League of Legends: Quick cast guide

Short but detailed quick cast / smart cast guide.
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12 Mar 2015

League of Legends: Quick cast / Smart cast guide


This short guide is for new players or players who are not familiar with quick cast option in League of Legends (also known as smart cast).


Quick cast makes the selected ability casts automatically in direction of current cursor position. This saves a lot of time in terms of the game since you don’t have to manually left-click on target which may help you to boost your ranked position in League of Legends solo queue. Any ability can be set on quick cast mode in game options. Check these two examples (without quick cast and with quick cast) to see difference with your own eyes:


league of legends without quick cast


league of legends quick cast



It’s pretty easy, just open options tab and press “Quick Cast All” button as you can see on the image below:

Enable quick cast in League of Legends

However it’s not always good to set each ability on quick cast thus you may set up custom layout using “Additional Hotkeys” section below in options tab:

Custom quick cast layount in LoL


You can’t see range of ability during quick cast. Thus to use properly time advantage quick cast provides you would need some practice. Anyway it is worth the time you spend on practice since quick cast can change the speed of your ingame performance drastically. However set a quick cast on each ability is not always good decision. There are some abilities that may require long aiming (e.g. Blitzcrank Icon Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab Icon Rocket Grab or Pantheon Icon Pantheon’s Pantheon Icon Grand Skyfall) thus you can feel more comfortable to use them on standart cast.

Smart cast is especially useful on champions with cooldown renewal mechanics. Very likely you already noticed how Irelia icon Irelia able to finish group of minions with Bladesurge Icon Bladesurge in a few seconds. There is better example: Katarina on smart casts Katarina. You can see in the video below performance of which can not be repeated if you use standart casts and would have to left-click manually each time:

List of abilities what are on quick cast by default and can’t be switched back:

  • Ahri Icon Ahri’s Spirit Rush Icon Spirit Rush
  • Cassiopeia icon Cassiopeia’s Noxious Blast Icon Noxious Blast
  • Ahri Roaming Elo Boost Fizz’s Playful/Trickster Icon Playful / Trickster
  • Irelia icon Irelia’s Irelia Transcedent Blades Icon Transcendent Blades
  • Karthus icon Karthus’s Karthus Lay Waste icon Lay Waste
  • Riven Icon Riven’s Broken Wings icon Broken Wings & Valor icon Valor
  • Urgot Icon Urgot’s Acid Hunter icon Acid Hunter
  • Vayne Icon Vayne’s Tumble icon Tumble
  • Yasuo Icon Yasuo’s Steel Tempest icon Steel Tempest
  • Zyra Icon Zyra’s Rampant Growth icon Rampant Growth
  • Nidalee Icon Nidalee’s Pounce icon Pounce
  • Flash Icon Flash

Note: If you want to instantly cast an ability on yourself (e.g. Janna icon Janna’s Eye of the Storm Icon Eye of the Storm) then use ALT and ability hot key.


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  1. watermelon9

    Well if spell has a low cooldown and doesn’t demand very high accuracy you should use quickcast. Actually to this category are going 90% of all league of legends abilities..

    1. LuckyMeAgain

      You mean 90% of all abilities that are not already on quickcast or should never be used with quickcast… so that would be around 40% – ish?

    2. viksik

      Well, that’s right in most cases it’s better to use quickcast because it makes time you have to spend to use ability less no matter how fast you click when using usual cast, it always will be faster / better.
      Of course, for spells that demand high accuracy you need to keep use usual cast until you will be used to cast these spells on smart cast. Like you have to learn their range / width before you can star to use something like Lee Sin Q on smartcast.

  2. XverisX

    You should use quick cast for sure, it makes games so much responsive and it’s much easier to cast all your abilities when you have to burst enemy champ.

  3. XvertuX

    You should use quick cast for sure, it makes games so much responsive and it’s much easier to cast all your abilities when you have to burst enemy champ.

  4. ThePowerTale

    Earlier I did not approve quick casting, but later i getting used to it, and now I just can not understand how to play without it. Of course, if you are playing for a new champion and you do not yet know how the projectiles behave or how fast they fly, what is the radius of the ability, and etc., it is better to play without Quick casting. Although you can always hold down the ability button and you will see the same auxiliary line.

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