Is Elo Hell in League is real?

Does LoL EloHell really exist? We look into this question from different angles: mathematical, psychological and from in game experience of skilled players.

Is League ELO Hell real or It does not exist?


During LoL ranked games on low tiers like bronze 5 or even silver 1, you сan often hear “ELO Hell” phrase from people who believe that their team let them down. In this elo hell guide we will try find the answer on the main question: “Does elo hell exist?”.


According to LoL wiki elo is:

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players, originally designed for two-player games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian American physics professor and chessplayer.[1] The Elo system was invented as an improved chess rating system, but today it has been adapted for use in many other games. Variations of it are also used as a rating system for multiplayer competition in a number of games and has been adapted to team sports including association football, American college football and basketball, and Major League Baseball.

So, in the first two seasons there were no leagues and divisions but only numeric ratings which were showing your skill. However, there were badges in players profiles which were reflecting your overall position in ranked ladder:

  • Bronze: Between 0 and 1149
  • Silver: Between 1150 and 1499 
  • Gold: Between 1500 and 1849 
  • Platinum: Between 1850 and 2199
  • Diamond: 2200 and above 


When league players are saying “Elo Hell” or seek for answers on questions “How to get out of bronze or silver”, they often assume that there are uncarryable low leagues (fun fact is that you can hear sometimes “Elo Hell!” even at platinum or low diamond leagues). These leagues are so chaotic that player’s progress into them fully depends on a pure luck. Usual arguments that these elo hell leagues are full of trolls, AFKers, leavers, flamers and unskilled players. The conception goes further when some players are trying to say that skill is actually doesn’t matter and without luck you can’t get out of elo hell. We declare that this is not true.

So, there are two opposite views on ELO HELL in LoL:

  • ELO HELL is real thus it is almost impossible to get out of these low tier leagues and you would keep have a losing record due to bad players in your games until you ride the wave of fortune and get a deserved win streak.
  • ELO HELL is just excuse for the players who can’t accept that the league they got stucked at for a long time is their real league.

 We will consider from different point of view and will prove why second thought is right.



In this part we bring maths in our conversation about lol elo hell and your chances to get out of it. 


Since outcome of the game depends not only on you but on your teammates and enemies, we have to admit that there is a luck factor in LoL. But according to discipline of mathematical statistics the more you play the less luck factor plays a significant role.

Let’s consider two positions:

  • Players current position: the position player currently occupies.
  • Players truly deserved position: the position which players belongs to, according to his skill. 

According to mathematical statistics the more you will play the closer you will be to you deserved position and doesn’t matter how far you can rise of fall at particular times.

A luck factor in LoL can be roughly illustrated by coin tosses. Probability that you will get head by a toss is 50%, however until you make decent amount of tosses you can get numbers very far from 50%. With each next toss percentage of heads will approach closer and closer to deserved 50%:

Coin toss as no elo hell example

Thus if you got stuck in your current for 100-200 or more games then the chance that you deserve a higher position is extremely small.


Since there are only 4 slots for trolls in your team (considering that you by yourself is not a troll player) while there are 5 slots belong to the opposite team then the existence of trolls, afkers and leavers affects your winrate positively (of course, it counts in the long run when the statistics begin to act)

elo hell trolls wow!

This doesn’t mean that trolls are good anyhow. It is obvious that they are ruining games, no matter which team they belong to. The main thought of this idea is that if you are good and fair player you will see trolls in opposite team more often than in yours. It can be easily counted: with totally 9 slots, chances are 4/9 = ~44% against 5/9 = ~56% for an enemy team. Twelve percent is a big difference in your favor. It also can be calculated for 2 or 3 trolls, but the advantage is still on your side.

However, according to psychology science, humans are giving significantly more attention to bad things rather than good. That’s why often people think that they are very unlucky and only they got hit by the trolls. We will discuss psychology aspect later in this article.


According to league distribution statistics there are nearly 90% of players occupy a position in the bronze or silver leagues and exactly those leagues are called LoL Elo Hell. Therefore saying that absolute majority of players belong to leagues with the luck as the only chance to get out is just not rational!

DIvison chart statistics for ELO hell

LoL player distribution by leagues



People often looking an answer to the question “How to get out of elohell?” but what if elo doesn’t real? Let’s consider it from different points of view and bring in psychology aspects.


Pattern recognition is one the strongest sides of human species, however, problems are starting when we meet randomness. We are trying to find patterns even in the objective chaos (e.g. gambling) and often we are falsely successful in that search. When we meet randomness, especially if we don’t like it, we are starting to search for patterns and connections. This is why people in LoL games are yelling: “Oh, god! Why me again?“, when the troll or even just a player who lost lane is spoiled in their team. Then we can easily start to believe that reality is against us if we focus on our bad luck.

pattern recognition in lol


We can’t remember everything. However stressful events are stored very well in our memory. Usual wins or loses won’t stay long in it, leaving only small satisfaction or disappointment. Meanwhile, games where you have lost because of trolls, disconnect or due to flaming player taking significant part of your memory space and likely would be remembered much longer. Wins leave less trail in memory because most players start games with an expectation of the victory. And if player really wins then such outcome is perceived as self-evident and doesn’t take much place in the memory. That’s why some people drop by drop convince themselves that they are victims of bad luck and can’t get out of elo hell.


Often we think that we are more skilled than we really are. In this case, we are looking for reasons why the league we occupy is lower than we want to it to be. Shifting blame from ourselves to others is easy solution to take out responsibility from yourself. Believing that you stuck at elo hell because of an impersonal mass of players is a big obstacle on your way to improve and become a better player.



There is reason why the lower division the lower cost for elo boosting is: the lower the division is the easier to carry games on that level of play (you can check our lol boosting prices in case you want to get out of bronze-gold leagues really fast). There is no uncarryable elo hell which can’t be beaten and it was proven numerous times. Moreover, there are no leagues without trolls, afkers and flamers. This is part of human nature and it is spread everywhere.

Get out of elo hell exampleSudden elo growth due to elo boosting. Growth line is close to become vertical.


There are many facts saying that ELO hell is not real. We considered it by looking from various angles: mathematical, psychological and on field experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be hit by lose streak or get a harsh day full of trolls. But if you want to grow up as a player then unfortunate situations shouldn’t stop you on your way to improve: watch yourself, notice carefully your mistakes and do not repeat them in the future. And the most important stop blaming your team.


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  1. iRelapsed

    Yet, in his “proof” he didn’t go into a statistic showing how many games (say out of 10) you are liable to be suck with a trolls. He did mention the 44%<56% in your favor statistic. But I also am led to believe he didn't take into account of how much LP you lose compared to how much you win (the difference is considerable as games stack up). Elo hell is real, to some players elo isn't real because they are truly the more skilled player and are maybe able to carry their team 4/5 games. On the other hand, even the superbly skilled player, maybe, are simply not able to carry their team 1/5 games. I wont sit here and tell you I am some diamond level player. But I definitely do not deserve to be stuck in bronze 4, I have both climbed and plummeted.

    1. Boosteria

      Well, your MMR doesn’t affects your chance to get trolls in the team anyhow. The same way you consider example when your LP gain less than lose you can consider situation when your LP gain is more than your losses. Thus 56%/44% rule still works and not linked to your MMR anyhow.

    2. LOL

      Hi diamond 4player.
      If you are in BRONZE4 !!!!! you are probably extremly bad..
      I played from bronze to diamond and I have seen it all and it’s honestly just a matter of skill.
      For example I just lost 3 games but it’s because I’m close to my league right now, I had positive stats every game but couldn’t carry. Yes my team always lost their lanes in these games but it’s just a matter of how many games you play.
      I played a game on a friend bronze 5 acc for fun and I had to laugh so hard at how bad these players are haha it’s funny when I think about it ^^ So if you were anywhere skilled or above your league you could easy climb :)

  2. Meeh

    No the elo hell exists. The reason is that once you get reported several time you’ll get matched with people who also got reported alot. That means the chance is higher that they are unskilled, trolling or afk. I have made the experience though, that this doesn’t apply to the opponents. They may also be compilated of people who got reported, but it’s not a rule. How many times did I have a troll team for example two junglers and I had to fight against balanced opponent teams.

  3. GTO

    (I’m a Gold II player who just got a friend from Bronze III to Silver)

    I have to disagree with “ELO HELL DOES NOT EXIST”. What you got wrong is the definition of Elo Hell.
    Elo Hell doesn’t mean it’s imposible to get out of there, it means its really really hard even if you should be 5 or 10 ranks higher.

    I carried 10 games in a row (2 of them with afk on my team, 3 of them i made rage quit someone in the other team), then lost 3 games in a row cause i had afk on my team and wasn’t able to carry.
    For every lost game i lost double the points i won before (even though i was on a winning streak).

    Of course i can get out of there cause i’m 11 ranks higher than Bronze 3, the problem is you need to win at least 70% of games to get out of there. And thats easy for me, but a Silver 4 player stucked at Bronze 3 might need 150 games to reach his league, and thats what i call Elo Hell.

    1. Very BOOSSSS

      Well actually you need to win above 50% if you have usual MMR to go up. However if u win 51% of your games then in 1000 games you will have difference of 20 games in your side: 510/490. However if u win at least 60% which means you are really above current league then you will have 200 games difference and 200 additional wins 600/400. Or 10 wins more in 50 games: 30/20, and this is already big result and is enough to carry your ass out of “elo hell”

      1. Boosteria

        Nothing to add.
        But, yes low MMR is real problem. If 2 wins equals one in LP, it’s really to get out of that without help.

  4. elo hell DO EXISTS!

    elo hell DO exists, stop saying that’s not true because it is…and i’m gonna explain you why:
    first of all you got more loses than wins, you kept playing even when you should have gone for a relaxing break thinking “okay, i’m gonna balance the loses then i’m gonna stop” and this just didn’t happened for several reasons…now you got more loses than wins but you took your time anyway and now your ready for your deserved best placement…you play good in all aspects win the game and then you get like 15-16lp, you get a deserved 3 wins streak which awarded you for 45-50 points then you find in your way an uncarriable games where everyfucking one sucks so much you really can’t do shit because you are better than the average but not that godlike, next game you’re gonna dominate as always the lane phase and suddenly out of nowhere you get your team sucking everywhere in the map outscaled like fuck, beaten like mad because your tf is just shit compared to the other team one, so what happens now is that you lose more than you win even tho you win more than lose…this cycle keep repeating and you get mad everytime…this is actually ELO hell, i’m gonna explain my story for you curious people out there: i was stucked g5, playing ranked with friends who got a nice mmr paired with decent people i was always the one to carry the games or at least being one of the best, they were ranking like freaks and i was always stucked g5 with a terrible matchmaking, then one day tired of all this, i asked a friend to boost me to g3…after that boost i got plat in 2 weeks…so stop saying elo hell doesn’t exist, it does exist, it’s frustrating because to get out you have to put in sooooooooo much resources, and it takes so much time that your most likely get mad before actually being able to get out…it is possibile to get out tho its just a real hell that not everyone is psycologically able to overcome.


    This is the definition of cancer. Unless you are placed higher then Silver 3 or are a skilled Smurf there is no way you can carry from Bronze/Silver. I main Riven. Played her for some months and I beat pretty much any lane phase. Two things I wanna cover. ELO HELL EXIST. And at the same time it dosen’t. When I get fed with Riven. I’m talking 20/5-/10. I can carry IF my team listens to my calls which they usually do since I’m fed. Now if I’m NOT super fed. 6/4/0 no one listens. Why? Well It’s because they still think they are good. If someone gets fed they rely on that person to carry. If not then they’ll try with everything to carry. If they can’t they start flaming, feed and afk. I have NEVER seen that happend in Diamond+. I watch pro streamers etc. I’ve seen flamers, but that’s us humans. I wouldn’t see myself as a guy that desevers “challenjour” but I have played with people that wonders if I’m for an example Gold/low plat smurf. And no they aren’t silvers. They are usually G3+-D5. So IMO Elo hell is real and exist. People are selfish. “Oh I didn’t get my jungle lets just instalock anyways and ruin this guys promo.. OH WAIT. Why not feed and then afk at 20 minute mark so they can’t surrender?” This happens 8/10 of my games. I have been in my promos 4 times in 2 days. I get fed but my team mates just WONT listen to any calls. So fuck off y’all saying “elo hell isnt real just get good.”. =)

  6. Inelohell

    First of all, your math arguments are bs. In normal ranking systems players are spread according to gauss curve. Basicly it means most people are medium and only few are really bad or really good. We have 6 leagues in lol, so most people should be in silver 1/gold/low platinum. But in reality most people are stuck in the lowest leagues. Its totally unnatural. It means system is wrong and places people not according to their skill level. There are many reasons of this situation but worst imo is that you gain less point for win when your mmr is low. Think, if someone actually gets better at some point it doesn’t change anything. He can already have so bad mmr that making it better may take many months. In normal ranking system, whenever you get good you quickly go higher to place where you belong. But not in LoL, in lol you will be stuck for a long time in wrong league before (if ever) you get to right place.

    1. Boosteria

      “We have 6 leagues in lol, so most people should be in silver 1/gold/low platinum. But in reality most people are stuck in the lowest leagues. Its totally unnatural.”

      Nearly the same spreading system you will see any in competive game: (cs:go, hots, hearthstone or even chess). Actually even from Chess ELO system came to League. Moreover such pyramid system is everywhere in the human society: standards of living, education, sports, armies, corporations, even in competition between countries. You may don’t like (me either) but actually this is natural spreading since the beginning of time. Just because you don’t like it – it doesn’t mean that it’s not natural or even “totally unnatural”.

      To make players spread in the Gauss curve developers have to make special conditions for low elo players like bonus LP gain to push them up out of these leagues, but even then it won’t be gauss curve because new pyramid just will be started from the ELO they were pushed to. It’s not about developers. In the area with the same conditions and rules – it always will be like this.

    2. Discluded

      wat the retard LOL. It is a gauss curve, its just moved to the left or whatever lol. Elo hell does not exist for silver gold and bronze. It was a joke. If anything diamond 5 and plat 1 are elo hell because of the clamp in lp gains, which has a strong “mathematical” argument.

  7. 9 inch laphog

    I am bronze 3 and while I know there is much more room for improvememt, I do believe I should at least be silver. I know there are many flaws to my game such as not giving the proper vision all the time. I know even when I get fed there are mistakes that I probably make every game. But I do believe that elo hell is real because I rarely lose lane, never feed, and when I play my main champions and roles I do very well. For instance there have been several occasions when playing a farm reliant champion like my main, veigar, that by the time I gain kill potential and am able to push lanes, the top lane and not lane have several deaths and fed their team. I have had 10+ kill games with under 5 deaths that are losses because of flaming or lack of communication or even players not knowing they are picking into their counters and get dumpstered. I know it’s not all about kda I’m not saying that, that alone should win me the game. But if I’m consistently beating people of my skill level game after game then why am I still at this skill level? Bad luck? Maybe. Lack of skill? Maybe not enough skill to get me to hold but I believe I am stuck in some,sort of Elo hell.

  8. john

    I am gold V in both my main and my smurf and sorry but theres no elo hell people need to realize that just going even or mildly winning lane its not gonna make you win a game if you are as good as you say you are you must destroy your lane hard and then help your teams close games and not throw. Very rarely three lanes will win there are always a losing lane and if you are the carry you should win cause you are the better player. Believe me i was like you cause i was bronze IV and couldnt get out and said i was unlucky then i realized i was so bad i improved a lot and now i get out of silver almost effortlessly. Another of the reasons people lose games its because there are many winning games or close games that people lose because start doing dumb things like wanting to fight 1v5 or getting caught in the jungle.

    1. Boosteria

      There are a lof of throws because people start to feel confident and make a lot of negative solo moves. That’s one of the problem of the league. In this case, you have to gather your team and warn them that if they keep it they can lose. Do that without any offense.

  9. John

    While the argument is true in a general sense that doesn’t mean that there aren’t unlucky people out there who have a high rate of AFKers and such. There is still a small percentage of people who might play 100 games and get an AFK on their team in 10 games while there might be an AFK in the other team 3 times in that same span. Do the math figure it out that while things will even out eventually that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to suffer through long stretches of unfair team setups at times.

    I’m not even level 30 but I can see the flawed logic in the article already. Speaking in generalities doesn’t work when each person’s situation is specific. You don’t know what they’ve been through. Even if things will even out over the course of 1000 games, many players won’t ever play that many games.

    I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone, however, it seems pretty clear to me that whenever there is luck involved there is a chance for someone to be very unlucky.

    1. Boosteria

      Yes, but that chance become smaller and smaller with the each next game. And usually people who complain about elo hell have large amount of games. While beginners don’t know what is elo hell.

  10. Talizar

    I cant get the fuck out of Bronve i tired so hard i worked so hard i practest for houres and houres and houres grinding i cant get out of it i keep getting plaved i would die just to be silver and not shit on for being bronve i am not a bad player i cant rank up playing support i dont farm i dont kill i onyl harass and ward and support thats it how the fuck am i suposted to get out yes my typing is terible i am litterly in tears i fucking hate this so much everyone i game with are terible people i try to be possitive and try to not even type just play i fucking hate every minute of this Fuck you siler for saying elo hell you dont know a fucking thing I uninstalled this peace of shit game Fuck you riot

    1. Boosteria

      That’s another problem, it’s really hard to carry with non-agressive support.
      You can try new-meta agressive supports like Brand, Veigar, Annie or Zyra.

  11. Pro Elo Hell

    The thing is that the statistic used are for big numbers and avarages for the ENTIRE league player base. All serious science know that the tendency of the group are not apliable to the individual, it only show the general tendency of the group… thats it…

    So saying that one eventually will get to correct rank is not true. Most people dont play 1000+ games during a year, but thats the number u need to get to if your assumption should be correct. To carry a game with shit players, trollers, flamers, afk’ers etc.. one must be a lot better. So if your just a bit better, you are stuck.

    Elo Hell is real, the question is the defenition of elo hell as someone else pointed out.

    It might be correct that elo hell is not of any consern when watching the TENDENCY OF THE GROUP (entire league community), but it is fault when watching the individual player. With the biggers player base of any game in the world, there are definitively enough ppl experiencing elo hell.

    Giving examples of diamonds carrying etc is just bad arguments.

    Elo Hell is real. Ppl that are not significantly better, but still deserve to be places in gold instead of silver, plat instead of gold etc,, for these ppl elo hell is real. Meaby at the end of the season one is where one should have started, but if placement matches had worked one would have been there in the first places, played with correct opponents and grown into a higher rank instead.

    1. Boosteria

      Well that point of view is pretty deep. That’s correct that you have to play large amount of games per year, but the more you play the less is dispersion. Thus even at 300 games it becomes much less than at 100. So yes, some individuals can experience a elo hell even at 1000 games, but it will be 0.000…1%, (but, of course, at 100 game such number can be significantly larger). Thus it’s not reason to blame unluck, even 300 games for the most players can be enough maybe roughly but determine they true position.

  12. Heewie

    I think that ELO HELL is not real because when you increase your skill level you are getting further, however there can be jumps upside or downside because of randomness, but this doesn’t mean that you are in elo hell

  13. Alan

    I would like offer that perhaps the problem is in expectation, and in some ways Riot’s presentation about what MMR is and how it works. It is based on an old system to rank chess players developed by a guy named Arpad Elo. The system was extended for “team” based activities (such as League), but there are several issues with it – keep in mind that MMR is assigned to individuals and League is a team game. Just as someone’s ELO in chess isn’t the same as checkers, a person’s ELO as a jungler is not the same as their ELO as ADC or support.

    The misunderstanding that most players that I have talked to have is what it actually takes to advance, compared to what it takes to go down in rank. Let us assume for the moment that League’s MMR system works perfectly and the two teams are always evenly matched. This the point that Riot says you should win 50% of yours ( and therefore lose 50%) of your games.

    Let’s also assume for now that wins and loses result in equal LP gains/losses. As a players wins (or losses) more games this can change a few LP either way, but for now – let us assume 20LP win or lose.

    Finally, let us assume that a play has just finished placement games and was placed into Bronze 3 with 0 LP – what does it take for that player to get to Bronze 2 ? Obviously they must win more than 50% of their games – but how much more ?

    Let’s say the player wins 2 games for every game they lose. For every three games they will advance 20 LP , this means that it will take 13 games to get to 100LP and then 2 more wins to be promoted – for 15 games total. The player must win 11 of those games, or just over 73% of their games. This is a huge goal for someone that is being evenly matched. Keep in mind that MMR and Rank move separately – so as the player wins must keep a 73% win rate – they must do it against ever increasingly rated players ( as the players MMR goes up – they will be matched against people with higher MMR ).

    Let’s consider a longer path to moving up where the player wins 3 out every 5 games they play. In this case it takes 5 games to move up 20 LP – or 21 games to get to 100 LP and then another 2 to be promoted for a total of 23 games, of which the player must win 15 games. This is a 65% win rate – which is still very high – if the MMR is matching our player’s team against an equally matched team.

    So even without all of the things (trolls, afks, etc) that people point to as what creates “ELO Hell” – it takes a huge amount of effort (and success to move up).

    Lastly, let’s consider what it take to move down, again let us assume that the MMR works perfectly and players are evenly matched. Also, our player has just finished their placement games and are in Bronze 3 with 0 LP. Now let’s say our player who needs to win 3 out 5 games to advance, loses 2 games in a row and it demoted to Bronze 4 – what is actual “cost” of that demotion ? Keep in mind that when demoted the play will have 75LP – which means in order to get back to promotion series they must win 2 games @20LP and then win a third game (1 in series) to be promoted. For a person that is evenly match that is supposed to have a 50% win/loss rate – this is still a big hurdle. They would have to 3 games in a row – the odds of that 1 in 8.

    Players need to understand that advancing takes a lot more than a 51% win rate, they is why such a large percentage of the player base is in Bronze – and why for seems that “ELO Hell” exists. ( It is also why Silver players think they are in their own ELO Hell, and gold and….). It take a lot of work and consistent improvement to advance.

    1. Boosteria

      That’s brilliant comment and you are right in everything. It takes a lot of time if you are a bit better than even with players in your league. You have to be much better to rank up fast. However, that’s motivation of to become better: step by step, division after division.

  14. Imbrilliance

    Yes, yes, mathematics is trying to prove that ELOHELL does not exist, but ELOHELL is for unique everyone! And those boosters that help us get out of our nightmares simply stretch out a helping hand – they’re a ray of light in the dark realm.
    Oh, this bronze is a breeding ground for trolls, salty guys and other evil spirits. How am I glad that I got out of there and remembering those past days, I just shudder. Of course you need to have good nerves and no less excellent skill to get out of the Elo Hell. Of course, trolls and salty come across at higher ranks, but I’m ready to put up with it playing one of five games with such person.
    So guys either pull yourself together and break through your personal elohell, or order a small boost. But always remember that the reason for your losses may not be trolls or salty-guys XD

    1. Boosteria

      We like this comment, you have to put all responsibility for lose on yourself during your games that’s best way to improve. Ask yourself what did i wrong after every game even if you won. That’s the best way to make your gaming experience in League better.

  15. Kevin SpaceX

    OMG guys, do you really think that Elo Hell is real? It is all in your head, just put some efforts into the game, and you will quickly pass these spicy boys and meet realy strong comrades and opponents at gold+ elo divisions! I have only one advice for those who still struggle – keep calm, and try harder! Because the higher you climb, the better gaming feeling you will receive after each game!

  16. QI 900

    HELP TO GET OUT OF ELO HELL. I’m stuck at BRONZE 3 for last 2 months, LOL!

    But sad anyway!

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