Time from time we all meet leavers, afkers and feeders,
but what should we do to negate as much as possible their negative impact on the game?

How to deal with trolls in League

Time from time we all meeting those annoying players who are always ready to ruin our games. While there is no elo hell trolls are pretty real. Accepting them as a necessary evil, we have to seek for ways how to deal with those LoL trolls. In this guide, we will try to find optimal ways to reflect negative impact of trolls on the game.

First of all, should be mentioned that we don’t include all players who are playing bad in the “troll list”. There are many reasons why human being may perform poor in the game therefore people who blame someone for a bad performance is closer to troll status than their targets for blame. In this article, we are speaking about people who are feeding, assisting enemy team on purpose or refusing to communicate with the team, solely losing the game. Also should be admited that there are different “types” of trolls and with some of them you can actually deal. For example, this is nice troll:

Trundle cosplay


That rule is usually lol boosters are trying to stick to since they know that they are able to carry alone if a team game won’t get much damage from inside. This classic rule is the best way to deal with trolls in LoL because most of them seek for your attention and reaction following their actions. Thus if you see person’s disrespectful behaviour since the beginning of the game then it’s better to not respond to his actions and stay calm as much as possible. Never show anger or hurt. Sometimes a person starts to troll when is offended by someone. In this case, there is a big chance that you can return him on the way of goodness by persuasion. 


If you see that person constantly flaming or is trying to bully you since the very beginning then just mute that person. Don’t let flamer to bring you into black hole of constant hassle. The sooner you learn to instantly ignore toxic players the sooner you will see improvement of your game performance. However we don’t recommend you to announce that you ignore certain person to not provoke further negative behaviour of that person or to not look as bad as that person in the eyes of your team. Just do it silently and focus on the game itself.


Sometimes you meet a player who refuse to join the team and running all game in solo. First of all, you need to try persuade him to join the team but if it doesn’t work try to make your team follow him. This way you have a chance to get a proper team fight. Also you may use such person as target dummy and take objectives while enemy team hunts him.


That may sound harsh but you have to allow trolls to go where they want even if they picked a champion for the same role after you. This can be very frustrating and even encourage such unworthy behaviour but when your aim is to win the game you have to adapt.


There is a popular opinion that if you won’t point on mistakes of player then he won’t improve. Well you have to choose if you want to climb through LoL ranked ladder or be a personal coach of millions of people who are playing LoL. Of course, this opinion is completely wrong because almost always the real reason for such behaviour is hidden anger to that player. If you will start to point on mistakes like writing “put wards” or “your build is bad” very likely you will receive harsh response and will involve yourself into flame battle. Try to organize team play but don’t start to discuss mistakes of other players in the solo queue of randomness.


If someone upset about something that happened or happens and constantly talking about it then the best way to act is do nothing about it. Do not approve or criticize such player to not encourage that person for continuation of such behaviour. It can lead to even greater self-pity and as a consequence to the undesirable for a team behavior.


Do not call every unfortunate move or series of bad moves by trolling. That’s very rare that someone feed intentionally and you will understand that in a flash. Each game someone losing lane, it happens even with you. Remember that.


When you have AFK player or leaver in your team you can’t do much about it except keeping your hope to win. Sometimes a win actually happens. Probably, we all remember games where we won in 4 versus 5 situation or shame when we lost a game in the majority. Thus never lose hope because there is always a chance to win even with a straight feeder in your team.


Finally, there is nice quote on troll theme we found LoL forums:

“Sometimes when people say trolls, they mean teammates that explicitly state that they intend to lose the game on purpose in order to spite someone who has upset them. If this is what you mean, do your best not to inflame people on your team. Don’t tell them they should ward, don’t tell them their build is bad, don’t tell them they’re losing lane, don’t tell them they counterpicked themselves, don’t complain about them in all, don’t say anything to them or about them period.

Other times that people say trolls, they mean teammates that are losing the game whom they assume are losing on purpose due to their actions. More often than not, far more often than not, these people are not trolling. They are unskilled, outmatched, countered, or playing on tilt. They are walking into 1v3s because they tunnel vision on their target. They duel the opponent they fed because they aren’t able to judge their current power level. They miss cs because they got yelled at for giving up first blood and they can’t focus. They keep getting grabbed by Blitz because they rarely play bot lane and the enemy Blitz mains Blitz. Calling these players trolls makes you the bad guy, and makes you responsible for their further bad plays. So don’t do it.”


Trundle troll LoL gif


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  1. David

    This does not help whatsoever. From my expiernce, I had games with SO MANY Feeders and leavers. Is impossible to win a fight where all the enemy team is fed one person is missing and he critices everyone that they sucks. Really, This method doesnt not work, i even tried to get him fed, but they feed over 15 kills and say that it was our fault? Riot has thei get their shit straight.

  2. Miksop

    Well, trolls are unbeatable part of League, however hard trolls are getting banned fast, thus most games we have no AFKers and leavers. So i think Riots are doing good job, working with people who are ruining our games.

    Also these Trundle cosplay and gif are so nice xD

  3. seyinphyin

    League is a game designed for trolls. The core gameplay is to be an asshole, a griefer, a troll.

    So how to deal with them? Play with them or leave this game be.

    1. Wardogi

      Do you ever check troll or afk, or someone who get even 9 reports .. get ban .. i was checking people who do that and past 1 month they was still play. And to make it more ridiculous . I check and they troll 25 games in row…. in row,, and still doing it ,,. and still no ban.

  4. Trolling

    I rarely troll in lol, But when i do it’s normally a counter troll. (People verbally abusing) So i tell them to stfu or i will lose the game (never feed just afk) it’s safe to say i’ve stopped a few teams I did’nt like winning because normally im a very team based, objective player but dont think i should have to put up with people’s abuse an then proceed to win the game for them, That’s called being a push over.

  5. King Of Trolls

    I always feed on purpose no matter what. The enemy tries not to kill me, but then i kill them and if they attack me i let them kill me. YOU UNDERSTAND?
    there is nothing you can do against trolls.
    I just want to lose.

    AND i am lv30 without ban!!!!
    no joke.
    a friend got ban.
    but i dont. wtf
    all i do is feeding. my record 0 72
    and still no ban.

    and even if i get ban
    I have more accounts

  6. Kliko

    Well riots made good job and i see less trolls and feeders in the game than several years ago. I guess banning and encouraging system are working.

  7. The one

    Trolls are irritating….the sad part is…most of them have mental issues. I don’t mean they are have a mental disability, but that they are warped by the screen effect. Not having the typical normal reactions. Thus they think it is alright and it becomes part of who they are. Just remember this next time you deal with a troll. They are annoying, but most of them don’t actually understand the effects it has on others.
    The best way i have found. (80% of the time it works) is just being calm and friendly. If they want to work against you, just ignore and try harder :D

  8. Urfin Juice

    Trolls and League (not only LoL, any MOBA games) are things that are not separable. And there are two correct approaches how to act with the salty gamers in your team.

    The first way is to completely ignore him as such, and if he starts to feed enemies, then escort him with the whole team, and of course report this guy after the game so that he feels the whole rage of the tribunal!

    The second way is to be like Jay and Silent Bob :D Remember them, find them, kick their assess! jkng ofc.

  9. Stop Troll!

    Well, developers are doing great things by inventing system which punishing trolls thus there less and less of them with each day. At least 2 years ago, situation was different.

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