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Super Sentai and other anime-like skins in the new Super Galaxy line
Detailed review on all Super Galaxy champion skins

Review of the old and new League Super Galaxy skins

Super Galaxy LoL is another series of Parallel Universe skins in LoL, and again developers took their inspiration from the east animes, but not as girlish as in Star Guardian case. This time their look fall into anime like Gurren Lagann, Neon Genesis, Evangelion. Where young champions in futuristic costumes trying to save the world, and in our case – the whole galaxy.


The main goal of the developers in creating Super Galaxy skins is to create an alternative fantasy world for champions. This time they decided to choose something more mechanical than usual, but unfortunately, the developers decided not to waste their time to reveal the lore of this new universe. And yes it’s sad because many (almost all other) skins have a good story behind them, which explains why the champions look exactly like that.

We just have to be satisfied with the bits of information that we received recently. From the fragmentary broadcast that was received at the headquarters of Super Galaxy, we found out that the last obstacle for the champions was some huge monster that Vi faced. Also from this broadcast, we found out that Fizz is an unprecedented panic-monger, and Shyvana just loves to watch sports events and nothing can interrupt her. As a result, you can see that Super Galaxy skins really originate from the unserious anime.


LoL Super Galaxy is a series of champions skins and summoner icons, but this time we did not receive any totem skins but I think that in the nearest update, when Riot Games will release their next Super Galaxy LoL skins, we will definitely see a new totem skin.

Right now we have next Super Galaxy Champions:

  • Super Galaxy Fizz
  • Super Galaxy Kindred
  • Super Galaxy Rumble
  • Super Galaxy Shyvana
  • Neon Strike VI

But at PBE servers we can already look at the next representatives of the Super Galaxy squad:

  • Super Galaxy Annie
  • Super Galaxy Elise
  • Super Galaxy Gnar
  • Super Galaxy Nidalee

And the pleasant news is that Super Galaxy Elise will be a Super Villain, and we all know how LoL players love the dark side. At the previous Legendary versus event – Chaos Vs Order – the dark side easily claimed their victory.

At this moment Super Galaxy summoner icons include all champions and their distinctive signs, such as the Fizz’s Shark, Shyvana’s dragon form, and Kindred’s wolf, and only Neon Strike Vi does not receive personal summoner icon:

  • Super Galaxy Fizz
  • Mega Shark
  • Super Galaxy Lamb
  • Super Galaxy Shyvana
  • Mega Dragon

summoner icons super galaxy



Super Galaxy Kindred splash

Super Galaxy Kindred – Splash Art

Super Galaxy Kindred is given to us in the form of Super Sentai duet (for those who do not know, Super Sentai –  are the Power Rangers of the East). In this duet, Lamb is the superheroine in a costume, and her wolf has turned into a robotic loyal companion. It’s nice to see that the developers paid so much attention to the secondary character of this duet because the wolf now has a colorful and attractive mask and just a beautiful trail of energy that follows him everywhere. His attacks also look great and although his role is limited, it’s still nice to see his new updated form. But with the Lamb developers have treated severely, it looks horrific and even the transformation itself is not done naturally. The new weapons – namely the bow and arrows – are executed beautifully, but still, they can not cover up all the shortcomings of its new armor.

Super Galaxy Kindred Super Galaxy Kindred model

It’s time to move on to visual updates. First of all, I’d like to note a new recall – Lamb uses the Wolf Mask as a teleportation beacon and sends it somewhere in the depths of space, and after a few moments disappears. I will not say that this is super original, but it fits well into the overall spirit of Super Galaxy skins. As the new particle effects follow the energy trace of our beloved wolf, I can not say anything bad about them. The color scheme was chosen amazingly, and the riot of colors occurring during the use of the ultimate ability is simply stunning. The sound effects are quite strange. On the one side – the attack of the Lamb and her abilities do not cause many emotions, but those sounds that the wolf makes, rushing at the enemy, are forced to love this skin.

Super Galaxy Kindred abilities

Super Galaxy Kindred – Abilities Preview

And what did we get as a result? Super Galaxy Kindred is a pretty good skin, which adds a lot of colorful elements, but this hideous superhero costume of Lamb just spoils everything. I would like to recommend the Super Galaxy Kindred skin to everyone, but this costume stops me.

You can buy Super Galaxy Kindred skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Fizz splash

Super Galaxy Fizz – Splash Art

Super Galaxy Fizz is one of the best skins that I have ever seen in the LoL. I started the review rather strangely, but it’s all because of the emotions that this work of art makes me. Magnificently matched colors, excellent costume design and a new, futuristic model for Chomper – all this together is worthy of the best awards, but let’s still pay attention to new visual and sound effects.

Super Galaxy Fizz Shark Super Galaxy Fizz model

Particle effects look nice and colorful, but still, new visual effects are executed in a minimalistic style (not counting the huge mechanical shark). The colors used for the abilities repeat the colors of the Super Galaxy Fize himself and only emphasize his belonging to the group. Ultimate ability of Fizz uses a beacon fixed on the back of the champion, and it is this beacon that signals his shark at what point of space Chomper will open a wormhole to devour his enemies.

New sound effects use futuristic sounds that perfectly fit a particular image of the champion, which on the whole has a very positive effect on the overall score.

Super Galaxy Fizz abilities

Super Galaxy Fizz – Abilities Preview

As I said at the beginning, I think this skin is the best among all skins, not only in Super Galaxy but among all the other skins (not including the ultimatums). The perfect combination of style, visual and audio effects – it altogether influenced my final solution. I strongly recommend Super Galaxy Fizz skin for everyone.

You can buy Super Galaxy Fizz skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Shyvana splash

Super Galaxy Shyvana – Splash Art

Super Galaxy Shyvana, the developers clearly had enough space to show their rich imagination. Let’s begin our review with the Human version. The two-tone color scheme of the armor is perfectly combined with the new hair color of Shyvanna. A new visor supports her hair, and golden details (which are also found on gloves and breasts) are serving as an excellent decoration of the champion’s model. Now about her Dragon form – the very essence of the character has changed, now from the half-blood Shyvana turned into a pilot of a huge, dragon-like robot. The metal parts of which have smooth bends and look ergonomic. Quite colorful design is perhaps a kind of reference to Gurren Lagann or Evangelion. In my opinion, developers performed their work with an incredibly high quality.

Super Galaxy Shyvana human Super Galaxy Shyvana dragon

It’s time for visual effects. In general, it is clear that the developers wanted to support the overall style of the Super Galaxy Shyvana, but I can not point out anything supernatural. Twin Bite now summons the ring on her hands (or claws in dragon form), and the flame surrounding the champion looks more like a standard recolor. The Flame Breath is favorably different from other abilities with its attractive design and colorful and interesting particles. Sound effects well support the particle effects but I can not highlight any special details.

Super Galaxy Shyvana preview

Super Galaxy Shyvana – Abilities Preview

Super Galaxy Shyvana has some issues, but nothing of them have a negatively influenced on the image of the champion. Both forms – dragon and human are executed attractively and if you are looking for a skin that will save you from the ordinary elemental dragon forms of Shyvana, then Super Galaxy Shyvana is your choice.

You can buy Super Galaxy Shyvana skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Rumble splash

Super Galaxy Rumble – Splash Art

Super Galaxy Rumble is the first legendary skin in the Super Galaxy series. In the whole skin, I feel a significant influence of the popular anime Gurren Lagann, starting with the Rumble’s suit, ending with the robot design. Just look at how he is shown on the official splash art, this pose, this scarf, that is three times longer than the champion himself and flying far into the sky. Does not it look like anything? Fans of Gurren Lagann probably already have this skin for a long time in the collection, even if they do not play for this champion.

Super Galaxy Rumble Super Galaxy Rumble model

Visual effects are performed in the form of new particle effects. They are done with such zeal that I can not recognize the old abilities at the first sight, and the new fire looks more realistic than ever. A lot of new animations were added for each movement of his combat mecha and especially a new recall. Ramble raises his drill up to the heavens as he preparing to pierce the heavens themselves, climbs out of the cabin and stands in a pretentious pose. Good move Riot Games, good move … Excellent sound effects only underline the general pathos and heroism of the Super Galaxy Rumble.  By the way, Super Galaxy Rumble received brand new voice lines too, and they are awesome.

Super Galaxy Rumble abilities

Super Galaxy Rumble – Abilities Preview

What did we get as a result? A wonderful Super Galaxy skin, with an almost completely redesigned robot, animations, and beautiful visual effects. It is because of the quality of the work that this skins will appeal not only to fans of Gurren Lagann but also to all who are familiar with the theme of combat vehicles.

You can buy Super Galaxy Rumble Legendary skin for 1820 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Neon Strike Vi splash

Neon Strike Vi – Splash Art

The unique skin of Neon Strike Vi is the only one from the Super Galaxy series. Neon Strike Skin adds a new model for the champion himself, new hextech fists and new glow for her costume. Also, a new texture was added for the teacup when Vi taunts Caitlin. Neon Strike Vi can offer you an attractive champion model with the yellow tight suit, that perfectly highlights all the virtues of Vi, but at the same time, it isn’t revealing. The suit itself is well decorated, and new highly technological hextech gloves please me with its unique appearance. The colors themselves are chosen perfectly, especially considering the name of the skin – Neon Strike. Screaming neon colors just bring a variety of colors to the Super Galaxy skin series.

Neon Strike Vi skin Neon Strike Vi ingame model

As for the visual effects, they are executed without special temples. The rainbow pillar raises the enemy up when Neon Strike Vi using an ultimate ability, a charge is just a little different from the original, but that neon wave that diverges from Excessive Force looks interesting enough. It’s pretty hard to make beautiful visual effects for Vi, and in the Neon Strike Vi skin, the developers showed everything they could at that time. New sound effects are faceless and I cannot distinguish any special of them all, since they sound about the same as in the original, except for Excessive Force.

Neon Strike Vi abilities

Neon Strike Vi – Abilities Preview

Neon Strike Vi is an excellent skin, in which the developers have clearly invested their soul. Although both visual and sound effects are not worthy, this skin, due to its screaming colors, can still become a worthy decoration in your collection.

You can buy Neon Strike Vi skin for 975 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Annie splash

Super Galaxy Annie – Splash Art

Here he is, the absolute champion in my personal ranking of the Super Galaxy skinsSuper Galaxy Annie. This skin has absorbed all the best from Hextech Annie but still follows its own path. Super Galaxy Annie has an interesting costume, with high-tech gloves, thanks to which she can emit waves of digital energy, and overall a pleasant color scheme. Unfortunately, the costume is difficult to describe in details, because, due to the small size of the champion himself, only the gloves and head of Annie are available to the players. Annie’s head is now decorated with engineering glasses. In general, both the hair color and the hairdo itself may be a reference to the movie Kick-Ass, where there is a similar teenage rebel. Driving or engineering glasses are an interesting accessory and fit great into the new recall animation.

Super Galaxy Annie new skin

Super Galaxy Annie – New skin preview

And now, for what we all loved Hextech Annie, and now I’m sure we will love Super Galaxy Annie – her teddy-bear Tibbers. This time it is made in the form of a high-tech robot killer with impressive dimensions. The color scheme of the Tibbers is brighter than that of Annie, and it’s great because otherwise you may be confused where is your champion itself in the team battle. The very design of this mecha-bear is made perfectly, in the spirit of old transformers. I will not be surprised if he is able to transform into some kind of vehicle, because he has some kind of wings on shoulders, and on his hands are installed jet engines. The head of mecha-teddy now has a shape more similar to the head of a wolf (hello Super Galaxy Kindred), but this does not affect the overall perception of this skin.

Let’s move on to the most colorful part – animation and effects. Some standard animations have been slightly modified, but there is nothing worth mentioning about, but the new recall is simply pleasing to the eye. Super Galaxy Annie transforms her cub to the same vehicle that I mentioned above (hello Gurren Laggan) and then takes the pilot’s seat and travels to a safe place. It’s a pity they did not make animation as Annie puts on her glasses, if I will see it someday, I can calmly die in peace.

Super Galaxy Annie new recall

Super Galaxy Annie – New recall animation

Let’s talk about new particle effects. In the case of auto attacks, Annie shoots with energy clots that leave a repulsor track behind them, Disintegrate now looks like a much bigger auto-attacks with pretty circles in the projectile’s trail. Incinerate now bursts with a bluish energy and Molten Shield is no molten anymore, instead, it looks like an old-school force shield, with a pretty spheric animation on the cast. About Ultimate I already talked a little bit above.

So what about sound effects? Sound now clearer, and sound softer than in classic skin, and now have clear futuristic notes in them. The light chiming of the bells perfectly fits in the skin’s fantasy.

Super Galaxy Annie visual effects

Super Galaxy Annie – New visual effects

Well, what I can say about this masterpiece? Super Galaxy Annie is clearly one of the best skins for Annie ever created, and it must be on the same tier as Hextech Annie. Both these skins are nearly perfect, and they will find a place in your collection.

You can buy Super Galaxy Annie skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Elise splash

Super Galaxy Elise – Splash Art

Another variation of the theme “What if Elise did not exist in the world of fantasy, but in a high-tech world?” The new mechanical spider-legs of the Super Galaxy Elise look good, and the green color hints at the poisonous nature of the champion. Purple hair and green paws-blades well contrast with the overall dark theme of the skin, which gives it a certain uniqueness. The human form of the Super Galaxy Elise, unfortunately, does not have any more decorations, so let’s move right to the spider form, or in this case – the mechanical version. Elise transforms into a mechanical spider, which’s colors are dominated by green and purple tones, which symbolizes poison and danger. It looks good, and the animations are smooth and interesting. Game designers have obviously tried to come up with a new kind of spider mistress and both forms turned out beautiful and memorable.

Super Galaxy Elise new skin

Super Galaxy Elise – New in-game model

Well, now it’s time to move on to the visual part. Super Galaxy Elise received at once two new recall animation, one in human form, and one in spider. In the human form, she forms a throne of mechanical spider legs and just teleports to the base, in the spider version the champion clings to the digital web and after a while disappears. Both ideas are extremely interesting, but the spider version is clearly missing something. For example, she could creep herself beyond vision limits of the player or something like that.

Super Galaxy Elise recall

Super Galaxy Elise – New recall animations

Particle effects are performed in a red color scheme. When Super Galaxy Elise uses Neurotoxin, she releases a red clot of digital energy that when hit completely obliterates the enemy champion. Volatile Spiderling divides colors with his mistress, but with the explosion, there is a sharp release of red energy, which leaves burnt hexagons on the floor. Cocoon now have purple colors, but still looks like a digital energy that infuses enemy champion with some kind of virus that stuns them for a short period. In the spider form, Elise’s abilities are painted into acid-green tones. When spide Elise uses Venomous Bite she charges to an enemy, leaving the green trail. Skittering Frenzy now have a form of the green balls, that floating around the spider form of the Super Galaxy Elise. But the Rappel looks too much like the original. She just flew up into the sky, to ambush an enemy from above.

Super Galaxy Elise abilities human form

Super Galaxy Elise – New visual effects in the human form

Sound effects are questionable, the human form has rough sounds that really does not fit into all this digital fantasy, but the spider Elise has a great slashing sound, with a bit of technological tones

Super Galaxy Elise spider

Super Galaxy Elise – New visual effects in the spider form

As a result, we receive another great one Super Galaxy skin. The sounds of Elisa’s human form are quite meh, but the rest is incredible. If you like this champion, then you will definitely love Super Galaxy Elise.

You can buy Super Galaxy Elise skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Gnar Splash

Super Galaxy Gnar – Splash Art

Our little, but furious warrior now joined the Super Galaxy ranks. And this is really cool skin, in which he is represented to us as a driver of the mechanical robot (Gnar’s second form). And once again the game developers took inspiration from the Gurren Lagann anime, all this mech-things, and drills everywhere. Even the Gnar’s outfit is inspired by this anime, just look at these ridiculous glasses. In the whole, this little Gnar’s skin is quite interesting but it has only a few details to describe, like the yellow costume with nice cold blue decorations, boomerang, and hi-class blue glasses. The interesting thing that the boomerang itself is a plasma cannon, and I think that Gnar just does not know how to use it properly. The evidence that this is a cannon can be clearly seen in the Super Galaxy Gnar’s new recall.

Super Galaxy Gnar skin

Super Galaxy Gnar – New in-game model

The second form of the Gnar is really unique, now we have a giant battle mech that shares colors with the pilot. The drills are everywhere on this skin, from the tusks, and the tail, to the to the crow remaining after the Hop (although in the animation of the Hop the drill is also present) and Boulder Toss, where the boulder itself was replaced by a drill. And this is awesome, I always loved this champion, and now with all this mecha art, I will love him even more.

Super Galaxy Gnar recalls

Super Galaxy Gnar – New recalls

New visual effects are gorgeous, just look at the new recalls.The little Gnar is clearly disappointed in his weapon, throws it to the ground and tries to make it work. At this time Gnar is being ambushed by the spiders of Super Galaxy Elise (I love when developers insert such links between skins) and he accidentally shoots back from the ambush and teleports to the base. The very same Gnar clearly does not understand what happened and just grabbing his weapon and, as if nothing had happened, going to his lane.

The second recall is less humorous but much more epic. Mecha-Gnar gives out a war cry, accumulates energy and prepares to pierce the heavens with its drill! And that’s exactly the way he returning to the base.

Time of the particle effects! Each time accumulating fury around the champion begins to manifest digital cocoon, which becomes brighter with each attack, if Gnar accumulated enough rage then he emits orange waves into the sky and turns(?) Into Mecha-Gnar. Sad that the mechanics of the game did not allow to change this transformation into something closer to the spirit of Super Galaxy skins.

Super Galaxy Gnar mini visual effects

Super Galaxy Gnar – New visual effects, Mini Gnar

The very abilities of Mini Gnar have not been transformed very much. For example, I want to mention only Hyper – now on the enemy champion appears blue marks, showing how many more strokes need to be applied so that the passive ability works. And as a little changed the model of the boomerang, in the rest everything remained the same.

And that cannot be said about Mega Gnar. As I said before, almost all of his abilities are now associated with the drills. He throws them, jumps on the enemy with a burr and even beats the enemies with a tiny drill, inflicting damage and stun. What is interesting after the Hop marks on the ground now have a characteristic outline. Well, the only exception is GNAR!  Mega Gnar outlines a small holographic projection in a wide cone in front of him and then conducts a strong blow, leaving deep furrows on the ground.

Super Galaxy Gnar mega visual effects

Super Galaxy Gnar – New visual effects, Mega Gnar

The sounds of the Mini Gnar remained close to the original, except for the explosion of charges, which now have a slightly higher tone. In the case of Mega Gnar everything changes a lot, the voice of the champion itself now acquires mechanical sounds in the best spirit of Hollywood films, and abilities like Boulder Toss and Hop now accomplished by cosmic sounds. High sounds, bells chiming – all this perfectly conveys the general spirit of Super Galaxy skins.

Super Galaxy Gnar is definitely worthy of any money it cost. Just look at this perfect combination of visual and sound effects, style and appearance. This skin must be in everybody’s collection!

You can buy Super Galaxy Gnar skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


Super Galaxy Nidalee splash

Super Galaxy Nidalee – Splash Art

Amazon lycanthrope also joined the ranks of Super Galaxy and now she looks much more technologically advanced. This greatly affects the overall spirit of the champion. It’s good or bad – everyone thinks for himself, but personally in my opinion the Super Galaxy Nidalee is the weakest skin among the new products. If you take all aspects of this skin by yourself, they do not look bad – the costume and hair of the champion look nice and do feels different from the Super Galaxy spirit, the new shape and model of the weapon also is great, and the mechanical form of the panther looks almost perfect. Nidalee in the form of a panther has a much more colorful appearance, thanks to the gold decorations. But the entire fantasy class was built on the fact that Nidalee has the ability to turn into a panther, but in Super Galaxy skin, she rather controls it either directly (which is unlikely because of the small size of the panther itself) or from a safe place. No, I understand that there must be exceptions for the champion to fit into the game universe (Gallio is an excellent example), but this should be set by the classic skin itself.

Super Galaxy Nidalee skin

Super Galaxy Nidalee – New in-game model

Let’s look at the visual component, and we will start from animations. By tradition, we will carefully consider the new Recalls. Like the weapon of the Super Galaxy Nidalee, her recall in human form is a tribute to Gurren Lagann, and in the form of Panther, she initially fights off three spiders of Super Galaxy Elise and then suddenly transfers to the base. Very strange animation, which does not fit into the general spirit of the series.

Super Galaxy Nidalee new recall

Super Galaxy Nidalee – New recalls

Arsenal of abilities Super Galaxy Nidalee does not give any flight of imagination for developers, not counting new icons and slightly repainted colors. And as a result, the particle effects came out rather weak, because it’s hard to paint something beautiful and colorful in such abilities as Javelin Toss and Bushwhack.

Super Galaxy Nidalee abilities

Super Galaxy Nidalee – New visual effects, human form

Sounds, too, cannot show anything special – only Javelin Toss has at least some hint of high-tech of this ability. All other sounds are booming beats of a spear and slashes of a panther.

Super Galaxy Nidalee new abilities panther

Super Galaxy Nidalee – New visual effects, panther form

Super Galaxy Nidalee is a controversial skin that simultaneously attracts with interesting visual solutions, and repels with weak particle effects, sound and champion’s lore compatibility. If the last points for you are not a problem, then safely take this Super Galaxy Nidalee Skin.

You can buy Super Galaxy Gnar skin for 1350 RP in the LoL in-game store.


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