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Quick review of the Star Guardians skins

Star Guardian | League skins

Star Guardians is a set of skins that can give a lot of both positive and negative emotions. It’s hard not to notice that the developers were inspired by Sailor Moon – everything from the very concept of skins to the transformation of the champions was taken from this famous anime.

Strangely enough that Star Guardian skins are the part of the series of skin from the LoL parallel universes as Dark Star and Cosmic. Probably the developers consider these skins to be too gloomy and decided to dilute them in this way. The images came out nice and I sincerely do not understand some of the players that this topic is not interesting and they express their discontent clearly.

As I said above, the developers were inspired by the anime about the magical girls, such as

  • Sailor Moon
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica

To get the power of Star Guardian you need to sign a contract, which was done by absolutely all the champions, but there is an interesting moment – Jinx did not read the contract because TLDR (too long, don’t read).


From the very beginning, five stars gave their light to the whole universe. New worlds were born, illuminated by the light of these stars, and the creatures that inhabited these worlds became the first representatives of their power. Their vocation to protect the light, and everything that was created by it. But for such power, there is always a price, and the champions, shining with unbearable light, quickly collapsed.

Years passed and the light of the stars faded, the power of the Stars was reborn in five new Defenders. The Star Guardians were chosen for their past merits and the strength of which they possess, but Courage was valued above all, because their strength is needed in the darkest corners of the universe, in those places where horrific forces dwell.

star guardian skins lol

In a break between violent battles, Star Guardians should live a simple life, like all other inhabitants of the planet, so that the Defenders do not lose their connection with the creatures inhabiting their homeworld. It also perfectly rallies the team itself and creates the strongest bonds between the young champions.

And yet, despite a careful selection of applicants, sometimes a great force finds the wrong champions. Such cases are extremely rare, but still, we can not talk about the Star Guardian who rejected their fate of the Defender and began to use this force to achieve their goals. And the echoes of such actions are carried by destructive waves throughout the universe and beyond.

Each Star Guardian has his own little familiar, which always and everywhere must accompany them:

  • Star Guardian Ahri – Kiko
  • Star Guardian Ezreal – Yuuto
  • Star Guardian Janna – Zephyr
  • Star Guardian Jinx – Shiro and Kuro
  • Star Guardian Lulu – Pix
  • Star Guardian Miss Fortune – Boki and Baki
  • Star Guardian Soraka – Shisa
  • Star Guardian Syndra – Multi

The only exceptions are the following champions, but instead of spirits, they have powerful artifacts:

  • Star Guardian Lux – Radian Staff
  • Star Guardian Poppy – Light’s Hammer

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star guardian ahri splash art

Star Guardian Ahri – Official Splash Art

The well-known concept of the magical girl is very suitable for our Nine-Tail Fox. Using standard techniques, developers have created an excellent legendary skin, where white blue and red colors combine in an ideal color balance. As for the accessories, the gloves and boots look rather ordinary, but the crown is quite cute for Ahri. Star Guardian Ahri followed by her familiar – Kiko. Kiko is the new model for the Ahri’s magic orb, the mystical three-tailed pet in the magical sphere – what could be better?

star guardian ahri champion star guardian ahri model

Let’s move on to the visual effects of this skin. New particle effects are performed in the form of stellar magic, and executed qualitatively and beautifully. The fox’s abilities remained almost unchanged, adding only a sparking effect. Auto Attacks have been changed and now Star Guardian Ahri throws the stars at enemies. The visual part was performed with amazing superiority, just look at yourself, it captures the spirit.

Star Gueardian Ahri Skills

Star Guardian Ahri – Skills Preview

The sound part is made worse than I expected, and it is almost impossible to distinguish the different abilities of the Fox by ear. But the voice of the champion made perfectly, the other I did not expect from Riot Games.

Summarizing all of the above, I want to note that Star Guardian Ahri is a fascinating skin that many players will like. The visual effects together with the audio effects create exactly that feeling that arises with you when viewing the Official Art, so I recommend this skin to the purchase of absolutely everyone who at least sometimes plays for Ahri.

You can buy Star Guardian Ahri Legendary skin for 1820 RP in the LoL in-game store.


star guardian ezreal splashart

Star Guardian Ezreal – Splash Art

The only representative of the stronger sex among the Star Guardians is Ezreal. Dressed in a white and blue suit, he is ready to protect the universe from any threats from outside. Visually, it is performed excellently, all the accessories of this skin perfectly match, and I love how the developers managed to portray the familiar of Star Guardian Ezreal.

star guardian ezreal recall star guardian ezreal model

Let’s move on to the new animations and particle effects. Changes in animations and effects are barely noticeable, but they still fit well with the appearance of the champion. If you look carefully, then the changes are visible, but in the heat of battle you will not keep track of the details and you will see the same good old Ezreal. In all cases, the Star Guard Ezreal shoots stars that explode in the stars and following by stars. Not too original, but acceptable. Ultimate ability releases all the power of the familiar in the glove-bow of the Star Guardian Ezreal and looks intriguing.

star guardian ezreal homeguard star guardian ezreal skillshot

Sound effects consist of sparkling subtle sounds. But the plus of sound effects of this skin is that different abilities have the different tonality and the player is not difficult to determine by the sound what he shot at the enemy this time. The new voice of the character was not added, which really upset me.

Star Guardian Ezreal is a very interesting skin, and despite the fact that it is made in the line of old guards, he left quite male. So if you like this champion, or you are close to the topic of this line of skins, then safely recommend to buy.

You can buy Star Guardian Ezreal skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian janna Splash Art

Star Guardian Janna – Splash Art

The enchanting skin of the Star Guardian Janna causes a lot of positive emotions. The small details that this skin is full of, well emphasize the main theme of the Star Guardian skins. The new skin is based on the classic theme of Sailor Moon, which looks beautiful, but not original. The unique staff only emphasizes the skin theme, which makes him stand out among other equals.

star guardian janna star guardian janna model

Sound and visual effects perfectly distinguish the star side of this skin. The particles are made in the form of bright dust, stars, and twists of magical energies. Sounding sounds are well coordinated by the visual component and they expose this skin in bright light.

star guardian janna skin preview

In the end, we received the nice skin, which will appeal to all lovers of Janna. The in-game model, visual and sound effects are executed effectively and cost the money that Riot Games asks for Star Guardian Janna.

You can buy Star Guardian Janna skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian Jinx splashArt

Star Guardian Jinx – Splash Art

It is difficult to understand how such a windy and psychotic lady was accepted into the Star Gгardians, but the essence of the story is not about this. In the new image of the Jinx looks amazingly – Light clothes, full of colorful details, beautiful weapons-familiars, and long fiery red hair. She and before that was one of the most memorable champions LoL, but SUCH Jinx is just perfect.

Star Guardian jinx Star Guardian jinx model

Enough to discuss clothes it’s time to move on to more interesting things, for which we love skins from Riot. The particles are just as beautiful as the sounds that are reproduced along with the shots and are great for the new Jinx’s skin. The Weapons and the Familiars from which they are formed also have new visual and sound effects. New animations and recall are charming, perfectly shows all the impatience of Jinx. I also want to note a new ultimate ability animation and sound effect, and a fast-run state.

Star Guardian Jinx abilities preview

Personally for me, this is the best skin of all for Jinx, and not only among the Star Guardians, but among all the skins ever created by Riot Games. Strictly recommend it to buy for all, no matter whether you love this champion or not, but this skin must be in your collection.

You can buy Star Guardian Jinx Legendary skin for 1820 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian Lulu SplashArt

Star Guardian Lulu – Splash Art

Lulu is clearly not the character who needed the skin of Star Guardian. Her body proportions just do not fit for the set of magician girls. But let’s cast prejudices aside and look at the result of the artists’ work with an appraising look.

Star Guardian Lulu Star Guardian Lulu ingame model

Developers do not find any problems adding a familiar, Lulu always had a companion. The appearance of the character is unclear. No, I can look at all details of her new appearance in 3d model viewing, but I can not evaluate the works of developers in-game. Most of the time we will see a green hair and a staff in the style of the Star Guardians. Staff by the way, like a diadem, performed interesting and beautiful.

Star Guardian Lulu abilities preview

But let’s move on to the part that we can evaluate – visual and sound side of the Star Guardian Lulu skin. Particles, like all the rest of the line of skins, are represented in the huge number of stars. But even though this is monotonous, they are fulfilled with diligence, for which they receive a plus in the piggy bank. The new polymorph looks interesting, but only if you have time to look at it. In the rest of the time, you will see another incomprehensible winged creature. Sounds are made in the form of chime bells and quite different from both standard and other Star Guardian skins in the series. But this does not mean that it’s bad, just unusual and even memorable.

In the end, I can say that Star Guardian Lulu is an interesting skin, on the wrong champion. All the charm of the sorceress’s costume we lose sight of due to the inhuman proportions of the champion’s body, and we can only enjoy new visual effects.

You can buy Star Guardian Lulu skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian Miss Fortune  splashart

Star Guardian Miss Fortune – Splash Art

Star Guardian Miss Fortune is the skin we deserve. Everything in it is beautiful, from the amazing splash art to the magnificent in-game model. Beautiful new clothes made in white red tones, red hair and two huge guns, all together it looks just stunning. But still, with all these transformations, she remained that Sarah, which we always knew. She has not lost her essence.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune Star Guardian Miss Fortune  ingame model

With the appearance we figured out, let’s move on to the effects and animations. The first thing that catches your eye is a huge trap in the form of a star. The standard auto attack of the champion leaves a remarkable star-shaped mark. All the abilities, as you would expect from this line of skins, got their visual improvements (in the shape of stars of course!). Color solutions chosen by the developers – from dark red to light yellow, fit perfectly into the image of the champion and do everything possible within the framework set by the conditions of the Star Guardian skins. New animations are quite interesting, but not more. Mentions are worthy only new Idle pose and recall.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune  previe

An excellent skin not only for lovers of magician girls. Star Guardian Miss Fortune will perfectly suit any player who loves this champion. Strictly recommend this skin to buy.

You can buy Star Guardian Miss Fortune skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian Soraka SplashArt

Star Guardian Soraka – Splash Art

And another masterpiece from our beloved company. Star Child of the LoL universeStar Guardian Soraka tries to contain as much stellar power as possible. She is dressed in light blue and white colors and richly decorated with all sorts of accessories. Changes in the staff perfectly emphasize other changes in the image of the sorceress. Her horn is made of gold and gently shining, and it seems not so threatening as in the original skin.

Star Guardian Soraka Star Guardian Soraka ingame model

Visual effects, like new animations, are almost perfect. Auto attacks a little deviate from the general theme of the stars, and cause explosions of small suns, and it is this uniqueness that distinguishes this skin from the others. The particles, like the others Star Guardian skins, are made in the form of stars of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Sounds are based on clinking and retinue. Salvation is accompanied by a melodic magic whistle and a soft flickering sound. New animations were added a little, but they are beautiful. The wings appearing at Soraka when reaching a certain speed are incomparable, in a new recall instantly causes Star Guardian Soraka to spread her wings and fly to the base.

Star Guardian Soraka abilities

Star Guardian Soraka is a great skin that everyone will like, no matter if you are playing for this champion or not. Do I advise it to buy? Definitely yes, if you love this champion.

You can buy Star Guardian Soraka skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Star Guardian Syndra splash art

Star Guardian Syndra – Splash Art

The only dark representative of the Star Guardian series is Star Guardian Syndra. The dark blue tones only accentuate her unkind nature, which felt the touch of darkness upon herself. Her clothes are very different from all previous skins in the series, dark shades predominate in her, which is not surprising. Appearance is executed with all attentiveness and all trifles are verified with extraordinary accuracy.

Star Guardian Syndra ingame Star Guardian Syndra model

Another significant difference of Syndra from the other Star Guardians is visual effects. No stars, the developers decided to focus on the dark spheres of sorcery, and all particles and animations are based on them. Sound effects have also been processed and now pleasant melodious sounds will caress your ears every time you attack the enemy.

Star Guardian Syndra abilities

New animations are also accented on the dark familiar. When Star Guardian Syndra is casting the Recall she conjures Multi (her familiar) and dark light is consuming her, until it forms a large Multi, that transport her away. The high-speed run also received new animation, where she flies ahead with one arm forward, like some kind of superheroine. 

Summing up, I want to show that this is quite UNIQUE Star Guardian skin, and if you evil inside, then you will definitely love this skin. But still, this is not the best skin of all Star Guardians, and I can recommend it only to the Syndra players.

You can buy Star Guardian Syndra skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


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