especially considering the fact that it will greatly help you to initiate teamfights.

Tier 2 – Resolve Strength Runes:

  • Unflinching. If the enemy team has strong CC potential, then this can help you to deal with the hardest situations in teamfights. If enemies have not CC abilities, then I prefer next rune.
  • Font of Life. After CCing an enemy you will mark it, and ANYONE who attacks that target will heal themselves. Pretty useful in all situations.

Tier 3 – Resolve Resistance Runes:

  • Iron Skin. Free armor, and passive bonus that increases armor by 5%. That is a lot, believe me
  • Conditioning. After 10th minute you will receive a massive buff that increases your magic resistance and armor. 

Tier 4 – Resolve Vitality Runes:

  • Overgrowth. Permanently gives you HP when you staying at lane while your allies slaying the minions. Pretty interesting choice, but I prefer next rune, especially if you prefer to roam.
  • Second WInd. After taking a damage you will heal yourself for 4% of missing HP +6 over 10 seconds. The more you live, the better, and this rune greatly increase your survivability.
Best Secondary Rune Path for Tank

As a tank you will not see a lot of gold in your pockets, so you would like the free stuff, that Inspiration path can propose.

  • Biscuit Delivery. Free consumables that heal you and slightly increasing your mana cap.
  • Future’s Market. Enter a debt to buy items. Strong rune, especially considering the constant shortage of gold.
  • Cosmic Insight. Reduces the CD on CC abilities, this rune can be decisive in a teamfight. 

LoL Runes for Support

best runes for support

Aggressive support prefers sorcery rune path with the secondary resolve, and I personally prefer aggressive supports over healers. But Here I will show both support builds. We will start with the Healers.

best support runes

Best Primary Rune Path for Support (Healer)

Most of the support champions prefer Resolve Rune path as a Primary, but the secondary one is Sorcery. All healing supports have some problems with a mana management, so Sorcery Rune path can partially solve this problem.

Tier 1 – Resolve Keystone Runes

  • Grasp of the Undying. This talent may be useful, if you prefer to play aggressively, dealing damage at every possibility.
  • Aftershock. Shield + additional damage. The choice is crystal clear.

Tier 2 – Resolve Strength Runes:

  • Unflinching. Pretty useful talent if an enemy team has strong CC abilities.
  • Font of Life. This rune will save a life of your ADC more than once. 

Tier 3 – Resolve Resistance Runes:

  • Iron Skin. Additional survivability that never been useless to supports.

Tier 4 – Resolve Vitality Runes:

  • Overgrowth. ADC slaying waves of minions, you gain additional HP. Profit!
Best Secondary Rune Path for Support (Healer)

Here we can see a pretty interesting situation. All Secondary Sorcery runes have approximately equal pick and win rates so choose by yourself. But the one and only must pick Sorcery rune is:

  • Scorch. All other runes in this row are pretty useless for us, but this will give us additional advantages over the enemy in the early stages of the game.
Best Rune Paths for Support (Aggressive)

If you play as a roamer whose goal is to run all across the map and help at other lanes, then the Sorcery + Resolve is the best bundle for you. You may look at the Sorcery part upper for recommendations, here I will highlight only secondary – Resolve runes:

  • Font of Life. This rune will help to heal you and your ally up while performing a gank.
  • Conditioning. Additional survivability, that may secure a match. 
  • Revitalize. The Strong rune that boosts your support potential.

LoL Runes for Jungler

best rines for jungler

Right now the best jungler is aggressive jungler, and that’s why the most junglers chooses the Domination Rune Path as a Primary. Burst damage is now in honor in jungler’s ranks and they need all tools to boost this damage.

best jungler runes

Best Primary Rune Path for Jungler

As I mentioned before Domination path is the best for junglers because it contains the greatest burst runes, but which of them are the most popular right now?

Tier 1 – Domination Keystone Runes:

  • Electrocute. An incredibly strong rune that deals a ton of additional damage only in a 50 – 25 seconds. 

Tier 2 – Domination Malice Runes:

  • Sudden Impact. Greatly boost Lethality and Magic Penetration after using any initiation ability, like dash, blink, teleport and etc. Exactly what we need as a gankers.

Tier 3 – Domination Tracking Runes:

  • Eyeball Collection. This rune gives you a small damage boost, that getting stronger the more kills you perform.

Tier 4 – Domination Hunter Runes:

  • Relentless Hunter. The faster you move to your potential target, the bigger the chances you could perform an ideal gank. 
Best Secondary Rune Path for Jungler

This is a pretty complicated thing. On one hand – the best secondary rune path for jungler is Precision because it rewards you with the successful kills (Triumph rune) and a strong execute phase on your enemies (Coup de Grace rune).

But on the other hand – the best secondary rune path for jungler is Sorcery because it has runes that greatly reduces CD on Ultimate ability (The Ultimate Hat rune), gives you a free AP/AD and movement speed (Celerity rune), and a make your burst a bit stronger (Scorch rune).

The choice is up to you, and both of these paths (Precision vs. Sorcery) approximately equal.


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