League Objectives Guide

Detailed review of each objective on Summoner's Rift.
Buff effects, experience and gold gain.

League Objectives Control Guide: Jungle, Timers, Priority


Objective in LoL is an important map object what provides an advantage to anyone who controls it, what in turn leads to the constant competition for it, e.g Elemental Dragons, Baron Nashor, and Turrets. Objectives provide significant advantage to the team and that’s why they are so important if you want to elo boost yourself in LoL. 


There are several ways to get an advantage in LoL: kill your enemies, get ahead in the creep slain process, or control important Summoner’s Rift objectives. The last method is most preferred because objectives usually provide global advantage to your team and allow you and your allies start to snowball. Some of them, especially turrets, also provide you positional advantage what can be the decisive factor in the game outcome. While advantage you gain through enemy kill most time would be “local” and won’t affect most of your teammates. Thus if you have a choice between two variants: start a hunt for an enemy who is split from his team or ability to take a major objective (Elemental Dragon, Baron Nashor or Turret) then you have to choose objective.

In this guide, we consider one by one all objectives on the Summoner’s Rift, their gold and experience gain, timers and buff effects.



First of all, let’s consider inhabitants of the Summoner’s Rift jungle. Neutral monsters in LoL are playing a major role not only for junglers but for all team overall. Besides useful blue buff, what provides mana regeneration and red one what perfectly fits AD carry needs.

From the 7th season, Smite does not give any buffs to the champions in all cases, but it now heals you if it was used against an enemy minion. Heal amount is 70, but if you use it on a Large Monster it will restore 70 + 10% of your base HP.

To compensate, all these loses special jungle items were added, that dramatically increase the amount of the receiving experience by the champion and other useful bonuses. You can buy those items only if you equipped with the Smite spell.

If you obtaining jungle item then you will receive a bonus EXP points from slaying monsters – +50 bonus experience upon killing large monsters and + 30 bonus experience on monster kill for each level higher the monster than you.

Special Jungle items:

  • Hunter’s Talisman – 150% mana regeneration in the jungle.
  • Hunter’s Machete – +10% life steal against jungle monsters.
  • Skirmisher’s Sabre – 180% base mana regeneration in jungle,
    +10% life steal against monsters, 
    Smite can be cast upon the enemy champions, revealing him for 4 seconds, reducing their damage by 20% and dealing 60-162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds from your basic attacks for the duration.
  • Stalker’s Blade – 180% base mana regeneration in jungle,
    +10% life steal against monsters,
    Smite can be cast upon the enemy champions, dealing 28-166 (based on level) true damage and stealing 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • Tracker’s Knife – 180% base mana regeneration in jungle,
    +10% life steal against monsters,
    WARDING ability, that place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Charges refilling each time you visit the shop.


Raptors jungle monster
 In season 7 smite does not give any buffs, but it is still a very helpful summoner’s skill, that will heal you up in a dangerous moment. The amount of gold that champion received by killing this pack was increased. Also now there are Five little raptors instead of three.

  • Total experience gain: 20 + 35 x 5 = 195 (245 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels is equals 0)
  • Total gold gain: 62 + 9 x 5 = 107
  • First respawn at: 1:37
  • Respawn time: 2:30



Murk Wolf monster

  • Total experience gain: 100 + 40 x 2 = 180 (230 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels equals 0)
  • Total gold gain: 68 + 16 x 2 = 100
  • First respawn at: 1:37
  • Respawn time: 1:40




Krog monsters

The core mechanic of these minions was changed, and now Krug split into lesser copies upon his death. For example, if you kill one Ancient Krug, then he will split into two Krugs, and they will split into four Mini Krugs.

  • Total experience gain: 125 + 45 * 3 + 15 * 6 = 350 (400 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels equals 0)
  • Total gold gain: 70 + 10 * 3 + 10 * 6 = 160
  • First respawn at: 1:55
  • Respawn time: 1:40




Gromp jungle
With the start of the Season 7, Gromp now buffs himself for 100% attack speed at the beginning of the fight and this buff lasts for 5 attacks.

  • Experience gain: 200 (250 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels equals 0)
  • Gold gain: 86
  • First respawn at: 1:52
  • Respawn time: 1:40




Blue sentiel LoL
Upon slain this jungle monster provides Crest of insight icon Crest of Insight buff for 120 seconds which gives 5 plus 1% of maximum mana (or 0.5 of maximum energy) regeneration per second and 10% cooldown reduction. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer. In this case, duration of buff would be refreshed. Very useful buff for most mid lane champions what allows them to pressure their opponent what in turn leads to the ability to roam freely. However, jungler mustn’t give all blue buffs since the second one to the mid laners because it provides tons of experience and sometimes junglers themselves need advantages buff provides.

  • Total experience gain:  200 (250 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels equals 0)
  • Total gold gain: 100
  • First respawn at: 1:40
  • Respawn time: 5:00




Red brambleback lol epic monster
Upon slain this jungle monster it provides Crest of insight icon Crest of Cinders buff for 120 seconds what makes your auto attacks slow enemy movement speed by 10 / 15 / 25% for melee champions and 5 / 7.5 / 12.5% for ranged champions. The slow amount depends on the level of the champion and increases two times at 6 and 11 levels. Also, Crest of insight icon Crest of Cinders makes target burn for 3 seconds dealing 4 – 38 (2 + 2 x level) true damage per second. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer. In this case, the duration is refreshed. Additionally, regenerates 1% / 3% / 9% of maximum HP every 5 seconds. This buff significantly increases jungler gank potential in the early game and significantly boosts ADc performance in the late game

The slow from the buff stacks multiplicatively with other slow effects (except another champion with red buff who attacks the same target). But every source of slow will be reduced by 65% except strongest one. E.g. 11 level Fiora LoL Boosting Fiora has Frozen Mallet icon Frozen Mallet and Crest of insight iconCrest of Cinders buff. Since Frozen Mallet icon Frozen Mallets unique effect (40% of slow) is bigger we can calculate total slow amount: 1 – (1 – 0,4) x (1 – 0.15*0,35) = 1 – 0,6 x 0,9475 = 100 – 0,5685 = 0,4315. Thus targets movement speed will be slowed by 43,15%.

  • Total experience gain: 200 (250 if you have a jungle items and the difference in levels equals 0)
  • Total gold gain: 100
  • First respawn at: 1:40
  • Respawn time: 5:00



Rift Scuttler

Rift Scuttler living ward
On slain scuttle crab will move towards Dragon icon Elemental Dragon’s pit or Nashor icon Baron Nashor’s pit entrance to burrow into the ground, spawning the Speed Shrine – an indestructible ward that would create an area what shortly buffs movement speed when you pass through it.

Effect Scuttle Crab icon Rift Scuttler provides can not be overestimated. It helps you to prevent ganks through the river in the early game and will be a big advantage in the contest for Dragon icon Elemental Dragon or Nashor icon Baron at any stage of the game. As jungler try to keep scuttle crabs on your side. Serious con of this objectives is that it last only 75 seconds.

  • Experience gain: 10
  • Gold gain: 70
  • First respawn at: 2:25
  • Respawn time: 3:00




Dragon LoL Objectives GuideOn slain provides the Dragon Slayer icon Dragon Slayer buff to each team member. The stacks of Dragon Slayer icon Dragon Slayer are permanent and they depend on the type of dragon you killed:

Infernal Drake epic monster

  • Infernal Drake – Infernal Tribute: +8 / 16 / 24% attack damage and ability power

mountain drake epic monster

  • Mountain Drake – Earthen Arms: +10 / 20 / 30% damage to epic monsters, towers, and buildings as a true damage

Cloud Drake lol monster

  • Cloud Drake – Stratus Walk: +25 / 50 / 75 movement speed while out of combat

Ocean Drake lol epic

  • Ocean Drake – Heart of Oceans: Restore 4 / 8 / 12% of missing health and mana every 5 seconds, but only if enemy champions don’t hit you in the last 8 seconds

Elder Dragon LoL

  • Elder Dragon – Aspect of the Dragon: Basic attacks and abilities burn the target for 45 x Elder Dragon slain + 45 per Elemental Dragon Mark over 3 seconds, and increase previous buffs by 50%. This buff lasts only 120 seconds and canceled when champions die.

Dragon icon Dragon along with Nashor icon Baron Nashor are most important objectives in the game. The Aspect of the Dragon can be compared with the Hand of Baron Icon Hand of Baron.

Any of these  Dragon icon Dragons has a unique passive called Ancient Grudge which grants the Dragon icon Dragon 20% bonus damage and 7% damage reduction against enemies with the Elemental Dragon’s buffs.

Elemental Dragons spawn every six minutes, but only three of them can be spawned per each match. After 35 minutes Elemental Dragons will no longer spawn, but Elder Dragons will take their place. By the way, the minimap indicates the elemental type of the next dragon and these runes are visible through the Fog of War.

There are few basic situations when you should go for the Dragon:

  1. When an enemy jungler is dead or you saw him at the top lane while your team is close enough to the Dragon icon Dragon to rush it.
  2. The same rule works if there is no enemy mid laner including situations when foe recalled or he is on low HP. In LoL middle lane champions have the biggest affection in the early team fights due to burst damage and wide area casts thus absence of an enemy caster is the big advantage.
  3. When enemy players on the bottom lane have recalled or they can’t join the fight for the Dragon icon Dragon for any other reasons like due to low HP.
  4. Enemy’s Outer turrets were destroyed and right now foes are busy with minion waves nearly their Inner turrets.
  5. Your team is stronger thus you can provoke a team fight at Dragon icon Dragon’s pit or else take the Dragon icon Dragon for free.


This is an important mechanic when you provoke the Dragon icon Dragon to move out of the Dragon’s Pit it by dealing one hit to it and then running away. This makes the beast chase you until the edge of Dragon’s Pit. When you pull the Dragon it serves two purposes: you can easily disengage fight with Dragon icon Dragon if the enemy team comes to contest it and you make it harder for enemies to reach the Dragon icon Dragon from the blue side of the jungle.

  • Total experience gain: 75 to all nearby allies
  • Total gold gain: 25 only to the slayer.
  • First respawn at: 2:30
  • Respawn time: 6:00


Rift Herald is a new epic monster that appears in the Summoner’s Rift. He waiting for you in the Baron’s Pit from 4:00 and right to 19:35. As any other Epic monster, you need a couple of friends to defeat this beast, but the reward will be incredible.

Rift Herald lol siege summon

Anyone who slain those monster will be rewarded with a special Trinket – the Eye of the Herald. It trinket allows to summon the Rift Herald that starts pushing the closest lane. But he is vulnerable (every 3 seconds he opens an eye on the back, and at this moment champion’s attacks deal 20% of Rift Herald’s maximum health as a bonus true damage), and it is your job to protect this beautiful creature. Using as a living shield you will be able to destroy a couple of towers, but beware, the Rift Herald loses HP over time, and when he attack towers.



Baron Nashor 7 season lol
Except the huge amount of gold and experience Nashor icon Baron Nashor provides the strongest buff in game Hand of Baron Icon Hand of Baron (only Dragon Slayer icon Aspect of the Dragon can compete with it). Let’s consider what does it grants:

  1. Up to 40 attack damage and ability power (scales up with time).
  2. Improved Recall. Cast time is now only 4 seconds, on successful recall restores 50% of health/mana instantly and provides 50% movement buff for 8 seconds.
  3. Aura which buffs minion while champion is nearby them:
  • All minions
    • Increase speed to match 90% of average movement speed of nearby champions, capped at 500 movement speed
    • Gain resistance to slow effects
    • Non-super minions have 75% damage reduction versus area of effect, damage over time, and persistent effects
  • Melee minions
    • Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minions or turrets
    • Increased size
    • +75 attack range
    • +75% damage reduction versus champions and minions
    • +30% damage reduction versus turrets (similar to cannon minions)
  • Caster minions
    • +20 attack damage
    • +50% missile speed
    • +100 attack range
  • Cannon minions (beyond turret range)
    • +600 attack range
    • +50 attack damage, but attack speed is halved
    • Attacks are now Area of Effect (200 range) and deal double damage to turrets
  • Super minions
    • +25% attack speed
    • Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minion or turret

When you should start an attempt to take the Nashor icon Baron Nashor:

  1. Someone of the enemy team appeared on the bottom lane and won’t be able to come in time to help his team to contest Nashor icon Baron Nashor.
  2. Your team is in majority and have enough damage to slain Nashor icon Baron Nashor before enemy would respawn.
  3. You want to provoke the enemy team to fight at Nashor icon Baron Nashor. In this case, you have to save your cooldowns for the future team fight.
  4. One of the most fed enemy champions just recalled while you have enough damage to get Nashor icon Baron Nashor while you are in majority. This also may lead to a team fight in 5 against 4 situation. Thus if you see that enemies are coming despite the fact they are in minority then you may want to save cooldowns for an incoming team fight. 

Remember that unreasonable attempt to slain Nashor icon Baron Nashor would lead to a throw. Nashor icon Baron Nashor debuffs armor and magic resistance what makes your team very vulnerable. Therefore you should be really careful before engage on Nashor icon Baron Nashor and make all necessary preparations with warding.

If the enemy team has a strong poke champions such as Nidalee Baron Nashor contest Nidalee or Ziggs Baron Nashor content Ziggs while your team damage is not high enough to slain Nashor icon Baron Nashor with lighting speed you should abandon your attempts until such poke champion is alive.

  • Experience gain: 600 to each person on the team and 800 experience shared between nearby allies on moment of slain.
  • Total gold gain: 300 to all allies and additionally 25 to the slayer.
  • First respawn at: 20:00
  • Respawn time: 7:00


All jungle monsters except Nashor icon Baron Nashor grant modified experience if the level of the champion killing them differers from that of the monster. It increases up to 350% for champions below 5 levels and decreases up to 50% for champions above 5 levels.

Respawn timer of jungle camp starts only when all monsters are dead. You always can leave a minor monster in enemy jungle camp to make opposite jungler lose experience.


When you have several ways to act what are close to each other by benefits they carry – you need to setup for yourself an objectives priority. There are few classic situations what you often meet in the game, we will consider them in this part of LoL objectives guide.


Usually, you can’t get both objectives thus you have to choose. Our answer to this dilemma is the Nashor icon Baron Nashor. There are two main reasons for that:

  1. Hand of Baron Icon Hand of Baron is sieging buff and with such advantage it’s very likely that you will get Inhibitor later. If you decide to go for an inhibitor first then slaining the Nashor icon Baron Nashor in time would be a difficult goal. Moreover Nashor icon Baron Nashor slain gives overall more benefits than a single Inhibitor. In turn, two inhibitors are more attractive than Nashor icon Baron Nashor.
  2. If your team is wounded after a team fight and you rush for an Inhibitor then disaster may happen. When Inhibitor is destroyed your team have to recall due to low HP meanwhile your foes are able to rush Nashor icon Baron Nashor right after their respawn and most time you won’t be able to stop them in time.


Obviously, you should choose the Dragon icon Dragon. Turret is not going anywhere and can be destroyed later while Dragon icon Dragon is the neutral objective with it’s own respawn timer and each stack of Dragon Slayer icon Dragon Slayer provides your team with more and more global advantage.



Attack range of each turret is 775 (550 is a standard attack range of ranged champion) and attack speed is 0.83 (4.0 for inhibitor and nexus turrets).


Each turret has a set of items. This was made to show their special abilities clearly:

  • Reinforced Armor
    • Block 66.66% of all damage when no enemy minions nearly (backdoor protection).
  • Penetrating Bullets
    • Turret attacks can’t be dodged.
    • Turret gain 40% bonus damage to champions with each successive strike (up to 120%)
    • 30% armor penetration
  • Warden’s Eye
    • Can see invisible units in the range of 1000.
  • Fortification (Outer turrets only)
    • Blocks 50% damage from champions attacks, this passive ability disappears after 5 minutes. (This effect does not apply on the bottom lane turrets)
  • Lightning Rod
    • Ignore 75% of champion’s armor
    • This type of turrets attacks with the beam, that accumulates its damage with the each hit
    • With every hit the turret gains 6 heat points, up to 120. Each heat point increase the damage by 1.05%, up to 125%


Champion damage on turrets is equaled to base attack damage plus the higher of bonus attack damage or 50% of ability power. Armor and magic penetration work on turrets since 6.9 patch.

  • You can’t critical strike turrets, but the hit will be registered
  • Armor penetration now work on turrets



  • Turret’s items
    • Reinforced Armor
    • Warden’s Eye
    • Penetrating Bullets
    • Fortification
  • Gold gain: 
    • 100 gold to the team
    • 250 gold divided between the champions that were close to the tower
  • Special effects: 
    • +4 AD per minute, from the first minute of the match. Up to 180 AD
    • +2 Armor and Magic Resist per minute, up to 70 Armor and Magic Resist

No experience gain.



  • Turret’s items
    • Reinforced Armor
    • Warden’s Eye
    • Penetrating Bullets
    • Fortification
  • Gold gain: 
    • 125 gold to the team
    • 175 gold divided between the champions that were close to the tower
  • Special effects: 
    • +4 AD per minute, from the eighth minute of the match. Up to 250 AD
    • +2 Armor and Magic Resist per minute, from the sixteenth minute of the match up to 70 Armor and Magic Resist

No experience gain.


  • Turret’s items
    • Lightning Rod
    • Warden’s Eye
    • Reinforced Armor
  • Gold gain: 
    • 150 gold to the team
    • 50 gold divided between the champions that were close to the tower
  • Special effects: 
    • +4 AD per minute, from the eighth minute of the match. Up to 290 AD
    • +2 Armor and Magic Resist per minute, from the thirty-first minute of the match up to 70 Armor and Magic Resist
    • Regenerate 5 health per second

100 exp to the whole team


  • Turret’s items
    • Lightning Rod
    • Warden’s Eye
    • Reinforced Armor
  • Gold gain: 
    • 50 gold to the team
    • 0 gold divided between the champions that were close to the tower
  • Special effects: 
    • +4 AD per minute, from the eighth minute of the match. Up to 270 AD
    • +2 Armor and Magic Resist per minute, from the thirty minute of the match up to 30 Armor and Magic Resist
    • Regenerate 5 health per second

Now let’s consider each turret in the game separately.


Top Lane Outer Turret objectiveAs jungler, if you have successfully ganked a foe then don’t leave the top lane instantly. Consider helping your team mate to push the lane to make your minions die on turret while an enemy is dead (this makes a foe to lose gold and experience and starts the process of counter push on the lane in the direction of your top laner). If the game is already in the middle or late phase then you and your laner would be able to destroy turret instead of the lane push.

Obviously, if the enemy top laner Teleport Icon teleports or roams, as top laner you should start to push the lane to make him pay a price with the fallen turret.



As top laner it’s hard to get it in solo due to shield inner turret has and another one that it provides to the enemy champions. If you feel that you won’t be able to handle one versus two fight when the enemy jungler comes then your choice should be a roam to the middle lane. You can try to gank the enemy middle lane champion to get the turret or gather your team to go for the Dragon icon Elemental Dragon. If your lane opponent is not on the lane then you can try to get the Inner Turret.



Very important turret what provides lots of map control. If the middle lane is not dominated the best way to get turret is to call a jungler for help. Mid laners used to poke each other thus a little effort from jungler can tilt the balance in the right direction. Even if your gank was not successful and a foe has escaped – push the lane with your ally and make few attacks to the turret. It will boost fall of this important turret.



Usually, this turret destroyed through sieging when all team gathers. Being alone near it can be very dangerous. Of course you can ignore those risks if you are dominating hard from the very beginning.



Usually, this turret falls first because there are two players on each side and attack damage carries are designed better than the rest for demolishing turrets. This turret is also important because when it falls down it opens a way to take the Dragon icon Elemental Dragon. All you need is to push the bottom lane to the inner turret making your enemies busy with minions. Also destroyed outer bottom turret allows you to move to the middle lane to join your allies in destroying another turret.



turret in LoL

The turret of many throws. There is a common mistake when bottom lane players are dominating and instead of going for objectives they start to push constantly. This, in turn, puts them in a vulnerable position when an enemy a jungler or mid laner can gank them freely. Such behavior often leads to come back of the enemy team. If you are not dominating bottom lane so hard that you are able to win fights in minority then don’t do that common mistake. Pressure on this turret is acceptable if you saw enemy jungler somewhere else while the enemy middle laner is not in position to roam.



Inhibitor and turret
These turrets have many tools to defend themselves to be easily taken alone. 75% armor penetration, slow and damage reduction on hit plus they are able to heat themselves up with a time that leads to more and more damage. Such turret can be taken by a single champion as part of split push strategy, backdoor or in the case of the hard team domination. Else stick to the team play and get it with your team.



Nexus Turrets
They have same benefits as Inhibitor turrets except the fact that you have to face two such turrets at once. This is your last barrier before the victory!



Inhibitor objective

  • Gold gain: 50 to the champion who made the final blow.
  • No experience gain.
  • Respawn time: 5:00

Can be easily backdoored if turret guarding it is down. If the inhibitor is down then it will spawn Super Minion icon super minions each wave on the same lane for a team who destroyed it. If all inhibitors are destroyed spawns two super minions instead of one (totally 6 with each wave).

Super Minion icon SUPER MINION STATS

Receive only 70% damage of turrets.

Buffs nearby minions giving them 40% additional damage, 40 armor, and 40 magic resistance.


  • Health: 1500 + 200 every 3 minutes of game.
  • Attack damage: 190 + 10 every 3 minutes of the game.
  • Armor: 30 (fixed).
  • Magic resistance: -30 (fixed).
  • Spawn time: every 30 seconds with each wave.



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    1. Mason

      Stop spreading this nonsense. You can win a game without killing the Dragon or baron, but you can’t win a game if you don’t take turrets and inhibs.

      The object of the game is to kill the nexus. Always prioritize an inhib over baron. Even if the enemy team gets baron, they can’t do anything with it if super minions are running down their lane.

      1. Boosteria

        Well, i can’t agree with that. And my experience of D2 player and a booster is also saying that’s your opinion is not true. Baron provides your team with a 4 minutes of pure advantage that allows you to start to take objectives over the map (due to stats buff and the HUGE BUFF FOR SIEGIENG that allows you take inhibs and turrets). One inhibitor doesn’t worth a Baron if you can’t finish the game right after that.
        Technically, you are right that you can’t win the game without turrets but it’s just technically. The main idea of League is not to kill nexus (it’s just technical condition of the victory) but is to get an advantage over your opponent. And that’s why Baron and Dragon are targets with more priority than turrets in the even game (the most games there one team wins without dragon stacks or baron are basicaly one-sided).

      2. xPro

        2 Mason:

        Well, the same way you could say that in chess you should rush for the King and ignore pawns (or any other chess piecies) no matter that, only because victory condition is to get enemy King.

        Sry for my english ^_^

      3. Viktor II

        If victory condition is to kill nexus, this doesn’t mean that you have to rush for it at any cost, ignoring objectives.

        I agree, that you have choose Nashor over inhibitor if you can’t get both. Because as in example, it often leads to situation when enemies get baron after your recall. Also with baron buff you can easily siege turrets due to buffed minions and and get enemy jungle buffs because of advantage in AP/AD.

        Also you are not right that enemies can’t do anything with baron buff while super minions running down their lane. Don’t forget that baron buff affects minions buffing them hard, this way compensates destroyed inhibitor + you have advantage in team fight and can start to collect objectives on the map while your enemies have to avoid fights with you.

  1. HeraldViktor

    Oh, updated guide is very cool. And i love these new objectives in lol, like elemental dragons, elder dragon or this new rift herald. Really diversifies the game and adds to it an element of surprise! Oh, this is a feeling when you see that a huge crab is creeping onto your turret!

  2. Ooops

    Baron Nashor > One inhibitor for sure. I’m just saying it because of my personal experience, you are getting much more map control if after successful TF you get Nashor and recall. When you will be able to slowly get everything on the map and start sieging. You will have enough time for that.

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