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PROJECT origins - how this line of skins was created
Quick review of the Project champion skins, icons and wards
30 May 2017

PROJECT | League of Legends skins

In the last article, we began examining the alternative world of the League of Legends, where the Dystopian regime takes control over the world. This time I will continue to highlight these alternative universe skins, but this time we will look at the PROJECT but not a the Chrono agents.

Let’s start with the birth of the idea and how it took its form, form of the PROJECT that we all known and love. At the time of creation of these skins in the world of the League of Legends, there were already two futuristic lines of hi-tech skins – Mecha and The Evolution. But if Mecha and The Evolution look like giant robots or mechanical monsters, where the combination of form and functionality created the image of an enormous unstoppable machine, the size of the PROJECT skins will not be different from human size.


Mechanical improvements and augmentations significantly expanded the functional of such champions. All participants of this project changed their human nature to unimaginable power. This technology subordinated their souls, but still, they remained humans. Designers especially left some parts of these champions untouched, so they do not forget about their past. Small elements that indicate their human origins, like Yasuo’s leather glove or Leona’s jaw.


“In order to become PROJECT you have to surrender your humanity. The technology takes over your soul.”

PROJECT is an ideal fusion of the inner essence of the subject with the latest weaponry and body augmentations. The result of this process can be the ability to fully control one’s essence and release its real power, in rare cases this internal force can take a physical form. It is impossible to predict the results of the experiment because only nine human beings survived this PROJECT.

Perfect self-control and outstanding physical performance are keys that open doors for you to discovering your full potential. Feel the power of the PROJECT, if you dare.


The PROJECT series, as every new series, brings to us many champions skins, various icons, and unique ward skins. Icons were quite boring but still stylish, and wards skins were nicely done.

project icons and wards

PROJECT – Wards and Icons

PROJECT summoner icons:

  • PROJECT: Zed
  • PROJECT: Leona
  • PROJECT: Fiora
  • PROJECT: Lucian
  • PROJECT: Poro
  • Recon PROJECT: Ashe
  • EM Caster
  • PROJECT: Ashe
  • PROJECT: Ekko
  • Decrypter
  • Hyper Edge
  • PROJECT: Katarina
  • PROJECT: Ashe First Strike
  • PROJECT: Ekko First Strike
  • PROJECT: Katarina First Strike

PROJECT wards skins:

  • Optic Enhancer
  • PROJECT: Ward


First Generation of Champions who survived these enhancements:

  • PROJECT: Leona
  • PROJECT: Lucian
  • PROJECT: Yasuo
  • PROJECT: Zed
  • PROJECT: Fiora


Master Yi PROJECT lol

PROJECT: Yi – Official Splash Art

The concept of the PROJECT: Yi was firstly named as a Cyber Yi, but later its thematic was incorporated into the PROJECT skin. Now you know more!

project yi project yi lol

PROJECT: Yi recall

PROJECT: Yi – New recall animation


PROJECT: Yi – WuJu Style

PROJECT: Yi skin represents Master Yi as a heavily augmented warrior that participated in the PROJECT. Yi received a new armor, and now he looks like some cyber ninja with a Fusion blade. The primary color scheme is orange, but his new blade – Fusion Edge, changing the color into blue when the ability VooJoo Style is activated. With the new Legendary skin, Yi received the particle effects upgrade that perfectly fits in his futuristic outfit. But the animations are all the same, except new Recall and Spawn animations. The brightest side of this skin is whole new sound effects: Completely new Voice Lines, new interaction system and brand-new SFX for all his abilities. 

You can buy PROJECT: Yi skin for 1820 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT Leona Splash Art

PROJECT: Leona – Splash Art

After the modification, Leona received an updated armor and weapons. The shield is a retractable anti-shock panel with titanium parts, which provides maximum protection against physical attacks. She used it to block and stun enemies with operator’s energy assistance.

PROJECT: Leona lol PROJECT: Leona lol skin

PROJECT: Leona recall

PROJECT: Leona – New recall animation

Embedded in a new mechanically improved body, armed with an energy sword and a power shield, PROJECT: Leona also received an update for her abilities. New digital effects dramatically change the feeling when you are playing as this champion, and the updated sound effects and completely rewritten replicas create a slight sense of the new character. Unfortunately, most of the animations remained unchanged, except for the recall (and the paired recall animation with PROJECT: Lucian) and respawn animation.

You can buy PROJECT: Leona skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT: Lucian lol champion

PROJECT: Lucian – Splash Art

This time Lucian decided to look for help at high technologies and became a weapon himself. The only thing that reminds us that this is the same Lucian is his leather glove. The model of the champion was changed inconsistently, but the head is hidden now behind a tactical mask or some kind of visor. Armed with the newest weapon – Lightcasters with an ion caster core, which fires light beams charged via secondary focusing chamber.

PROJECT: Lucian lol PROJECT: Lucian champion skin

PROJECT: Lucian - New recall animation

PROJECT: Lucian – New recall animation

PROJECT: Lucian skin, unlike the Yi’s project, is considered as regular skin, so do not expect much from it. New particles in the form of the digital energy were added to all of his abilities, a new animation was added only to the recall. But they add a really cool new SFX: completely resounded champions, new VO, and new interaction system.

You can buy PROJECT: Lucian skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT: Yasuo splashart

PROJECT: Yasuo – Splash Art

PROJECT: Yasuo looks amazing, in the game instead of an ordinary sword warrior you will be met by a techno warrior and his newest technically perfect sword.

PROJECT: Yasuo lol PROJECT: Yasuo lol champion

PROJECT: Yasuo skin preview

PROJECT: Yasuo – Skin preview

New effects for auto attacks and abilities harmoniously complement the image of the techno samurai. New animations were added for the dance emote and when Yasuo sheathes his sword as well as new animations and visual effects for auto attacks and abilities. All this already puts this skin above the rest (rest regular) in this series, but do not forget about new sound effects such as new sounds for the Steel Tempest and Gathering Storm, new visor sound for all his emotions.

By the way, Yasuo can be your personal elo booster if you master this champion.

You can buy PROJECT: Yasuo skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT Zed splash art

PROJECT: Zed – Splash Art

Zed is a living shadow, and with these technical augmentations, he will become even more dangerous. This time Riots decide to choose the red color scheme, and this looks fancy as hell. And new solid smoke armor together with these dual Energy blades actually looks good on him.

PROJECT Zed lol PROJECT Zed champion


PROJECT: Zed – New recall animation

PROJECT: Zed has nice new visual effects that Riot adds to all his abilities. As all other PROJECTS, Zed received red digital effects, new animations, and all sound effect were upgraded: all movements, combat actions, skills, voice lines.

You can buy PROJECT: Yasuo skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT Fiora splash art

PROJECT: Fiora – Splash Art

Here is the famous duelist, but this time not with a rapier but with a light saber. The concept of the Project Fiora itself is very different from all other Fiora’s skins.

PROJECT Fiora PROJECT Fiora model lol

PROJECT Fiora recall

PROJECT: Fiora – New recall animation

Riots tried to make unique visual effects, but in fact, they came as other PROJECTs have. I can not highlight out anything concrete of this skin, but we definitely see the lack of dev’s inspiration. The only thing that distinguishes this skin is the really high-quality new voice acting. Sound effects are just great. PROJECT: Fiora does not disappoint, but does not cause a burning desire to buy this skin. It does not meet expectations and if it’s worth buying, then only at a discount.

You can buy PROJECT: Fiora skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


Second Generation of Champions who survived these enhancements:

  • PROJECT: Ashe
  • PROJECT: Ekko
  • PROJECT: Katarina


In the second generation, first skin in a series is again obtained Legendary status. This time Ashe received the PROJECT: Ashe Legendary skin.

PROJECT Ashe lol

PROJECT: Ashe – Splash Art

Behind these synthetical enhancements is hiding our beloved Ashe. Her full body was greatly upgraded with the most advanced technologies, and even her left eye was replaced with an artificial eye or a portable scope. Her hair style is now different, but we can still be able to see her human nature. Unlike the first generation of PROJECT skins, particle effects and the whole color scheme do not adhere to the red or orange tones. Someone may miss her ice nature, but to compensate it devs decided that PROJECT: Ashe will have a blue color scheme and blue (not digital blue, thank God) particle effects that were applied to all her abilities and attacks.

PROJECT Ashe PROJECT Ashe lol champion

PROJECT: Ashe is a legendary skin and to match her new status she received whole new animations: abilities, auto attacks, critical hits, emotes, respawn, recall. And do not forget about brand-new sound effects and voice over. Project Ashe is trying to combine cyberpunk and Archer identities into a single whole. So if you like the concept and do not have questions, like “why do somebody would use a bow in the future?”, then just buy it.

You can buy PROJECT: Ashe skin for 1820 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT Ekko splashart

PROJECT: Ekko – Splash Art

Cybernetic suit and glowing futuristic sword are looking great in the contrast of the vintage feel of the classic version. Whole Ekko’s model was remade, but the dark tones of the lower body dilute the details into a gray mass. But the upper body with the augmented or artificial light-colored arms and a light green collar is much more attractive. 


PROJECT Ekko preview

PROJECT: Ekko – Skin preview

PROJECT: Ekko receive green particle effects to all his actions, and these effects look especially great with Timewinder and Chronobreak abilities. The new SFX, the soft, artificial sounds, complement the abilities’ visuals in the best way. Project Ekko is an excellent skin that fit into the Ekko’s acrobatics personality. The only thing that surprises me – how this happy guy has survived in the Dystopian world and has not changed in any way. It seems to me that there is not enough dejection or seriousness in this new PROJECT skin for Ekko.

You can buy PROJECT: Ekko skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.


PROJECT Katarina

PROJECT: Katarina – Splash Art

This character does not cause me such questions as our last guest. I perfectly understand how Katarina could survive in the Dystopian world and why she decided to join the PROJECT. The augmentation naturally looks on the assassin and her armored body and synthetic parts only emphasize her futuristic aspect. But the huge amount of dark spots on her costume blur the details and in the in-game model, you will not see the same beauty that on the splash. Noticeably stand out her white left hand and long hair combed to the left. Visor and new blades perfectly complement the whole image.

PROJECT Katarina PROJECT Katarina lol champion

PROJECT Katarina preview

PROJECT: Katarina – Preview

Well, let’s move on to the new visual and audio effects. Particle effects follow the whole color scheme (red, btw) but the structure of such effects is repeated between several abilities, which make them appear too similar. Sound effects are similar to the classic ones, but still, cause some virtual feel when you cast the abilities. The only new animation that was added is a Recall with a nicely done acrobatics in it. PROJECT: Katarina is an effective cyborg assassin but in my opinion, she had a much bigger potential on this PROJECT skin.

You can buy PROJECT: Katarina skin for 1350 RP in the League of Legends in-game store.

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    CYBERPUNK RULES! But honestly all these skins are look asame. They need something fresh in every project champion. I really don’t know what they can add, but Riots are so creative. At least they created awesome legendary project Ashe skin, that is quite unique and have nice visuals!

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