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Arcade | League skins

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The Arcade is a series of skins of the alternative universe of the LoL, which represents champions in the form of avid players that loves Arcade games, the main characters of these games and the main final bosses of these games.


Arcade is a genre of computer games that is characterized by a short and intense gameplay. It is to meet these two criteria that such games are created in principle for Arcade machines that were insanely popular from the end of 1970 to 1980, which is why this period is called the golden age of arcade games.

lol arcade ezreal


This series of Arcade skins consist of two subspecies (Arcade and Battle Boss), and we will highlight both of them.

The goddesses of RGB, the Holy Gaming Trinity whose mission is to “save the game”:

  • Arcade Miss Fortune
  • Arcade Riven
  • Arcade Sona

The casual gamers that arrived by mystical ways to the game-verse:

  • Arcade Ahri
  • Arcade Corki
  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Arcade Hecarim

And what games can exist without big bad Bosses?

  • Battle Boss Blitzcrank
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Battle Boss Malzahar
  • Bettle Boss Ziggs
  • Final Boss Veigar

Among the Arcade champion skins, new summoner icons were released in the pixel-art style:

  • Arcade Baron
  • Poro Cosplayer
  • Poro Love
  • Final Boss
  • Arcade Corki
  • Arcade Ahri
  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Power Up Icon
  • Battle Boss Ziggs
  • Battle Boss Malzahar
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Arcade Poro
  • Silver Cartridge
  • Golden Cartridge
  • Battle Boss Baron

Arcade summoner icons



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Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup is an arcade game based on LoL lore and using LoL’s champions. This game was developed by Pure Bang Games and the gameplay is consisting in saving fluffy Poro from the Baron Nashor.

LoL Arcade Poro


This mini-game has eleven levels, four playable champions executed in 8-bit style, and five unlockable super-mega-power-up items.

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Champions:

  • Blitzcrank
  • Thresh
  • Nautilus
  • Corki

This game has little to do with the LoL, but playing it you could unlock some awards in LoL. If you are interested in the theme of the game, you can always look at its features and even try to play on the official website itself (be careful, in some regions this game is not supported).

The essence of the Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup is easy – you running from the left corner to the right corner, and collecting all Poros that you can. If you miss one, you will lose health. As other all Arcade, this game has different Bosses, Heroes, and Enhancement.


The theme of the Arcade is close to the heart of many people, and it was on this string of our soul that Riot Geims decided to play. All the skins from this line are executed perfectly and have a nice retro style that literally makes you part with money from your wallet. Let’s look more closely at each champion!


Arcade Miss Fortune splashart

Arcade Miss Fortune – Splash Art

Paying tribute to the 8-bit games, developers have done everything possible to ensure that absolutely everyone will love Arcade Miss Fortune. A recognizable hat, rememberable yellow stars of Nintendo, all this found its place in the skins of the Arcade Miss Fortune. Although her clothes look ordinary, but still the colors have done their job and altogether they look pretty.

Arcade Miss Fortune Arcade Miss Fortune ingame model

Also, along with the skin, multiple visual enhancements were added, such as pixel art hearts, pixelized effects for shooting, as well as a new animation for Recall.

With the sound here, everything is fine, new sound effects are performed perfectly. These 8-bit and 16-bit sounds evoke the most pleasant memories of a carefree childhood. The undoubted advantage is that the sounds for each ability are unique and easily distinguishable from the others.

Arcade Miss Fortune abilities

In the end, we got one of the best skins from the Arcade series which should be in the arsenal of everyone. Arcade Miss Fortune is the skin that everyone must have in their collection.

You can buy Arcade Miss Fortune skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Riven splashart

Arcade Riven – Splash Art

Riven in the form of inveterate gamer, she looks like a modern squire. About her outer look, she looks pretty casual, inexpressive, but this is a private matter for everyone. But visual effects and sound effects are wonderful.

Arcade Riven skin Arcade Riven model

New particle effects are performed in the form of classical pixel graphics. Absolutely all the abilities now have a new, but still a greenish look. 8-bit nostalgia is promised to everyone! Especially I liked the inscription HIT added to the Broken Wings ability and the inscription K.O. after your death.

Sound effects are traditional for this line. All sounds are made in retro style and have great synergy with new visual effects.

Arcade Riven abilities

I’m just in love with visual and sound effects, but I did not like the look of Arcade Riven. Because of this, I can recommend this skin only to Riven players, the rest can safely skip past this skin.

You can buy Arcade Riven skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Sona splash art

Arcade Sona – Splash Art

A great solution – the developers have changed her musical instrument, into an impressively big controller. Arcade Sona perfectly conveys the spirit of classic arcade games. Classic but still elegant dress, stars with rainbow ribbons look too extravagantly, but with a new color of hair, they look laconically.

Arcade Sona skin Arcade Sona model

New animations were added for this champion – idle and walking animation. They are pretty good, but still, they are not too different from the classical ones and are not worth a separate mention.

New visual effects and sounds just perfectly convey the arcade spirit of the 80s. And the same beautiful pixel graphics and soundtrack that each skin has in this lineup.

Arcade Sona abilities

What did we get? The appearance of the Arcade Sona has changed dramatically and the 8-bit theme is great for this character, although you can not say this at first glance. This fantastic skin should have every fan of arcade themes.

You can buy Arcade Sona skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Ahri splash

Arcade Ahri – Splash Art

The Arcade Ahri gives an excellent first impression. The qualitative design, literate style, and pleasant colors, but, unfortunately, in more detailed examination, you can see a lot of flaws. Take for example the monotony of her tails. There are clearly not enough of gamer’s accessories on this skin, of those that can be seen immediately you can distinguish only the headphones (thank God they made Neko ears ^_^).

Arcade Ahri skin Arcade Ahri lol champions skin

Now visual effects. Unfortunately, although they followed the same path as before, this time the visual effects look through much too retro. It seems that developers either did not have enough time to do them properly or simply did not want to. Pixels are too huge, and additional details are completely absent. The sound is as good as all Arcade LoL skins have, but still, I wanted a couple of new gamer replicas.

Arcade Ahri abilities

In the end, we got quite a mediocre Arcade Ahry skin. Not recommended for purchase, Ahri has others worthy of your attention skins.

You can buy Arcade Ahri skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Corki splash

Arcade Corki – Splash Art

Many of you are familiar with the game Space Invaders, and so – Arcade Corki is a tribute to this wonderful game. A new, wonderful voxel ship is ready for immersion in a low polygonal space. Corki’s new vehicle looks so ridiculous and feels like it’s made from plastic but not from metal, it perfectly conveys the spirit of those times. Attention to small details – that’s why we all love skins from Riot Games. And this time I was not disappointed, the visor is perfectly combined with the helmet and the ship itself and in general, the skin looks great.

Arcade Corki lol skin Arcade Corki champion skin

The new particle effects are very good. They are actually pixelated, but still, in combination with the other effects, look quite modern. Although the missile barrage could have been more impressive.

New animations (Recall, Auto Attack, Barrel Roll) and sound effects well convey the feeling that this is not a helicopter, but a real, but retro-styled spaceship.

Arcade Corki abilities

Examining everything together – Arcade Corki is a fantastic skin that will squeeze a tear of nostalgia from not one hundred players. The excellent balance of new and old technologies and style makes this skin incredibly attractive and I believe that this skin can find its place in hearts of many players.

You can buy Arcade Corki skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Ezreal splash

Arcade Ezreal – Splash Art

Arcade Ezreal, in general, is a good skin, but he got a little from the spirit of the arcade games. He is closer in spirit to the classic jrpg, like Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger of those times. Clothes are inexpressive and too ordinary, a hairstyle that looks exactly the same as the main character of FF7 had. The only thing that I liked in this – how the developers managed to shove the gamepad into Arcade Ezreal.

 Arcade Ezreal champion skin Arcade Ezreal lol

Visual effects look simple, but I can not call it a minus. New animations together with visual effects create a wow effect, and the classic pointing hand and the 9999 damage indicator touch the jrpg strings of my soul.

The sound effects that accompany every ability of the Arcade Ezreal are magnificent. Classical, familiar to all, retro motifs. Perhaps the Arcade skins have the most enjoyable sound effects that I have ever heard in the LoL.

Arcade Ezreal abilities

The final score depends on your attitude to the genre of jpg. If you love or do not have anything against Japanese role-playing games, then you will surely like Arcade Ezreal and all references to this genre. But I can not say that jrpg=arcade and therefore I can not recommend this skin to everyone who looking for a good Arcade skin in LoL.

You can buy Arcade Ezreal skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Arcade Hecarim splash

Arcade Hecarim – Splash Art

Another skin that has gone far from the theme of the classic Arcade games. Arcade Hecarim is a kind of chimera, combining a lot of bright aspects of the 80s, from classic arcade games to glam metal, which was insanely popular in those years. This skin is a tribute to the visual excesses of the eighties, but the new animation of the death of this champion is an explicit reference in the 8-bit culture.

Arcade Hecarim lol skin Arcade Hecarim champion skin

Because of these theme combinations, the whole skin loses a significant part of its charm, and because of the too bright pattern of colors, your champion becomes just a bright blob on the screen of your monitor. Visual effects also combine too many different colors. Although new sounds and modified voice-overs trying not to let this skin fall to the bottom, they are pretty good, but definitely, it is not enough for the new Arcade Skin.

Arcade Hecarim abilities

As a result, we received not the new arcade skin, but All-that-was-in-the-eighties and this is unacceptable, from my point of view. Very ardent emotions were caused in me by Arcade Hecarim and I strictly do not recommend it to anyone.

You can buy Arcade Hecarim skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Battle Boss Blitzcrank splash

Battle Boss Blitzcrank – Splash Art

Oddly enough, they released a Battle Boss Blitzcrank skin, in which he is portrayed as a villain. Well, okay, let’s get to the battle boss skin review. Visually, it more like a futuristic toy from the Toy Story and the coloring is very similar to the colors of Zod. But in general, developers saved the concept of this style and the new outfit looks very good. The appearance has changed a lot, compared to the original, but the core of the character has remained untouched. I especially like the cartridge on his back. In general, the developers coped with the appearance, but what about the new animations and visual effects?

Battle Boss Blitzcrank Battle Boss Blitzcrank model

There were a lot of disappointments waiting for me. Particle effects look weak, and only the ultimate ability of the champion is pixilated. Those particles that appear when he attacks do not matter because they are simply unnoticeable. Animation of the walking and recall performed qualitatively and pleasant to observe, but in general, the other visual effects are performed quite bad.

Battle Boss Blitzcrank abilities

The sounds are good as always, pleasant nostalgic sounds of 8-bit games, that perfectly contrast with the modern LoL.

In general, Battle Boss Blitzcrank is a good skin, which has a rather weak visual composition. I understand that he has few abilities where developers could show their talent, but that’s why we love Riot Games. Nevertheless, I recommend this skin, despite all its shortcomings.

You can buy Battle Boss Blitzcrank skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Battle Boss Brand splash

Battle Boss Brand – Splash Art

Battle Boss Brand is changing your champion beyond recognition, this skin doing its job by 100 percent. Just look at this handsome man, how can you find out the old Brand in it? A smart-ass visor, an ominous grin and a modern, futuristic suit with plasma cannons. The style is very similar to the Megaman but still, has many unique details. 

Battle Boss Brand Battle Boss Brand ingame model

Visual effects are performed well, even too good for arcade skins. Pixels certainly did not go away, but still, new visual effects look too modern. In general, visual effects are performed well, but they do not give you new sensations, these are all the same abilities as before. But there were two new animations – death and recall. Recall – Battle Boss Brand accumulates incredible amounts of energy and in the end … just opens the portal. I expected something more epic because he wears the title Battle Boss. Death looks nice, Brand burns in the pixelated fire and leaves the same pixelized heap of ash.

Sounds are interesting, using abilities you will hear sounds similar to a crackle of fire or static, but they are too loud. In general, it seems that the original sounds were taken as a basis and were simply reproduced as a low-quality midi.

Battle Boss Brand abilities

As a result, we have an unusually beautiful Battle Boss Brand skin, with good animation but controversial sounds, and yet I will recommend this skin to everyone. He’s too good to be idle.

You can buy Battle Boss Brand skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


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    I like these cartoonish skins and every skin is really good in this set. Especially, i love Arcade Brand and MF.
    I bought Arcade Sona just when she appeared in the store, lol.
    Nice list of skins btw :p

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