League April Fool's Days

Review of League april first jokes over the years.
Urf story, fan skins, new game modes, patch notes.

League April Fool’s Day from 2009 to 2017

Since LoL has been launched by Riot Games, they never miss an opportunity to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Before article begins we recommend you to take a look at our prices on lol boost. Now let’s look at april first jokes over the years:



At this year Riot Games announced Urf the Manatee as a champion for a beta test which was obvious April first joke. 


Despite the traditionally peaceful ways of his people, Urf, the Manatee, idolized the strength and prowess of Champions in the LoL and strived to become one. Of all the League’s Champions, there was none that Urf admired more than Jax, Grandmaster at Arms. Since the introduction of the arena, no man has forced the LoL to revise their regulations more often than Jax, and the self-proclaimed Grandmaster at Arms rattled off a streak of 152 consecutive wins. In order to compensate for the extreme power of this Champion, the League created special sanctions for Jax: He is only allowed to fight with weapons the League deems suitable. For now, that list includes a lamppost, a chicken’s foot, a spatula, a fishing rod and a cardboard tube.

In his admiration and pursuit to become a weapons master like Jax, Urf has equipped himself with the two great symbols of his Manatee heritage as his weapons: a fish (to symbolize the bounty and providence of the sea) and spatula (to pay homage to his people’s age-long pursuit for culinary mastery). Urf now begins his aquatic journey as the League’s first Manatee Champion, hoping one day he will have the opportunity to cross fish and spatula with chicken’s foot and lamppost. 

Urf the Manatee. LoL April First


Announced abilities were:

  • Big Blue Watery Road (Passive) 
    Urf is naturally faster and agiler in bodies of water.
  • Flippy Floppy
    ACTIVE: Urf switches weapons between fish and spatula to accommodate the needs of his team. Attacks with fish deal damage over time, while attacks with Spatula deal instant damage.
  • Poseidon’s Gaze
    ACTIVE: Urf calls upon the powers of the Manatee god, Poseidon, to notify his allies of a position on the Fields of Justice. Poseidon’s Gaze removes Fog of War.
  • Flop Strike
    ACTIVE: Urf flops onto an enemy with massive destructive force. Urf must be directly next to an enemy to successfully execute this skill.
  • Omnisplash
    ACTIVE: Urf calls upon the elements to bring forth a destructive deluge of water. All nearby enemies take water damage and are briefly impaired in movement.

But Urf the Manatee did not appear…



This year players received explanation why they couldn’t play as Urf The Manatee last year: he was murdered by by Warwick the Urf killer Warwick while he was guarding rivers on the Summoner’s rift:

Unfortunately, today, the story of Urf Day took a tragic turn, for as Urf was swimming along, dutifully guarding the river in the Summoner’s Rift, he met with a tragic demise. Eye-witness accounts have been unreliable at best, but everyone seems to agree that just before it happened a blue streak was seen darting out of the nearby jungle. A great clamor ensued, followed by the doleful screams of a manatee done wrong. In the end, all that was left of this brave prince amongst sea cows was his skin… and even that was stolen by this most nefarious of perpetrators.

Now any good story needs a moral. So if there’s anything that the story of Urf Day and the story of the Big Bad Wolf have in common, it’s this: deep within every wolf, there is a cunning master of disguise just waiting to get out. Take WarwickSquare.png Warwick, for instance; a giant, bloodthirsty werewolf able to cunningly adapt by blending into even the most innocent of surroundings. He could be anywhere at any time… behind a rock, in the brush, in the jungle, or cleverly masquerading as a lovable, spatula-wielding manatee.

But as compensation to players Riot Games offered to buy an ultimate Warwick the Urf killer Warwick’s Urf The Manatee skin with 99% discount only for 50 RP:

Warwick april first skin

If you want to ensure that your Blood Hunter appears completely inconspicuous to even the most wary of foes, be sure to snatch up the Urf the Manatee skin, on sale now in the LoL store. Now, you’ve all heard about Legendary skins. And so, in light of the recent events, Marketing has determined that the Urf the Manatee skin is now even more Legendary than we had originally anticipated. As such, Warwick’s WarwickSquare.png Urf the Manatee skin will be available at the cost of 5,000 RP. However, in the interests of giving everyone the opportunity to pay their respects to this magnificent mammal, Marketing has also agreed to offer this tribute to his splendor at 99% off for one week only. That’s right: I said 99% off! At a cost of only 50 RP, you have no reason to shirk paying tribute to the passing of this brave soul!

During the second week of availability, the Urf the Manatee skin will be purchasable for 500 RP (still not a bad deal, considering that’s 90% off). And on Urf’s final day, if you haven’t yet snatched him up, you’ll have one final chance to do so for 5000 RP. So hurry and fire up the LoL store, already! It’s Urf Day!
Urf the Manatee’s final resting place is the Skins section of the Store. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family.”
R.I.P. Urf the Manatee April 1st, 2009 – April 1st, 2010.

P.S. Riot Games donated the earning from skin sales to a charitable organization – SaveTheManatee organization.

Urf joke become so popular that it was started to be used each year.



LoL April Fool’s day 2011 patch notes:

New skins:

  • Urgot 1st april Urfgot
  • Nunu 1st april Nunurf
  • Olaf 1st april Urlaf
  • Rammus 1st april Rammurf
  • Udyr 1st april Urfdyr
  • Kog'Maw 1st april Seeing-Eye Kog
  • Fiddle 1st april 8-bit-tlesticks

Akali Icon Akali

  • Akali is no longer a ninja.

Alistar Icon Alistar

  • Pulverize Icon Pulverize now slams enemies into the ground instead of into the air.
  • Headbutt icon Headbutt has been changed to Blitzcrank Icon Rocket Grab.
  • Alistar is now a ninja.

Amumu icon Amumu

  • Amumu is now happy
  • Emumu skin has been replaced with Punkmumu.

Annie icon Annie

  • Annie has grown up and is now a teenager.
  • Tibbers now wears armor.

Blitzcrank icon Blitzcrank

  • Blitzcrank now giggles whenever he uses Blitzcrank Icon Power Fist.

Cassiopeia icon Cassiopeia

  • Cassiopeia has been removed from the League following an incident involving a plane.
  • We’re tired of all the Miss Fortuning snakes, on that Miss Fortuning plane.

Cho'gath icon Cho’Gath

  • Cho’Gath now starts the game the same size as if he had 6 feasts.
  • Feast Icon Feast still increases Cho’Gath’s size.
  • Bushes can no longer stealth Cho’Gath.

Corki icon Corki

  • Corki Icon Valkyrie is now global.
  • Gatling gun icon Gatling Gun now heals teammates as well as damaging enemies.
  • Corki can now fly over obstacles without using Valkyrie Icon Valkyrie.

Dr Mundo Icon Dr. Mundo

  • Dr. Mundo decided that he enjoys the color blue.
  • Dr. Mundo now has mana.
  • None of his ability costs have changed.

Fiddlesticks icon Fiddlesticks

  • Crowstorm Icon Crowstorm now triggers Crowstorm Icon Terrify on all enemies caught in the area of effect.
  • Crowstorm Icon Terrify: fear duration has been increased to 10 seconds at all ranks.
  • Fiddlesticks has been removed from the League.

Galio icon Galio

  • Now shouts “DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” while channeling Idol of Durand icon Idol Of Durand.

Gangplank icon Gangplank

  • Gangplank’s model has been replaced with a targeting reticle.
  • Gangplank now fights from his boat.
  • Parrley Icon Parrrley is now global.
  • His Voice Over has been reworked to be shouted from a distance and includes far more laughter.

Gragas icon Gragas

  • Gragas is now sober.

Garen Icon Garen

  • Garen Courage Icon Courage has been removed and replaced with a new ability.
  • NEW ABILITY Plant Grass: Garen infects an area with grass seeds, causing additional brush to grow over the next 30 seconds. When brush is fully grown, it can be used by allies and enemies.

Jax Icon Jax

  • Jax can no longer dodge.
  • Jax’s lamppost has been deemed overpowered and replaced by a rocket launcher.
  • All of Jax’s abilities are now ranged and blow things up.
  • Jax can now dodge again.

Nidalee icon Nidalee

  • Age reduced by 10 years.
  • Aspect of Cougar icon Aspect of the Cougar has been renamed to Aspect of the Puma.

Pantheon icon Pantheon

  • Pantheon Icon Grand Skyfall has been renamed to the more appropriate: “Man Drop”.

Sion icon Sion

  • Sion has taken a sabbatical from the League to pursue a lifelong dream of teaching Kindergarten.
  • He’ll be back.

Sivir icon Sivir

  • Richochete icon Ricochet: bounces now apply on-hit effects such as Tiamat and Madred’s Bloodrazor.

Sona icon Sona

  • Now requires skill to play.

Teemo icon Teemo

  • Cuteness increased by 10%.
  • Teemo may no longer be the target of hostile attacks or abilities.

Tryndamere icon Tryndamere

  • Undying Rage Icon Undying Rage has been renamed to Endless Rage.
  • Endless Rage now has infinite duration.

Zilean icon Zilean

  • Zilean can now travel back in time creating new realities and tangent universes in the process.
  • Something has gone terribly wrong…


  • NEW Yordle Saddle: Any yordle champion can buy this new item to ride Cho'gath icon Cho’Gath.
  • Wriggle’s Lantern: new unique passive: taunts nearby Jaxes (both enemy and allied)
  • Tiamat has been renamed to Tamat.

Along with the patch notes there was new champion’s Lee Sin Icon Lee Sin fun spotlight made by Phreak. This spotlight is direct reference to popular jokes about Chuck Norris:


Our old friend Urf the Manatee appeared on Lee Sin Icon Lee Sin’s promo:

Lee Sin April First joke

And UrfRider Corki Icon Corki has been released:

LoL April's First Joke Corki skin




This year was a poor on jokes. Fisherman Fizz Icon Fizz skin was released to continue Urf theme:

Fisherman Fizz Fools day Urf joke


Also Riot Games announced the invention of 3D mode:




This time Riot Games have developed two flash games in arcade genre. We have hosted them both for you since they are pretty fun:

Astrom Teemo and Chew april fools days games

P.S. No Urf skins this year :(



Developers returned to fun patch notes again this year.

LoL April First day 2014 patch notes:

Teemo icon Teemo Rework and Visual Update

  • General
    • No longer uses mana.
    • Skins have been updated to reflect satanic true nature.
    • New resource mechanic: Terror.
    • Terror gains 1 charge when Teemo damages an enemy champion (applies on damage over time) and every time he /laughs.
    • Terror is capped at 60 and does not decay over time. Teemo automatically respawns with 60 Terror.
  • Stats
    • Basic attack range increased to 666 from 500.
  • Toxic shot icon Toxic Shot (Became passive ability)
    • Auto-attacks apply bonus magic damage and poison his target, dealing magic damage over time.
  • Blinding dart icon Blinding Dart
    • No longer has a cost.
    • Now applies Toxic shot icon Toxic Shot.
  • Move quick icon Move Quick
    • No longer has a cost.
    • Active effect changed to making Teemo immune to all slows for 5 seconds from tripling his passive movement speed bonus.
  • Comouflage icon Camouflage
    • Teemo becomes stealthed if he does nothing for 2 seconds. Breaking stealth grants him a 50% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Noxious Trap icon Noxious Trap
    • Now costs 20 terror.
    • Total ability power ratio reduced to .4 from .5.

Aatrox Icon Aatrox

  • Massacre icon Massacre
    • Now resets cooldown of Blood well icon Blood Well.

Ahri Icon Ahri

  • General
    • Removed due sexual harrasment.

Amumu Icon Amumu

  • Despair icon Despair
    • No longer drains mana.
    • Effect changed to passive from toggle.

Annie Icon Annie

  • General
    • Annie’s character model now grows up as she levels up.

Blitzcrank Icon Blitzcrank

  • General
    • Has learned to love.

Brand Icon Brand

We decided that Brand’s “hotness” was too much to accommodate this games ESRB rating.

  • General
    • Brand is no longer on fire.
    • All fire based abilities, including passive, are removed.

Cho'Gath Icon Cho’Gath

  • Feast icon Feast
    • Cap removed.
    • Past 12 caps, Cho’Gath is affected with the debuff “Type 2 Diabetes”, tripling the size of his hitbox and reducing his movement speed by 20.

Corki Icon Corki

  • General
    • All nerfs reverted to pre-Season 3 championship values.

Dr Mundo Icon Dr. Mundo

We decided that allowing the summoner to control Mundo’s movement was actually preventing Dr. Mundo from going where he pleases.

  • General
    • Movement is now controlled by AI, summoner attack/move functionality removed.

Elise Icon Elise

  • Rappel icon Rappel
    • Now has Global range and 0 cooldown.
  • General
    • /Dance now charms Vilemaw.

Evelynn Icon Evelynn

  • Shadow walk icon Shadow Walk
    • Evelynn is no longer revealed by champions within their sight radius.
    • Evelynn’s first attack or ability while stealthed will stun enemies hit.

Gragas Icon Gragas

  • Drunken rage icon Drunken Rage
    • New secret passive: Liver Failure. After guzzling over 100 drinks Gragas’s liver will give out, killing him instantly (though quite painfully).

Heimerdinger Icon Heimerdinger

  • Richochete icon H-28G Evolution Turret
    • Ammo storage and maximum number of turrets counts removed.
    • Beam range changed to global.

Irelia Icon Irelia

  • General
    • Morello’d.

Kassadin Icon Kassadin

We realized that changing Kassadin was a bad idea. He was perfect, and this was something the community wasn’t actually interested in. To apologize to the Kassadin players out there, we gave him some minor buffs.

  • General
    • All changes reverted.
  • Riftwalk icon Riftwalk
    • Every unit in range of Riftwalk’s damage now dies instantly

Lee Sin Icon Lee Sin

  • General
    • Sight radius removed due to blindness.
    • No longer affected by blind.

Leona Icon Leona

  • Sunlight icon Sunburn
    • Renamed from Sunlight.

Lux Icon Lux

  • General
    • Lux’s laugh can now be heard globally.
  • Final spark icon Final Spark
    • Lux is now invulnerable during cast
    • Range has been changed to global.

Nocturne Icon Nocturne

We think this new feature would really add a new layer of gameplay choices for him while keeping in tune with his theme.

  • General
    • Nocturne can now move through terrain and units.

Nami Icon Nami

Nami’s ultimate was being outclassed by those of other supports, such as support Ezreal and Ashe, so we’ve brought it to the same power level.

  • Tidal wave icon Tidal Wave
    • Range is now global.

Pantheon Icon Mantheon

Pantheon hasn’t been seeing a lot of recent play, and is generally unable to apply any lane pressure, so we’ve buffed his ult a little and renamed him to reflect the changes.

  • General
    • Renamed from Pantheon.
  • Grand Skyefall icon Grand Manfall
    • Renamed from Grand Skyfall.
    • Range is now global.
    • All female champions and Ezreal Icon Ezreals in range are charmed.

Nasus Icon Nasus

Nasus felt a bit too slow, and we felt a change was needed to speed up his play.

  • Siphoning strike icon Siphoning Strike
    • Cooldown is now reset if the ability kills a unit.

Sona Icon Sona

  • General
    • Each time Sona cast an ability, the summoner will hear a sweet melody being played for a few seconds.
  • Crescendo icon Crescendo
    • Now has a passive aura after casting that reduces duration of crowd control by 10%.

Swain Icon Swain

Being raised to the position of Noxian High General entitles one to certain benefits, such as premium health care. Swain’s bad leg has been fixed.

  • General
    • Improved walking animation.
  • Stats
    • Movement speed increased to 340 from 335.

Tryndamere Icon Tryndamere

LoL has gone a long way in terms of technical development. As we expand our horizons, we’ve decided to experiment with some new tech on a few existing champions.

  • General
    • Tryndamere is now controlled via the Kinect, which is also required to play the champion. Movement is performed by flailing wildly in the specified direction, and autoattacking is performed by executing a swift downward motion upon the keyboard with a closed fist.
  • Battle fury icon Battle Fury
    • Reworked: Tryndamere gains Fury the louder his summoner screams. Gains 1 Fury point per 10 decibels per second.
  • Undying rage icon Undying Rage
    • Is now activated by his summoner entering a tantrum. Effects end once the summoner calms down again.
    • If the summoner is under the age of sixteen, Tryndamere gains +100% critical damage, but attacks allies at random.
    • If the summoner breaks an item connected to their computer, the effects of Undying Rage are permanent, even after the match is finished.

Twisted Fate Icon Twisted Fate

The changes to Twisted Fate have made him unpopular. He’s still powerful, but the problem stems from the fact that players find him boring and too predictable. We’ve re-enabled and added in some new RNG elements to give players that “lucky draw” feeling.

  • Stats
    • Base attack damage changed to 43 + 1d6 from 46.41.
  • Stacked deck icon Stacked Deck
    • Each attack now has a 25% chance of dealing bonus damage, from dealing bonus damage every fourth attack.
  • Destiny icon Destiny
    • Range is now global.
    • You cannot select your target destination.

Urgot Icon Urgot

The problem with Urgot was just players just didn’t find him visually appealing enough, so we all chipped in and got him a complete makeover.

  • General
    • Visual update.

Twitch Icon Twitch

  • Ambush icon Ambush
    • Stealth is now a passive ability.

 Vayne Icon Vayne

  • Silver bolts icon Silver Bolts
    • Deals 100% increased damage against WarwickSquare.png Warwick.

Vladimir Icon Vladimir

Quality of life fixes and minor changes to better reflect his vampiric nature.

  • Transition icon Transfusion
    • Can no longer be used on mechanical champions (Blitzcrank Icon Blitzcrank, Orianna Icon Orianna etc.).
    • Damage changed to 50% of the target’s current hp or 120 / 220 / 320 / 420 +20%AP, whichever is higher.
  • Sanguine pool icon Sanguine Pool
    • Duration changed to 5 seconds, Vladimir is now immune to all damage and CC, and can pass through units and terrain for the duration.

Vel'Koz Icon  Vel’Koz

We feel that Vel’Koz is in a good gameplay spot, but feels thematically flat. We’ve introduced a minor change that should really give players a feel of his archetype.

  • General
    • Gains +100% penetration against female champions and Ezreal Icon Ezreal.
    • All female champions have received new lines exclusive to receiving a critical hit from Vel’Koz. Here are a few examples:
      • Irelia Icon Irelia: “Itai! Itai!”
      • Orianna Icon Orianna: “Yamete!”
      • Riven Icon Riven: “Kyaa”

Yasuo Icon Yasuo

We’ve had a long running discussion about how we can change Yasuo without changing how he feels, and we’ve decided that having two passives is too good.

  • Way of the Wanderere icon Way of the Wanderer
    • Intent removed (no longer doubles critical strike chance, no longer reduces critical strike damage).

Zilean Icon Zilean

  • General
    • Now uses primary resource “Time”.
    • Zilean has a maximum of 380 + (71 x level) Time.
    • When Zilean runs out of Time, he dies.

Ziggs Icon Ziggs

  • Mega Inferno Bomb icon Mega Inferno Bomb
    • Range is now global.


Nashor's Tooth icon Nashor’s Tooth

  • Cost removed for champions that slay Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor.

Ohmwrecker icon Ohmwrecker

  • Still exists. We just thought you needed to know.

Talisman of Ascension icon Talisman of Ascension

After a great deal of thinking, we realized that this still beats every other support item in the long run. We’ve decided to drop the pretense and make it as powerful as we want it to be.

  • Cooldown reduction increased to 40%, up from 20%.
  • Mana regeneration increased to 20, up from 10. Suck it, Frost Queen’s Claim item.png Frost Queen’s Claim.
  • Gold per 10 increased to 50, up from 2.
  • Active now permanently grants +40% movement speed to all allies on the map, and stacks infinitely with itself.


Crowd Control

  • Knockups are now reduced by Tenacity and other forms of crowd control reduction.

Mana regeneration

We needed a way to make manaless champion even better in the current meta and this seem like the best way achieve our goal as it opens new build paths that were normally discarded because of the existence of mana regeneration.

  • Any excess mana regeneration that is not being used will now be converted to health regeneration for the champion.

Undocumented changes

  • All skins can now be purchased with IP.
  • All servers (except EU) are fixed.



Also new game mode was invented. It’s called ULTRA RAPID FIRE (URF). Features of this mode:

  • Cooldowns are reduced by 80% for all champions (including items and summoner spells).
  • Abilities no longer require mana or energy in order to be used.
  • Attack speed is doubled for ranged champions
  • +60 movement speed for all champions
  • +25% critcal strike for ranged champions
  • +25 tenacity for all champions
  • x5 gold income for all champions

 You can watch TSM against Cloud 9 fun game in ULTRA RAPID FIRE mode:





There is bunch of new joke skins this year:


surprise party amumu skin


Definitely not Udyr skin



Yep, Urf joke is finally back with new Nami skin.


Order of the banana soraka

 Classic LoL joke that Soraka throws bananas during auto-attacks found support by developers.





Urf ward as first april joke


urf summoner icon Urf summoners icon 2


Also there was carnival on Latin America North, Latin America South and Brazil servers. As result of it we get a lot of adorable poros dressed as LoL champions.

  • You can find them all imgur.

Poro in Ahri costume

Poro dressed as Vi

Poro dressed as Graves



Ultra rapid fire mode for Summoner’s Rift is back!

  • HEALTH COSTS: Reduced by 50%
  • COOLDOWN REDUCTION ON EVERYTHING: 80% (Runes, items, masteries and abilities no longer grant cooldown reduction)
  • TENACITY: 25%
  • ATTACK SPEED MULTIPLIER: +50% (+100% for ranged champions)
  • CRITICAL STRIKES: 200% base damage 225% base damage
  • GOLD GAIN: 500% the normal amount on Summoner’s Rift
  • TONS OF DAMAGE: Everything deals tons of damage
  • TONS OF HEALTH: Everything has tons of health



Draven! This time Riot decided to get rid of the April Fool’s Day, but to compensate it they started a new Event, that changed the whole game! Now LoL is called as League of Draven, and all champions, minions, literally EVERYTHING now have Draven faces. And even Draven himself now look much more like a Draven than it was before. Some wonderful Draven things were added in the game, like Summoner icons and Ward skins. For an additional pay, you can unlock new champion skins that even DOESN’T look like a Draven!

April fools day 2016 league of draven icons

League of Draven – Icons and Wards

April Fool’s Day summoner icons:

  • Draven Draven Icon Icon
  • Meowcon
  • Urf Kench Icon
  • Definitely Not a Vel’Koz Icon
  • Draven Winion Icon
  • Draaaaven Icon

April Fool’s Day ward skins:

  • Definitely Not A Ward
  • Ward Of Draven
League of Draven splash art

April Fool’s Day 2016 – League of Draven


League of Draven champion skins:

  • Draven Draven
  • Meowkai
  • Urf Kench
  • Definitely Not Vel’Koz



This year Riots tested brand-new bots, that have incredible artificial intelligence, self-improving program and other cool things. Those Bots are looks so real, they even act like a real person! But remember, that Riots still has an AFK penalty, so keep your rage by yourself, and play till the end! And there is nothing suspicious that they tested this from the first of April. An accidental coincidence!

Of course Riots do not forget about April Fool’s Day and released a bunch of laughable skins:

April Fool's Day LoL 2017

  • Moo Cow Alistar
  • Super Kennen
  • Pug’Maw
  • Renektoy


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  1. Bostik

    All female champions have received new lines exclusive to receiving a critical hit from Vel’Koz. Here are a few examples:
    Irelia Icon Irelia: “Itai! Itai!”
    Orianna Icon Orianna: “Yamete!”
    Riven Icon Riven: “Kyaa”

    Finally :D

  2. deathmark

    2015 april skins look so cheap :|

    P.S. Very nice job, i like champions in poro style, i see you have used two of them to design your chat! Looks nice :)

  3. Mark

    Didn’t like much april fools day 2015. As in previous commend were said, skins are looking cheap + ultra rapid fire we had last year. The very best april 1st day was when they created these 2 awesome flash games with cho in the godzilla role and astronaut teemo.

  4. Opresso

    Well i love when big companies are celebrating april’s fools day by bringing new content in the game. Riots are doing really well with that.

  5. ManateeMasterChief

    ALL PRAISE URF – THE MANATEE. Really hilarious game mode to have fun with friends, and i’m always upsetting when this event passes. Yeah, i understand that Riots doing this for our sake.

    And look at these hilarious new skins! I hope that you guys update this article, cos there are eight new April Fool’s skins, like Pug’Maw, Moo Cow Alistar, and Draven Draven. They all hilarious and are worthy enough to take their place in your article. I just can not wait until next April to have fun again at the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) and New Ultra Rapid Fire (N.U.R.F.) modes!

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