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Dark Star: Singularity event review - new map and game mode
Quick review on all Dark Star skins for League

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The Dark Star is a series of skins that are showing us that beyond the limits of our universe there are beings with unimaginable power, capable of changing the reality itself, absorbing and desecrating whole worlds. It is about these entities that the Star Forger – Aurelion Sol says:

The depths of space crawl with terrible entities. Pray they ignore this world.”

Dark star oriana kha'zix

The purpose of these creatures is simple – to bring our world to the great nothing, the inevitable darkness. They wander in the depths of the space and corrupt entire planets, thus increasing their numbers. By creating these skins, developers were inspired by black holes and that absolute darkness that lurks in its depths. They are the direct opposite of the Cosmic line, but they are not evil beings, they just different. Dark Stars do what they were created for and consider the appearance of the galaxy itself as an unacceptable sin in relation to the great darkness that gave birth to them. 

According to the idea of the creators, Dark Star Thresh was the first of the awakened entities, and when he saw the ugly planets and the strange, weak forms of life that resided on them, the Void Lord decided that everything should return to its original form. Dark Star Thresh desecrated the planets and whole star systems and created such monsters as Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha’Zix. The peculiarity of the Abyss Lords created in this way depends on the planet itself, and the creatures that live on it.

dark star lol

For example, the planet that gave birth to Orianna was home to the race of inventors, artists, and tinkers. Abilities and appearance of Kha’Zix originate in a wild world full of ferocious and primal predators. Restless hunter Varus has grown from a similar world, but only his homeland had the first rudiments of intelligent life, that have already begun to conquer the wild nature.


Fall before eternity. With each world that we return to the great darkness, our ranks will only grow. It does not matter how life forms are presented to us, in an elegant cybernetical or wild, primal form, any life is an abomination in our eyes. We were born with only one goal – to return all the worlds to an endless calm, and nothing can stop us.

Thresh dark star

Dark Star Thresh – the first and strongest of the Dark Stars, and he was called to our realm by the Darkness. He is able to create beings who in their greatness will not yield even to him. It is he who leads his children to the Dark Crusade.

Born of the remnants of the advanced, once magnificent star system, Dark Star Orianna serves the Singularity and fulfills her will with unshakable precision. She slides between the stars, and the worlds, once full of life, sounds, and colors turn them into gray, lifeless, and quiet deserts, where even the wind does not utter a sound.

A ruthless defiler from the barbarous world, Dark Star Kha’Zix is guided only by hunger. And with each absorbed planet, hunger only increases, and his thirst grows. Not capable of restraining himself Kha’Zix continues his endless feast until he calms down in the inevitable darkness.

Not knowing rest, the Abyss Hunter – Dark Star Varus, is trying to find a worthy enemy, but so far none of the conquered worlds couldn’t give him even the slightest resistance.


Riot Games decided to please us and released a whole series of summoner icons that will please any collector. Eight new Dark Star summoner icons and two ward skins.

dark star lol skins

Dark Star summoner icons:

  • Oblivion
  • Corruption
  • Cosmic Ruins
  • Dark Star Varus
  • Dark Star Thresh
  • Dark Star Orianna
  • Dark Star Kha’Zix
  • Dark Star Poro

Dark Star ward skins:

  • Dark Star
  • Corruptant


In the last year was released a new in-game event for LoL – Dark Star: Singularity. This was an interesting game mode, where everyone plays as a Dark Star Thresh with slightly modified abilities on a new map, that was created especially for this game mode – Cosmic Ruins. The core mechanics of this in-game mode was completely reworked, and many curious decisions were made.

the singularity event lol

In the Dark Star: Singularity you need to drop all enemy Threshes right into the Dark Star itself, that was placed directly in the middle of this Cosmic map. To drop enemies, you need to use enhanced Thresh’s abilities. You can check all them right here.

The core mechanics on this game mode were greatly changed, for example, all shopkeepers were removed from the game because the players started the game completely ready for battle. In the Singularity, you can not receive any gold or experience, because everyone starts with the same characteristics and with the same items. Just pure fun from the first minutes of the match.


Cosmic ruins is a LoL new map, that was created for the game mode Dark Star: Singularity.

Its original design is very similar to the highly modified Summoners Rift, and all in-game details have been updated to match the Dark Star theme: Cosmic backgrounds, multiple portals, singularities, and of course many purple colors. Apparently, the event was unfolded on somewhere on the border of our universe and the Void.

lol map cosmic ruins

The developers even created a special announcer for this game mode. And guess who is announcing events in the mode where only Thresh is available? That’s right, Thresh himself.

The Cosmic Ruins are once a great world, that has been consumed by the Darkness and now it slowly ejected into the nether. The Black Hole is consuming everything, pulling all survivors into the depths of the Void.


Only a few champions were represented in the Dark Star series of skins, but their dizzying success will not keep us waiting long for the addition to their dark family. 

Dark Star champion skins:

  • Dark Star Kha’Zix
  • Dark Star Orianna
  • Dark Star Thresh
  • Dark Star Varus


Dark Star Kha'Zix splash art

Dark Star Kha’Zix – Eternal Hunger

The very concept of this character is simply wonderful, but will the developers be able to sustain all this epic in a more miniature version – in the in-game model.

Dark Star Kha’Zix in the game looks a little different than on the splash art. No, I’m not saying that it looks worse, but expectations do not match with the reality. Yes, it looks like a predator from outer space, but similarities with the Xenomorphs are much greater than with the Abyss Lord, which he should be. If you do not see the splash art, then this is a great model, but only in this case.

Dark Star Kha'Zix skin Dark Star Kha'Zix lol model

Let’s go to the most curious part – new visual effects. New visual effects were performed exactly as I expected – astral claws, a faint glow of thorns on his back and beautiful particles. The particle effects are made as a purple glow with yellow flashes on it. This design effectively looks with Kha’Zix’s abilities and auto attacks. Void Spikes were made magnificent, the animation of collapsing stars is just great. In general, it can be seen that the designers of the visual side have done a nice job and I was especially impressed with the new recall animation. I’m ready to take a long look at how he manipulates with the black hole.

Sounds in this skin are differ from the original, and have their own charm. Yes, sounds are well matched and even interesting, but they lack individuality, they all look very much alike, so  I was not impressed with the sound part of the Dark Star Kha’Zix

Dark Star Kha'Zix preview lol

Dark Star Kha’Zix – Skin preview

So it turns out that Dark Star Kha’Zix is a pretty good skin, where a lot of amazing effects were added. If you play without an in-game sound, then obviously you should buy this skin, but if the audio part for you is not less important than the visual, then listen to him in the video below and decide for yourself.

You can buy Dark Star Kha’Zix skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Dark Star Orianna splash

Dark Star Orianna – Deadly Beauty

Let’s start with the biggest disappointment in Dark Star Orianna skin – her in-game model. On the splash art, her legs are not visible, but hands are executed interestingly and memorable, but in the game we received ordinary arms and legs without any elements or details, not counting the light shine of her hands.

Okay, let’s leave all her disadvantages ahead and move right to the rest. And all the rest can be ranked as pros since the Dark Star skin came out breathtaking and successful. The in-game model is executed beautifully and elegantly (not counting her hands and feets), and the new haircut pulls her head, which gives an alien look to her. The galactic skirt looks slightly illogical, but it looks awesome and fits perfectly into the given theme.

Dark Star Orianna lol Dark Star Orianna champion skin

Dark Star Orianna’s energy ball is a pocket star system which power was sealed in this sphere. Dark colors can also hint at a black hole, but the space inside the sphere is not pitch-black, but it full of glimpses of mystical light. Enough of speculation, let’s return to the review. Gold rings surrounding the ball match with dark colors and ruby inserts attract player’s attention.

It’s time to look at her skills and what visual effects have been added. New particle effects have acquired a blue tone. With these new effects, though, the abilities are felt the same, but they reveal themselves from the other side. Her ability – Command: Shockwave, completely shows the full power of a small sphere and forms a black hole in which several stars are sucked in, and then there is an explosion.

Dark Star Orianna lol preview

Dark Star Orianna – Skin preview

Sound effects performed well, not counting the voice acting of the champion. Dark Star Orianna sounds more like GLaDOS and not as an entity from the world of absolute darkness.

So, what is my decision? Dark Star Orianna is a beautiful skin with a couple of small details that can be ignored. If you do not feel burning hatred for her new model, then I highly recommend to buy it. Great skin for all the fans of the cosmos.

You can buy Dark Star Orianna skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Dark Star Thresh splash art

Dark Star Thresh – The Void Lord

Dark Star Thresh is the first Dark Star that was born, and due to this, he received the Legendary LoL skin. And here we will decide whether it’s bad or good.

The champion’s model was made great. A monstrous entity, imprisoned in armor. On his head, we can a bright sign, the meaning of which is clear only to Thresh alone. The tentacles on his head correctly reflect the very essence of the abyss, and the purple glow of the character adds mystery. Looking at his in-game model, I have no doubt that this monster can create black holes and devour entire worlds. Armed with a horrible sickle and a miniature version of a black hole Dark Star Thresh is ready to consume all defenders of this little world.

Dark Star Thresh lol Dark Star Thresh model

Let’s look at the visual effects, and first of all, I want to note his new recall animation. It’s just perfect – Dark Star Thresh uses her pocket black hole as a teleporter, and it all looks pretty impressive. Particles effects are performed in dark purple tones, the same as the character himself. Because of this, the effects sometimes merge with the champion, but this happens infrequently. The new animations that Thresh received along with the legendary skin are partly similar to the old ones but still feels different together with the black hole instead of the soul lantern. The new ultimate shows that Dark Star Thresh is the real Abyss Lord and he can summon void beings.

Dark Star Thresh preview

Dark Star Thresh – Skin preview

Right to the voice acting! Deep astral sounds accompany Dark Star Thresh everywhere, and they were executed perfectly. It is the sound that I was expected to hear when I firstly see his new model. So what’s about his VO? The new voice perfectly coincides with his appearance. The calm and profound voice that surrounds you and takes over your attention. Although the Thresh’s old voice lines could also fit perfectly but I’m glad that Riot Games completely rewrote the voice acting.

Looking at all of the above, you can safely conclude that Dark Star Thresh is an almost perfect Legendary skin and it just has to be in your collection, and especially if you love this champion.

You can buy Dark Star Thresh Legendary skin for 1820 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Dark Star Varus Splash art

Dark Star Varus – Arrow of Retribution

Dark Star Varus is a great skin that perfectly copes with its work. It convinces you that it is similar, but still a different champion.

Varus is clothed in elegant armor, and only a bright bluish light makes its way from the unprotected parts that this is not a human. His new bow possesses the power of those systems that was absorbed by his might. This is especially noticeable in the Piercing Shot ability when both the solar energy and the energy of the black hole are concentrated in the one glorious attack. The dark funnel that ascends the Varus’ arm reflects his true essence and allows him to absorb all the energy that He collects with his instrument. I also like one small detail, which gives this image exactly the right atmosphere – this is a small glow above the head of Varus in the form of a little dark star.

Dark star skin for Varus lol Dark Star Varus Skin

It’s time to mention visual effects. This time, the designers did not limit themselves with dark tones but also diluted them with fiery flashes, and they look just great. Especially beautiful are the Suns gradually absorbed by the abyss that appears on the enemy champions.

Let’s talk about sound effects. I can not say anything bad about abilities. A good astral sound in all the activities of the Dark Star Varus, but the champion’s voice itself disappointed me. His voice lacks depth, it sounds like an ordinary person, and it upsets me.

Dark Star Varus preview

Dark Star Varus – Skin preview

Summing up, I want to note that Dark Star Varus, though it hasn’t got an excellent voice acting, still an excellent skin. Visual effects fascinate with their beauty, and sound effects only strengthen your desire to buy this skin. A good choice for everyone who loves this grim archer.

You can buy Dark Star Varus Legendary skin for 1820 RP in the LoL in-game store.

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