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A how to on Janna Support. Climbing is easy when you've got the wind at your back.

Disengage Queen: Janna guide for season 6 by Master league player

Summoner Spells



Mark of Attack Damage
Seal of Armor
Glyph of Magic Resist
Quintessence of Ability Power


Starting items
First Back
Defensive Behind
Offensive Snowballing
Upgrades after Full Build
Deathless Elo Heaven




Ferocity: 0
Cunning: 18
Resolve: 12


Howdy, everyone, I’m back again. Rearing and ready to work some magic. This time on Houdini’s Cornucopia of Extremely Helpful Guides we’ll spend some time looking at Janna. Janna is a versatile support, akin to a jack of all trades but specializes in disengage and back-line protection. If you’re on a mission to make the enemies look like a bumbling parade of elephants, Janna is the support for you, and this guide will be of great help. If you’re tired of that pesky, windy gal slipping away with a sliver of health you’ll be interested as well. What better way to thwart a Janna than to know her strategies personally? With, against, or playing as, it’s clear to see Janna’s popularity has increased in season 6. Janna is even seeing some more play in professional settings. Adrian on LCS team Immortals has skyrocketed her into the spotlight. If you’re planning to climb in LoL season 6, you need to know about Janna. Luckily, I’m here to tell you about Miss Windforce. Janna due to massive amount of CC can carry games and provide a ranked boost to your account.


As a support, deciding summoner spells comes down to basic arithmetic. For Janna, there are really only two viable options. Choosing exhaust can give you more crowd control, and prevent assassins from erasing your ADC. In the same sense, death is one of the best crowd control options in the game, and ignite can increase your kill ceiling. If you believe you can get kills in lane, go ignite. If you need extra crowd control or need to prevent high-burst damage then go exhaust. The moral of the story is that a summoner spell unused is wasted, make sure to choose the one that best fits your play-style. If you cannot decide, use exhaust.


Red AD marks, Armor seals, MR blues, and AP Quints is the standard, tried and true rune page for Janna. This page is a perfect balance for Janna, and getting used to knowing your limitations with a rune page can save your life. The difference between winning or losing a trade can come down to the wire. If you decide to run mana-regeneration or cool-down reduction blues, you must know that you’ll be hard pressed to win trades against enemy supports that do heavy amounts of AP. Rune pages that give the most effective stat values become the standard meta simply because they provide the best response to situations of all sorts. 


Janna’s mastery page is straightforward. There just simply isn’t any better alternatives to Windspeaker’s. There are only a few changes I would recommend given certain circumstances. If you happen to be running ignite, dangerous game could be worthwhile, as gold in pocket gives no additional combat ability. In the Resolve skill tree a player could opt out for tough skin, as Janna’s increased movement speed from her W (Zephyr) is usually more than enough. 



Before jumping the gun and playing a game without a plan, remember that Janna scales well into the endgame. Janna’s most powerful abilities, her shield and ultimate become more effective as time goes on. It’s important to note that Janna can usually even out any laning phase, and at least protect her ADC under turret. Janna’s tornado is great at canceling dashes and making the enemy overextend, and her ultimate is more effective when fully channeled. A reactive attitude that penalizes mistakes is the hallmark of exceptional Janna play. The more prediction and preparation you do, the better you will play.


Starting items:
The first thing to understand is that the items you purchase give you more options. Depending on the items you buy, doors will open for you. For example, if you build  items_set0_01 boots first back, you will be more effective at roaming, chasing, and running. If you decide that you want some more damage, increased gold generation, and better shielding items_set1_06 Frostfang can be an appropriate decision. It is vital that you know exactly what each item does, so you understand the advantages they provide. In most cases, a Sightstone provides the most room for error, as more health means more survivability . If you tend to get hit by stray hooks or crowd control, rushing items_set0_40 Sightstone will provide you with the most consistency. Not to mention that your entire team will always benefit from the vision items_set0_40 Sightstone provides, the earlier the better. Every bit of information gained is an advantage for your team. Wards save lives. That is not an understatement.

Core items:
Tiered boots and items_set1_02 Frost Queen’s Claim with the illustrious spooky ghosts active are god-tier in the current meta. Stacking items_set3_03 Captain’s Boots with Janna’s passive can give your team the mobility they need to survive. As of 6.5, items_set0_56 Swiftness Boots have been slightly nerfed in comparison to other options, so sticking with Lucidity is the way to go. More ability usage means more shielding and peeling. More shielding and peeling means more lives saved. If nothing else, Janna can always save some lives.

Defensive Choices:
 items_set3_79 Eye of the Watchers gives four wards, and allows you to build defensive items quicker then a items_set1_02 Frost Queen’s Claim build-path would. Ideally, completing Frost Queen’s Claim is best, but I recommend combining items_set0_40 Sightstone/items_set1_06 Frostfang if you seem to be a few kills or towers behind early. It will free up your inventory for more components, and allow you to build items_set1_11 Aegis>items_set1_60 Locket earlier, or whatever item you happen to want to purchase. If any enemy champion like  items_ZedSquare Zed or items_LuxSquare Lux is fed, they can be circumvented by getting a items_set1_67 Mikael‘s early on. Aegis and Locket will be more effective against heavy AP AOE. 

 items_set3_57 Dark Seal is a very effective item for a low cost, but penalizes you for dying. Getting it early can allow a good Janna to stack up with assists, but it also means you’ll be late on your other item timings. A fully stacked  Dark Seal can provide +45 AP. That’s five more AP than two amplifying tombs for a cost of 350g. However, if you build Dark Seal you will delay your other team-fight associated items by 350g. That doesn’t seem like much, but aegis can mean the difference between life and death not only for you, but your entire team. 

Upgrading/Full Build:
Don’t forget to upgrade your trinket on your first back that you happen to be Lvl 9. Also, if the game drags on for a long period of time, do not forget to spend your gold. items_set0_38 Ruby Sightstone and items_set0_48 Elixir of Sorcery refreshes are important, especially if you need to save a slot for a pink ward. If the enemy has any invisible champion a pink ward is necessary. [ items_TwitchSquare Twitch, items_RengarSquare Rengar, items_VayneSquare Vayne, items_ShacoSquare Shaco, items_AkaliSquare Akali, items_TalonSquare Talon] are just some examples. I prefer keeping a slot open for a pink ward and upgrading/purchasing an elixir simply because 6.5 provides no trinket detection of invisible units.  


items_set0_33 Biscuits/ items_set2_06 Spellthiefsitems_set2_07 Warding Totem> items_set0_36 Pink Ward /items_set0_40 Sightstoneitems_set2_08 Red Trinketitems_set0_01 Boots>items_set1_06 Frostfang> items_set1_43 Lucidity Boots> items_set1_13 Fiendish Codex>items_set1_02 Frost Queen’s Claim> items_set3_03 Captain’s Boot Enchantmentitems_set1_11 Aegisitems_set1_60 Locketitems_set1_67 Mikael’s> items_set0_38 Ruby Sightstone



The early stages of the game are among the most important parts, in a meta that snowballs leads with objectives and kills it’s important not to get too far behind. A large enough deficit can prevent any form of resistance. As Janna, it’s vital that to prevent that first kill with a well placed shield, or a expertly timed exhaust. Learning how to prevent your enemy from snowballing can make your Janna more consistent, and consistency is key. Keep in mind that the most acceptable roam time is right after the first back, if you and your ADC both return to base. Roaming tends to be one of the harder things to master and deploy in Janna’s arsenal, as it’s heavily dependent on other lane situations and what the opposing support does. For now, we’ll focus on Laning and Trading.

Janna in early game phase laning and trading


The beginning of the game for Janna centers around her shield. Fortunately, most damage done in laning phase is auto-attack based. In this sense, Janna’s E can trade very well. It is important to note that in this stage you’ll be trading two versus two. In general, Janna should shield her ADC in small skirmishes. A good support will know how to use bushes, biscuits, and minions to properly juggle aggro. Lane trading by Janna comes down to a few things.

  1. Janna’s ability to use her shield effectively. This means shield timing and mana conservation for potential all-ins or ganks. Pro-tip: Learn to shield when auto-attacks are in the air, any auto attack flying towards the enemy will gain the AD buff from E when it lands. 
  2. Janna’s ability to land tornadoes, the more targets the better. Janna’s tornado originates from herself, therefore your positioning before battling is key. If you need to disengage, a fair distance behind your ADC but still in EXP range is a good location to hover. If you want to play aggressive, a few paces parallel. 
  3. Janna’s ability to weave auto-attacks and pressure with her ADC. If you find yourself trading 2v1, you’ve likely deviated from the play-style your ADC wants to adopt for the game. Accept that your ADC doesn’t want to trade and keep your eye on the map for potential ganks and jungler locations.
  4. Map awareness, ward locations, and decision making. A good Janna will glance at the map at least every two seconds, and will ideally notice when a enemy icon enters from fog. The benefit of playing support is that you need not focus on minions and your own creep score. Unfortunately, this means that you must find other things to do with your time. If you find yourself getting bored on Janna, you aren’t doing enough. A good pilot may not be actively interacting with his surroundings when flying a plane, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of everything that is occurring. This extra time can be spent focusing on map awareness, thinking about ward locations, kill potential calculations, and most importantly: informing your team of summoner spell cool-downs so they are free to make good decisions.

If you find yourself lacking vision, here is a simple warding guide that promotes effective use of wards. Warding can get pretty specific, but a hard and fast rule for laning wards is to have one in river, one in lane in the far bush, and one in tri-bush. Here is a small graphic to show you exactly what I mean. These depictions are not comprehensive, but do cover most if not all gank paths barring the jungle wraparound.

Laning Wards- Blue Side

Laning Wards: Blue Side

Laning  Wards- Red Side

Laning Wards: Red Side











As the outer turrets fall, and junglers begin to group and contest objectives like dragon and the remaining turrets, it’s Janna’s job to be there. At her core, Janna is an enabler, you won’t be getting many solo-kills. Working around enemy vision with your team becomes vital. Janna may have the mobility and self-peel to ward alone, but it’s much safer to do it with friends. Janna should spend the most of her time around the middle or bot side of the map, warding and looking to counter-gank the enemy support or jungler. In short, ward, group, and keep your fingers at the ready. Every game has a different connotation behind it, but generally sticking with your ADC is the best plan out there. Complete entire items before moving onto the next, as actives give loads of gold value. 



If you’ve successfully built items_set1_60 Locket and items_set1_67 Mikael’s then you’re entire inventory will be filled with active items. The proper time to use the Locket active is precisely when a team-fight breaks out in full throttle, but before anyone dies. The shield lasts only a short while, so be careful showing your hand and using it early. Even so, using an item with moderate efficiency is better than not using it at all. Don’t be afraid to use items_set1_67 Mikael’s even a second after crowd control lands upon your ADC. Stick with whoever is closet to you, preferably an AD champion, and be ready to shield them at all times. The best way to save someone is by providing your passive, shielding, and preparing a tornado to peel. Do not put yourself in the front-lines at any point in time. If your positioning is proper, you will be able to use your ultimate to heal your allies while also resetting the team-fight. A full channeled Janna ultimate can full-heal allies and is a safer option then saving the ultimate for “clutch” knock-backs.  

There you have it. Janna Windforce. By no means is this a comprehensive guide to all of Janna’s intricacies and match-ups, for that, you’ll have to grind the ladder on your own. Or, get a head start by receiving some coaching from the Master, A.K.A. Houdini.

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  1. MassiveHulk

    Lovely guide for old school support, i love Janna, especially her legendary skin :)
    Shield based support when you have to “heal” your allies in exact timings when they are being attacked, that’s really that i call skill-based. Everyone can take Soraka and heal your ADc by CD, but shields + CC = <3

  2. TrashJOE

    Janna is a great support in the League. I just wonder is this guide is still useble? After all this is already season 7.
    And the second question. You said that you have standart build for Janna. You really can just buy these items in every game and still play on a high level? And it’s so boring that she have only one skill build. I’d like to have at least some variability.

  3. Lord Janna

    As i see this guide still can be actual despite it’s old.
    Love playing Janna and really like her disengage abilities :)

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