Naafiri Unleashed: A Deep Dive into the Gameplay of LoL's Newest Assassin

Explore Naafiri, the latest addition to LoL champion roster. Discover her abilities and strategies for this unique mid-lane assassin.

Unveiling Naafiri: Riot’s New LoL Champion | Hound of a Hundred Bites

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In the ever-evolving world of LoL, Riot Games never fails to surprise us with its innovative roster of champions. The most recent addition, Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, has managed to stir the pot of excitement among the global player community. An assassin who is about to debut on Summoner’s Rift, Naafiri promises to bring a unique playstyle and dynamic set of abilities to the game.

Naafiri Announce Description

According to Riot, Naafiri is slated to be a mid-lane assassin with a squishy but highly mobile playstyle. What sets her apart from the champions like K’Sante is her comparatively less mechanically demanding design. This suggests that she is developed with the broader player base in mind, providing an accessible, yet thrilling gameplay experience.

Passive – We Are More

One of the key elements that distinguish Naafiri’s playstyle is her passive ability, “We Are More”. This unique trait allows her to spawn packmates that mimic her attacks and abilities on her targets. The inspiration for this ability likely originates from the pack mentality commonly observed in the canine world, and is similar to elements we’ve seen in Yorick’s passive and the jungle pets.

This attribute not only personifies her identity as a hound but also introduces an interesting layer of strategy to her gameplay. Players using Naafiri would need to manage these packmates efficiently during skirmishes, adding a unique flair of micro-management to her gameplay. The presence of the packmates also means that Naafiri’s damage output could potentially be exponential, with every successful attack or ability she lands.

Q Ability – Darkin Daggers

Naafiri’s Q ability, Darkin Daggers, offers her a potent offensive tool. She hurls up to two daggers, each capable of inflicting bleed damage on the enemy. This bleeding effect could potentially stack, resulting in bonus damage if the target is already bleeding. The capability to apply damage over time through bleeding can offer significant pressure on the enemies, forcing them to either retreat or risk losing a significant chunk of health.

Naafiri Abilities Description

Furthermore, the packmates leap onto any champion hit by this ability, maximizing the impact of her attacks. The combined pressure from Naafiri and her packmates can drastically tip the balance of a one-on-one fight in her favor. It’s an ability that bears a resemblance to those of Talon or Darius, known for their bleed damage effects. This could make Naafiri a formidable force during the laning phase.

W Ability – Hound’s Pursuit

Hound’s Pursuit, Naafiri’s W ability, truly highlights her mobility. Using this ability, both Naafiri and her packmates dash towards an enemy. This dash collides with the first champion hit, dealing damage upon impact. This ability can potentially serve as an excellent gap closer, and could be instrumental in positioning Naafiri right at the heart of the enemy’s backline, creating opportunities for devastating assassinations.

The strategic possibilities offered by Hound’s Pursuit are vast. It can be used to initiate surprise attacks, or to chase down retreating enemies. When timed right, it can turn the tide of a team fight, giving Naafiri and her team the upper hand.

E Ability – Eviscerate

Eviscerate, her E ability, brings a versatile move to Naafiri’s arsenal. This ability allows Naafiri to dash and damage enemies in an area while simultaneously recalling and healing her packmates to full health. This move can be tactically used either as a follow-up attack, dealing significant damage while positioning the packmates for continued offense, or as a disengaging tool after a successful engagement.

Eviscerate’s healing aspect also brings an element of sustainability to Naafiri’s kit, a trait not usually associated with assassin champions. This move can drastically increase Naafiri’s survivability during fights, making her an even more daunting opponent to face.

R Ability – Call of the Pack

Lastly, Naafiri’s ultimate ability, Call of the Pack, is a game-changer. It amplifies her pack, spawning additional packmates, and provides a burst of speed, vision, and a shield when she attacks a champion. These benefits are not just one-time boosts; they are refreshed upon the first champion takedown during the ability’s duration.

Call of the Pack truly unleashes Naafiri’s potential as the hound of a hundred bites. It allows her to wreak havoc in team fights, swiftly moving from one target to another while benefiting from the repeated boosts from her ultimate. Moreover, the bonus vision provided can be strategically used to track down hidden or fleeing enemies, leaving no escape for them.


Adding to the extensive array of abilities and features that make Naafiri unique, Riot Games has incorporated a delightful Easter egg. For the first time in the rich history of LoL, players can interact with a champion in a novel and charming way. Naafiri is designed to be petted by the players, bringing a lighthearted, immersive element that further adds to the richness of gameplay.

Naafiri Champion Announce

The introduction of Naafiri in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.14, scheduled for July 19, 2023, has got the whole player community buzzing. With her inventive design, intriguing mechanics, and the first-of-its-kind introduction of packmates, Riot Games once again proves its innovative approach to the game development. Every new champion release transforms into a spectacle, as Riot ceaselessly pushes the gameplay boundaries, introducing fresh strategies and playstyles.

Whether you’re an experienced player, seasoned with many victories and losses, or a newcomer still getting your bearings in the world of Summoner’s Rift, Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, promises a gameplay experience like no other. Her unique kit brings a fresh perspective to the mid-lane assassin archetype and adds another layer of depth to the meta-game.

However, mastering a new champion like Naafiri requires understanding more than just her abilities. It also involves learning advanced techniques such as animation cancels and intricate combo executions. For those looking to further sharpen their skills and optimize Naafiri’s potential, we recommend our detailed guide on “Professional Tricks in League: Cancels and Combos.” This resource will provide you with insights into the subtler mechanics of the game that can make all the difference in your performance on the Rift.

With her release looming, the question for every player now is whether they are ready to answer Naafiri’s call. Will Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, become your new main, leading you to countless victories on Summoner’s Rift? It’s time to gear up and prepare for the hunt!


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