Our chart of top5 most annoying League champions.

Top 5 most annoying League champions

In this fun guide you will see our chart of top 5 most annoying LoL champions. All champions in LoL are well designed however some mechanics can annoy you when you face them in your games.


Most annoying LoL champ - Blitzcrank

Do you see this creepy Blitzcrank in the bushes who is preparing to grab you? Just look at those eyes – he also sees you! Blitzcrank is able to change game outcome with one Rocket Grab Icon Rocket Grab. This can annoy anyone! Blitzcrank can miss his grab or you can dodge it but when he hits – you are receiving knock up following by silence while enemy team focus you. Such unenviable fate!

There is the old but really amazing and fun video how Blitzcrank is trolling enemies! This video proves why this champion can be very annoying.



Most annoying champion Yorick

Yorick is not popular champion nowadays but this doesn’t change the fact that he is one of the most annoying champions in LoL. Meet these 3 guys Yorick Q Icon Yorick W Icon Yorick E Icon who will constantly chase you making you hide in the bushes! Great sustain allows Yorick to stay on a lane and poke you until his mana is gone. Due to his ultimate you have to fight Yorick twice or run away when you killed him. He is the most spamy champion in the game who is also able to summon a copy of himself making you fight against 5 units at once. Add to this list ressurection which allows him or his allies to chase you even after his death.

There is a nice YouTube video where Yorick with custom cake skin shows his performance. It’s very fun to watch!



Karthus - most annoying champion

The most simple ultimate in the game which will reach you anywhere and which you can’t prevent if Karthus is already in his spectral form. Of course there are few ways to evade it using non-target mechanics but they aren’t so widespread. There are few Karthus players in solo queue due to hard lane phase for him and high dependence on the skillshot accuracy. However this doesn’t mean that Karthus donesn’t annoy, especially when you have an even fight on your lane and he casts his utlimate to solve the outcome of the duel in the favor of your enemy.

BONUS: We decided to include a short Karthus guide as bonus to chart of most annoying champs:Karthus joke guide



Shaco most annoying championShaco is a pain which appears from nowhere. He has one of the most effective and unpredictable gank mechanics at the early stage of the game due to combination of gap closer and invisibility in one spell –  Shaco Q Icon Deceive. Shaco is able to counter-jungle by setting traps in the enemy side with help of his Shaco W Icon Jack in the Box. Also Shaco Q Icon Deceive is very strong escape tool which makes experienced Shaco players almost elusive. Ultimate allows him to take Dragon alone in a sneaky mode. When it comes to split push you often can see like part of the enemy team chasing Shaco and often without result. Sometimes, it seems like Shaco was created to annoy.

We recommend you to watch short entertaining YouTube video with bait which was made by Bard and Shaco:




And the winner of our chart of the most annoying LoL champions is . Why? Because shrooms! Shrooms, shrooms are everywhere! Everyone experienced situation when he steped on the first shroom and after a moment he steped on the second one which in turn led to a huge HP lose. High mobility allows this little hamster to use hit and run strategy constantly while his passive allows Teemo to make a surpise in the most inopportune moment. Don’t forget that AD carry can become almost useless for 2.5 seconds because of  Teemo Q Icon Blind Dart!

Teemo the most annoying champion in LoL

Some players even tryed to exorcise the devil from Teemo but it was an unsuccessful attempt.

Teemo the annoying devil

And as bonus there is very fun video with full AP Teemo journeys among LoL battlefields:


This is our chart of most annoying champions but what champion do annoy you most? Share your thoughts in comments!


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  1. Takeda

    Well when fiddle constantly jumps out from nowhere he can annoy anyone xD
    Yes, yes buy wards, but in solo queue everything happens and most part of the game depends on your team which you can’t control..

  2. zhao min

    When i see Master Yi in my team, it’s really annoying me. Most time such people split push or afk farm in jungle. Also they use full glass cannon item and dying and rushing in thus dying in the very first seconds.
    Well, i know, i met good Yi players, but most time they behave like i describe ^^

    1. Always Win

      People usually don’t like when you pick Teemo in rankeds but if you know how to play him – you can carry hard. For example, shrooming Nashor area to get him early.

  3. TheIronIron

    Ahaha, yeah Teemo and Blizcrank can be a such pain in the ass. These grabs from Blizcrank or damn mooshorms from Teemo are the most annoying things in league.

    I already forgotten that we have Yorick in this goddamn game. years passed since the last time i meet him in my game. Interesting, if Riots are goind to do something with this champion? Cause otherwise it’s just a waste of the champion’s potential. And this will be sad af :C

  4. Annoyed by Yasuo

    Teemo will be the number one forever.
    However, recently Yasuo became is the most annoying champion when someone of my team mates picks him. Because most of Yasuo players, at least on my elo, have no skill to play him properly and usually just feed :/

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