Dota Underlords: The Journey from Sensation to a Lasting Legacy in the Auto Chess Subgenre

Discover the journey of Dota Underlords, its momentous rise, challenges leading to decline, and enduring appeal to a dedicated player base.

Dota Underlords: The Rise, Fall, and Steady Persistence in the Gaming World

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The Rise and Fall of an Auto Chess Titan: A Tale of Dota Underlords

The Auto Chess subgenre took the gaming world by storm when the pioneer of this category, Dota Auto Chess, made its debut in January 2019. This innovative gameplay mod, built upon the renowned Dota game, was a product of Valve’s generous support for modding via the Steam Workshop. The mod gained attention at a pace rivalling the original Dota game, and before long, it was transformed into an independent game. By May 2019, a mere five months post-launch, it had already amassed a whopping 8 million players, cementing its status as a gaming sensation.

Despite its roaring success and the meteoric rise that had the gaming community abuzz, Dota Auto Chess today exists in the shadow of its past glory, largely forgotten. While it still has a presence in the gaming world, its prominence is notably diminished. Today, those desiring to indulge in the Auto Chess universe have shifted their focus to its successors, games like Dota Underlords which still hold on to a loyal player base and continuously provide ways to master the game in its current meta, as highlighted in this detailed guide. This transformation underscores the volatile, fast-paced nature of the gaming world where today’s sensation could easily become tomorrow’s nostalgia.

The Birth of a New Subgenre

The success of Dota Auto Chess did not go unnoticed. Developers from across the globe took a keen interest in this new game trend, trying to emulate its success.

Dota Underlords Subgenre Birth

Among them, Riot Games with TFT and Valve with Dota Underlords were notable. Drodo Studio, the creators of the original Dota Auto Chess mod, also attempted to cash in on this trending wave with a game named Auto Chess, featuring microtransactions for profit. Despite its popularity, the standalone Auto Chess waned without Valve’s support, whereas TFT thrived and currently occupies a high spot among all categories on Twitch.

Dota Underlords: A Tale of Lost Glory

Valve’s Dota Underlords, built on the same characters that started it all, seemed destined for success. The game saw a meteoric rise at its inception, peaking at 202,254 players. Unfortunately, it didn’t sustain the momentum and experienced a steep fall. The game now sits at a 24-hour peak of a mere 3,139 players. Several factors played into this significant decline.

The Silent Valve Effect

The primary factor attributed to this decline is Valve’s notorious reputation for long periods of silence and their tendency to abandon beloved games. While Valve’s releases typically offset this with their high quality and dynamic gameplay, Dota Underlords seemed to have fallen out of their radar. Unlike Team Fortress 2, which remains engaging through player interactions, Auto Chess games don’t have direct interaction, which led to stagnancy.

Dota Underlords Silent Valve Effect

In Auto Chess games, players can only reposition and modify their team while the direct combat is handled by AI. This lack of control could lead to dominant strategies and the game becoming “solved” quickly. Regular content updates can keep the game fresh and allow new strategies to thrive. However, classic to Valve, support for Dota Underlords dried up quickly, leading to a diminished player base.

A Tumultuous Rivalry: The Competitive Edge

Another significant aspect contributing to the waning popularity of Dota Underlords can be traced back to the cutthroat competition it faced, particularly from Riot Games’ own auto battler, TFT. The dynamics of the gaming world are such that they don’t favor a vacuum. Had Dota Underlords been the solitary contender in the auto battler market, it might have thrived far better and retained a more substantial player base.

However, the advent of TFT posed a serious challenge. This fresh alternative offered an invigorating spin on the auto battler genre, keeping its player base captivated with regular content updates and the introduction of new characters to the battleground. This commitment to maintaining an evolving and dynamic gameplay not only attracted new players but also tempted the existing Underlords players, who might have been seeking more variety and innovation.

Dota Underlods Tumutuous Rivalry

TFT’ steady stream of updates infused a sense of excitement and unpredictability that kept the players on their toes. This contrasted with the more static state of Dota Underlords, where updates and new content were noticeably scarce. Consequently, many gamers gravitated towards the former, seeking fresh challenges and a more vibrant community.

Moreover, TFT cultivated a more active player base, further increasing its appeal. This thriving community bolstered the game’s momentum, causing an attrition of players from Dota Underlords as they sought to be part of the more populated and vibrant ecosystem.

The impact of such competition underscores the importance of continuous development and innovation in maintaining player interest. In this case, it serves as a crucial lesson for any game development process. For games like Dota 2, where the competition is just as intense, it can be challenging to climb the ranks and keep up with other players. Services like those offered by Boosteria provide players an opportunity to boost their ranks at affordable prices. You can check the pricing details and more at, allowing you to stay competitive and enjoy the game at higher skill levels.

Dota Underlords: A Future in Limbo

In a move indicating the end of support, Valve updated Dota Underlords on December 8, 2021, extending Season 1’s end date to 2031. In Valve’s language, it essentially meant that the game wouldn’t be updated. So, it seems nothing will change in the foreseeable future.

Dota Underlords: The Solace in the Known

As we fast forward to the present, the tempest that once swirled around Dota Underlords has notably settled. Post the initial frenzy and ensuing tribulations, the game now finds itself in a state of familiar comfort. While it continues to provide a challenging and engaging experience, the element of novelty, which was a significant draw in its earlier days, has faded into the background.

Dota Underlords, characterized as an autobattler, places you in a strategic scenario where you are tasked with assembling a wizard army. This wizardly force then combats against seven other armies, each meticulously crafted by other players. The battles are conducted automatically, and the ultimate glory is awarded to the last standing general. The game, steeped in complexity, requires a balancing act among countless variables. It demands strategic thinking, quick decision making, and a deep understanding of its mechanics.

Over time, however, the myriad of these factors begins to unravel, and their purpose and interactions become clear. The daunting challenge that was once present in mastering these variables gradually gives way to an experience more focused on finessing pre-established strategies rather than unearthing new ones.

The Last Word on Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords, despite facing its share of obstacles and witnessing a dip in its popularity, continues to maintain a loyal player base. This group of steadfast gamers finds pleasure in the intricate strategies and subtle nuances the game consistently offers. The initial buzz and excitement may have dissipated, but for these loyal players, the game remains as engaging and fulfilling as ever.

Dota Underlords and its passionate community have found a snug niche where they continue to revel in the excitement of the autobattler genre. This serene corner might not have been the envisioned destination at the game’s inception, but it has since developed its unique allure and charm. In the comfortable predictability and deep-seated familiarity that it offers, Dota Underlords has managed to secure a meaningful existence in the hearts of its dedicated players.


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