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Top tier champions in League

Who is the best champion in LoL? Everyone looked for an answer to this question, and unfortunately, LoL does not have the balance between the champions. Yes, the work on character balancing is carried out without interruptions, but players will always find the desired item build, which will strongly tip the scales towards one character. Usually such characters do not live long and Riot Games operatively nerf such champions, but still, they manage to violate the balance of power. So who is the strongest champion in the LoL? Each role has its own kings, so let’s look at each of them more closely.


Middle lane is mostly the solo lane, where you compete against an enemy, and sometimes you may be interrupted by a junglers ambush. But which champions can show best results at the mid lane? Who could literally destroy an opponent, and easily win mid? I want to highlight one champion, that is incredibly strong at the middle lane and considered by most players as OP (overpowered).

Even with the best champion, you will have no chances, if you do not know how to act at the middle lane. I highly recommend you to use our guide.


Next champions are the most popular, but still, they have pretty solid winrate:

  1. Orianna
  2. Zed
  3. Ahri

I want to present a little and brief guide about the best mid champion in our chart.


Orianna best mid champion in LoL

Orianna is incredibly strong in the current LoL patch. Early game is the sweetest time for this champion, you can easily harras most of the mage champions on the middle lane. This is well explained, just look at her abilities, Orianna able to deal strong damage using the simplest combo in the game – Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance. In the early game champions harassing each other with the auto attacks, but even here Orianna has an advantage, due to her passive ability Clockwork Windup and a great range of the attacks. Also, l wanted you to notice that after Command: Attack you can call the ball back with the Command: Protect, but in this case, you will deal damage to an enemy, and receive a shield on yourself. But you should use Command: Protect only after it touches an enemy. 

Orianna – Advantages:

  • Awesome AoE damage
  • Extremely strong from the very beginning
  • Great command champion, that can enhance the movement speed of the whole team
  • Wonderful ultimate, that can turn course of the every fight

Orianna – Disadvantages:

  • Do not have any escape abilities
  • Each ability could be used differently, which dramatically increases her complexity
  • Not recommended for new players

As many other mage champions, Orianna hardly depends on mana, so carefully look at your mana bar. After a combo, you should always fit a few auto attacks to the enemy. Early game is the most important time for the Orianna because it is the time when she must start to snowballing. You could never kill an enemy, but if you do your best, your enemy just could not touch minions and he will be deprived of gold and exp.

But the power of the Orianna is not limited to the early game. The middle stage of the game is quite cool for Orianna too, especially if you win the previous phase of the match. Thanks to the Command: Dissonance Orianna could quickly roam between the lanes and Command: Shockwave gives to her an opportunity to show magical things. Just stay in the shadows, and never initiate a team fight because her HP is very low. If the teammates dominate their lanes, then do not roam, just sit in the middle and push it to the end, increasing your power through the items.

Orianna is the very complicated champion, that can greatly help her team and deal tons of damage. The main problem in mastering this champion is in her abilities, each of them is unique and must be used in different situations. In some cases all you need to do is to use your ultimate, everything else is on your team mate’s shoulders. Orianna is the best Mid champion in LoL according to the information from League of Graphs.


Top lane champions are mostly melee, with a great escape or CC abilities. The main problem of this lane – you will be standing against two champions at the same time. But some of the LoL top champions could not only stand on such lane but also clearly dominate it, killing everyone who dares to stand against them.

We have wonderful guide about Top lane in LoL, try to check it out, maybe you found some interesting things here.


Almost any can be a top lane champion, but who are the best of them? These three top lane champions are very popular and you could see them almost in every game:

  1. Riven
  2. Darius
  3. Renekton

And let’s look at the chart’s winner more closely – her strong and weak sides, and how to play as Riven


Riven is incredibly strong and self-sufficient champion, that comfortably stands on the top lane. She has all tools to farm and harass enemies, just look at the Broken Wings, that greatly combined with the passive Runic Blade. So how you need to combine her abilities?

Riven best top champion in LoL

  1. Valor – Auto-attack – Broken Wings – Auto-attack – Ki Burst – Auto-attack – Broken Wings – Auto-attack – Broken Wings (step back or continue)
  2. Broken WingsBroken Wings – Auto-attack – Valor + Broken Wings (retreat in the safe position)
  3. Ki Burst – Auto-attack – Valor + Broken Wings (leave the dangerous zone under an enemy’s turret)

Riven advantages:

  • Abilities do not consume mana
  • Very strong champion from the first seconds of the match
  • AoE Stun
  • Powerful combos
  • Nice mobility 
  • Can shield herself
  • Great at snowballing. If Riven had a good start, it will be nearly impossible to stop her later

Riven disadvantages:

  • Riven is extremely vulnerable to the CC abilities and ranged champions
  • Not the easiest champion to learn
  • Weak tank potential in the Late game
  • Riven’s actions are predictable and experienced enemy can dodge most of our combos

First combo used in the long fights, where you and your enemies can fight without interruptions.This combo has a great variety of variations, but if you do not experienced enough, then do not try them out. 

Second combo will be useful in those cases when long fights will be non-profitable for you. Quickly deal damage and then retreat to the safe position. 

Third combo will give you an opportunity to harass an enemy even if he is hiding under the protection of a turret. But always take into account that enemy may have some CC abilities, like stun or provoke. Any dive attacks are too risky, but if you feel that it is your chance, you must use this combination.

Playing as a Riven in the early stages of the game, you need to be protected by a ward. Do not hesitate to leave a lane to buy some consumables or items, but always keep in mind that you need gold for a Control Ward. The sooner you will learn how to properly control the map, the sooner you will master Solo Top role in LoL.

The middle stages of the game is a great time for Riven, it is the time when she buys first important items and starts to accumulate her strength. Continue to farm minions, perform ganks or stay with the team, Riven is great at every position. In the team fight, the priority target #1 is an opposite carry. During the fight, Riven could travel for short distances thanks to her charges, and in the most cases, this is enough to get closer to the enemy’s ADC.

The late stage of the game is not the Riven’s time. The main problem – Riven is not a tank, and it becomes incredibly hard to stay alive in the team-fights. The goal still the same, deal as much damage in an opposite ADC as you can.

Summing up, I want to say that Riven is a very complicated champion, and you will need some practice to master her. Her outer simplicity is deceptive, but in the experienced hands, Riven is the best Top champion in LoL.


A jungler is a fully independent role, where are only you and minions. Sometimes this may be interrupted by ganks, but still, it is a pretty calm role. But this does not mean that you need only stand in the jungle and endlessly farm. No, you need to see where your help is needed and quickly change your position.

If you feel that you may miss some info about the jungle in lol, then read our guide where we explained all jungle mechanics and show best routes of jungle cleaning.


What must a good jungler have? Abilities to quickly clear jungle camps, strong ganking potential, and a pretty solid hp pool.

  1. Lee Sin
  2. Kayn
  3. Jarvan IV

Lee Sin is a wonderful champion, and I want to explain to you why.


Lee Sin is a literally the king of the jungle in the current patch, and nobody can not even get close to him. He is a very versatile and strong champion with only a few counter-picks. Lee Sin is mana independent champion, but you need to understand how his abilities working. With this knowledge, you can easily take the dominating position on the lane or just clear jungle camps with incredible speed.

Lee sin best jungler in LoL

Lee Sin advantages:

  • Extremely strong in the early and mid stages of the game
  • Can slow down multiple enemies at once
  • Great mobility
  • Great defensive abilities
  • Great ultimate that could deal tons of damage to the enemies
  • Universal champion that can adapt to the various conditions

Lee Sin disadvantages:

  • Weak at the late stage of the game
  • Hard-to-master champion. You need to take into account many things and quickly use abilities
  • If you use Ultimate without 

In the early game, you need to choose the aggressive tactic, this is for what this champion was created. It is not necessarily to start an attack with the Sonic Wave, it will be predicted move, but instead of this, you can start with the Tempest, or quickly decrease a distance with the Safeguard. All his abilities can be used in different variations. Use Sonic Wave to farm minions or to damage an enemy from the safe distance. Safeguard ability can be used on your minion which is under attack, to save him from the fate of being CSed, and also this will give you a perfect chance to begin an attack. With his passive ability, there are no fights that you can lose in the early stages of the game.

The middle game is the most important stage for Lee Sin. When critical items starting to appear in your backpack you will be able to roam all across the map and put the terror in the hearts of enemies. But if you do not see any opportunities for a gank, then just sit on your lane and accumulate power for future fights. Going into attack you need to precisely know how much damage you could deal. Do not save your ultimate for better times, if you feel that this prey is definitely yours, then use it without hesitation. All your efforts must be aiming at gaining an overwhelming advantage, that will pull your team to the victory.

The late stages are uncool time for Lee Sin. The longer a game, the weaker Lee Sin became. But if you experienced enough you still can be a pain in the ass to the enemies, but in all other cases, you will see how this champion loses his strength with every minute. You need to do everything that possible and implement your skills with caution. If you could provoke an enemy for attack and quickly retreat with the Safeguard or Tracker’s Knife – Warrior, then you may give a chance for your team to quickly deal with the disoriented opponents. 

Never forget about map objectives, and prepare for many hours of training to understand how this champion properly works.


The support role is extremely hard, you will act as a single mother putting great efforts in your ADc and getting almost no respect in the end of the match. But I do not underestimate the importance of this role because I fully understand all the pain that this kind of players faces. 

Supporting may be pretty hard, but with our help, you will be much better at this role!


Supports in LoL is a unique role, and many champions can be played as a support. Support-tanks, support-healer, support-harasser – I did not divide them and combine in the one category named “supports”:

  1. Thresh
  2. Janna
  3. Lulu

Thresh is a conqueror of the player’s hearts, so let’s consider him.


Thresh is the best support-tank in the LoL. Before you start to acting, you need to wait for the second and even better for the third level, and after it, you can start to play aggressively. It is important for Thresh to have all his abilities, so have patience. 

Thresh best support in LoL

Thresh advantages:

  • A lot of CC abilities
  • Great auto-attack damage due to the passive of the Flay
  • Nice attack range
  • Great tank
  • Can save allies with the Dark Passage

Thresh disadvantages:

  • Hard to master
  • All abilities are skill-shots and thats mean that you need to learn how to use them
  • Long CD on abilities

In the early game, you need to continuously put pressure on the enemies. In the ideal case, your ADC must have 2-4 kills until the mid game starts. This is not a fantasy, Thresh’s skills are incredibly strong and this champions can deal great amounts of damage. But do not forget that you not only a tank, but also a support. Never forget about wards, it is totally your work. Never forget about Sightstone, this item will save a lot of money for you.

To the middle game, Thresh must have a starting pack of items that dramatically increase his survivability. Do not forget about your Ultimate ability and seek for a moment to initiate a team-fight and use it. Do not forget that Thresh is an aggressive champion and that’s mean that you need continuously seek for a fight.

In the mass fights Thresh feels comfortable, he is able to slow down several champions at the same time with the Flay and The Box abilities. To the end stages of the game, Thresh must have good defensive artifacts and must absorb giant amounts of damage. In summary Thresh’s role is still the same:

  1. place wards
  2. initiate fights with your abilities
  3. quickly transport your allies with the help of your lantern.

Among all other supports, Thresh is very hard. You will spend many days before you fully understand him. You need to earn enough experience of “how to use Thresh skills“. I do not recommend this champion for all newcomers, but if you looking for the best support champion then Thresh is your choice.


AD Carry is the foundation of your team. It is such champion that can nothing in the early stages, but the further the game, the stronger he became. And in late stages of the match, he is capable to destroy an entire team by almost solo. ADC are glass cannons of LoLIncredibly strong, but extremely fragile. If you can not kill an enemy in a few seconds, then you will probably die, due to your low HP pool.

Learn how to act properly as an ADc champion in LoL with the Boosteria’s help – ABC guide to ADC


ADC is the core of the team, and many champions could perform this role, the only requirement for them – the must have range attack.

  1. Tristana
  2. Vayne
  3. Jinx

Anyone knows who Tristana is, but still, I want to tell about this wonderful AD Carry champion.


Tristana as all other ADC champions greatly need a lot of gold to buy expensive items. That means that you need to have great CS skills to slay all minions on the lane. Tristana could quickly decrease a distance due to the Rocket Jump, and thanks to the great damage and attack speed she could be paired with almost all supports.

Tristana best ADC in LoL

Tristana Advantages:

  • Great attack range
  • Have tools for the lane pushing
  • High damage and attack speed
  • Have escape/initiate abilities
  • Quite easy to master

Tristana Disadvantages:

  • Rocket Jump has a long animation and can be easily interrupted
  • Weaker than other champions in the early stages of the game
  • Ultimate could save an enemy, instead of killing him

Tristana has a great attack range and an arsenal of tools for harassing an enemy on the lane. Use Explosive Charge to damage an enemy who wants to CS a minion, and right after grenade, use Rapid Fire and add few auto attacks (4 in the ideal case). Do not hesitate to use Rapid Fire on CD because this ability does not consume any mana, but greatly increases your attack speed. The strongest Tristana’s combo is next: 

  1. Explosive Charge
  2. Rapid Fire
  3. 4 auto attacks
  4. Rocket Jump

In the early game, all you need to do is to slay as many minions as you can. Tristana has quite a strange animation of the attack, so you will need some time to get used to it. If you do not sure that you will kill an enemy, then do not pursue him. Farm is much more important for ADC in the early stages.

As soon as you’ll get your first items and ultimate you will be able to deal great damage and quickly push a lane. Tristana has a great pushing potential, she is able to quickly destroy any turret, thanks to the Explosive Charge. LoL has only a few abilities that work on turrets, and Tristana’s grenades deal tons of damage on turrets. All you need is get close to a turret, throw a grenade and make four shots. After this combo, you need to retreat because AoE damage from the grenade could damage an enemy champion, and this will provoke a turret on you. 

Killing enemies as Tristana is extremely easy, all her abilities do not require accuracy (they are point-and-click), and do not forget that you could use all abilities during Rocket Jump

A few words about her ultimate – Buster Shot. Do not overestimate the damage of the ultimate and always take into the account that enemy will not take all the damage, part of it will be reduced by the armor. 

During the mid game, you can actively push the lanes and destroy turrets, or participate in the team fights. Remember that you need to focus enemies one by one. 

In the end game, Tristana shows her true potential. She has great damage and attack speed, abilities help you to fastly clear waves of minions, or to escape from the dangerous situations. Ultimate could be used not only as a damaging tool but also as a tactical instrument, to push out some tank or a dangerous enemy.

It is easy to learn champion and all her abilities have clear, understandable effects, and if you only starting to learn the world of LoL and want to start with the extremely strong ADC then Tristana is your choice.


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