League Kill Stealing

Does KS in LoL really matter? Should you worry when someone steals your kill?
We answer on all those questions in this short guide.

LoL: Kill Stealing

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In normal and ranked games mostly on bronze-gold leagues you often can hear “KS” abbreviation which means “kill steal”. You hear that when someone believes that a killing blow was made by a wrong person. This can even lead to a flame between team mates which always is a bad sign for a team itself. Why kill steal is not worth your attention we will consider in this guide.


First of all, should be mentioned that there is no such big difference between a kill and assist as some players may think. The reason for this is that gold income is far from being the main advantage of killing an enemy champion. The most advantage you are getting is time when you are farming and getting objectives while killed enemy do not. On this background, a 150 gold which went to your team mate instead of you is not a big deal. Also a solo kill provides less gold than a kill plus assist. For example, average amount of gold that you can get for a solo kill is equal to 300 while with assist your team gets at least 450.


No matter who got a kill – all gold will be spend in favor of your team. Thus why LoL coaches don’t recommend to start a conversation due to KS because it can distract attention of your team. Remember that either the entire team wins or all the team loses. Don’t forget that LoL is a team game and every player is an equal part of it.


Probably you experienced misunderstanding when an attempt to leave a kill for a carry led to an escape of an enemy. Due to chaotic nature of the solo queue this would happen from time to time leaving your team without a kill. Thus we recommend you to leave an opportunity for a killing blow for your carry only when you are 100% sure that an enemy won’t escape, e.g. don’t try to do it when you are nearly enemy turret or your carry haven’t enough damage yet.


Flame war among your team is the worst thing that can happen in a ranked game and it can easily be launched by a few words about kill stealing. Don’t start to sort out who should have get a kill even if support “steals all your kills”. Ego is the dangerous enemy don’t let it win.


Nice video with progamers who share their thoughts about kill stealing in LoL. Shortly: “A kill secure not a kill steal“!


Don’t wait to last hit but do everything to kill an enemy and if you get a kill you shouldn’t feel any shame because you did everything right. As mentioned before mostly players of low leagues usually worrying about kill stealing because with experience comes understanding what kind of things are most important in the game.

Team spirit is one of the most important and vulnerable things in the LoL solo queue therefore don’t make just a kill become an apple of discord which would let your team down.


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  1. Warsky

    “A kill secure is not a kill steal” – i wouldn’t say better. When your aim is to win the game you won’t be upset because someone got your kill. I think people too often forget about winning itself and focus on mistakes of others :x

  2. Poke Koke

    I think worrying about kill steal is a really low level of game understanding. As said in this article in any case your team gets a kill and becomes stronger, insulting your team mate because he got kill you wanted is just dumb. Don’t lose your focus and keep playing until you reach victory ! :3

  3. crzy

    When a support sona or a zac jungle takes your kill its just not worth it. Having 300 gold on a carry is better then 150 for the carry and 300 for tank/support.

    1. .

      The carry can just as easily farm up that amount from the creep wave. Supports rarely ever get the same amount of gold as the carry and 1 kill to the support is pretty healthy so they can buy wards/support items. Obviously, if the carry is guaranteed the kill, it would be better, but sometimes you have to “ks” or else you would risk the victim escaping.

  4. raverphreek

    When people intentionally kill something, after you’ve done ALL the work, then that is when it isn’t fair.

    Let us put this into perspective… You shift back and fourth, doing bits of damage, and finally, after all that crap, you’re almost done all the work. Then some little weasel comes across and takes your kill. Now that’s when things are truthfully f’ed up and needs to be reported. I don’t care if it’s your teammate or not!

    If the player does the work, then the player should be awarded that kill!


    Well my aim is to win ranked game and i won’t say anything even if my kill was stolen by support because there is a chance that it will start flame war or at least will lead to negative impact because he will be angry at me.

  6. Stella

    Oh, my ass is just burning with holy fire, when I remember those guys who steal my kills, especially when I playing as ADc. I just do not understand, they’re completely stupid or what? Can you really be so repulsed that you do not understand that stealing frags only weakens your core player, who at the right time can not give out the right DPS because he does not have right items in the backpack.

  7. Meh

    I agree, I don’t mind when a team mate gets the kill after helping me draining HP from the enemy, but when they just screw around and you do all the work just for them to shoot some shit from a distance and take the last 3 hp left and get awarded a frag… yeah, they should get reported or the way gold is awarded should change based on contribution and split, let’s say a champ has 100hp, I take 95hp from him the other guy gets the kill taking the remaining 5hp, I should be rewarded with a kill and 95% of total gold.

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