In this guide we consider best picks in the LoL solo queue in case you want to improve team fight composition.
What champions perform the best during team fights and what should you pick to improve your team performance?

Team fight setup in League solo queue

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It’s obviously that team setup affects game result in LoL. You probably saw how long sometimes pro players consider their picks to find optimal team setup to confront their rivals. However situation in the solo queue is different because its chaotic nature: you play with random players who have different views on the game and see each other for a first time thus it’s not easy to establish communication between players in the team. Therefore there are different picks what are better for the solo queue than for the team ranked games or for the pro scene. What champion picks are the best for the solo queue and how you can fit your team composition if you can choose only 1 out of 5 champions for the team? We will consider it in this guide.


For the beginning let’s look at cold statistics to see what champions got the highest winrates in LoL. All we need to do is to go to and sort champions by winrate:

LoL champion winrates in solo queue

First of all, should be mentioned that Amumu is the eternal inhabitant of winrate heaven in LoL. This champion doesn’t lose his top 5 position for years. Amumu has combination of a long engage, an ultimate with crowd control over a large area and decent AoE damage. This combination is the best for chaotic solo queue where it’s not that hard to survive till late game where a team fight setup prevail over the fed team with less synergy. In top 25 you can see many champions with massive AoE damage or crowd control: Sejuani Icon Sejuani, Amumu Icon Amumu, Heimerdinger Icon Heimerdinger, Janna Icon Janna, Katarina Icon Katarina, Wukong Icon Wukong, Sona Icon Sona, Leona Icon Leona, Fiora Icon Fiora, Brand Icon Brand, Riven Icon Riven. Also there are really few champions of that type who have winrate below 50%. The main thought of this is that team fight combos rock hard in the solo queue. Good team fight composition often provide come back even if early game was a hard lose. 

If your skill prevail on league you are playing then it’s better to pick an assasin or hard carry champion like Talon Icon Talon or Ahri Icon Ahri in order to stomp your lane. But if you are nearly on the same level of play as your opponents then it’s better to pick a champion what would improve a team fight potential of your team



Let’s consider the best picks for each position in case you want to improve a team fight potential of your allies. There are over 120 champions in LoL therefore choice is not always obvious. However we tryed to find optimal champion picks what would help you to show a good performance in the solo queue.



There are many good champions for the top lane what can improve a team fight composition of your team. We will consider champions who are the most effective in the landing “wombo combo” in the solo queue.


Malphite best pick for team fightMalphite’s ultimate Rocket Grab Icon Unstoppable Force is the best way to engage a team fight. It can be followed by abilities with splash damage and crowd control what other champions in this list have. Moreover Malphite hardly negates attack speed of champions what in turn leads to reducing damage output of attack damage carries and attack speed based champions like Irelia Icon Irelia. Malphite has a hard lane phase because he is very mana depended champion during the early game. It can be compensated by taking Teleport Icon Teleport as summoner spell and roaming to middle lane in case you have a chance to do it. During the lane phase try to use your ultimate by cooldown to help your ally on the middle lane or to kill your lane rival when your jungler comes to assist.



Kennen best pick for top lane  for team fightsKennen’s team fight usability is hard to overestimate. Effect of his ultimate Slicing Maelstorm Icon Slicing Maelstorm is similar to Amumu Icon Amumu‘s Curse of the Sad Mummy Icon Curse of the Sad Mummy but has a stun effect instead of root and got delayed effect. Kennen deals significant damage, has an easy lane phase due to non-mana mechanics and ranged auto-attacks. Kennen is very mobile champion due to Lighting rush Icon Lighting Rush, for the same reason he is a hard target for ganks. It helps a lot when it’s time to roam to the the middle lane or join your team at the Dragon’s Pit.  Zhonya's Hourglass Icon Zhonya’s Hourglass is must have item for Kennen (you may want to read about this wonderful LoL item in our guide about best LoL items).



Rumble for lol team setupRumble is a very popular pick on the pro scene. The reason for that is huge AOE damage and a very long range of ultimate The Equalizer Icon The Equalizer which often lands from “no where”. This champion is mana independent thus he can constantly poke most of melee champions by dealing damage through minions with his Flamespitter Icon Flamespitter. However Rumble is a rare guest in the solo queue. One of the reasons for that is not easy creep slain process what seems to be complicated for people who are not used to Rumble: he is melee AP champion thus his auto-attacks deal low damage to minions while his main damage ability Flamespitter Icon Flamespitter deals two times less damage to minions than to champions. Thus without practice you may miss slain of some minions at the beginning.



During the short team fights middle lane champions deal most damage in the game because AD carries don’t have enough time to deal all possible damage by their auto-attacks. In this part, we recommend mid lane champions who rock in the fights team against team.



Brand best team fight combinationBrand deals huge AoE damage and sometimes all you need is to press “R” to cast Pyroclasm Icon Pyroclasm when a team fight starts. Each of his spell except Sear Icon Sear has AoE effect and don’t forget that all his abilities trigger damage over time effect which deals a great damage equals to 8% of max health points over 4 seconds. When a team fight starts and Brand casts all his spells in the face of enemy team it often leads to a total destruction, especially when it reaches squishy champions. However Brand is a pretty vulnerable champion since he has no escape abilities thus can be easily focused but it’s worth it to deal huge damage in the very first seconds of team fight to multiple enemies. To compensate his vulnerability we recommend you to buy Zhonya's Hourglass Icon Zhonya’s Hourglass.



Katarina best  damage in team fightsKatarina is the scourge of the solo queue. She have passed through several cycles of nerfs but it didn’t affect much her performance. However she needs assist of her allies who should control enemies during a team fight in order to give her possibility to deal all her damage which is really huge. Casted in the right time and place Death Lotus Icon Death Lotus just melts foes apart and then she can start to jump from the enemy to the enemy making thereby several killing blows in a row. This process demands truly fast reaction in order to get all possible profit from her mechanics but also shows how great she can be. Don’t forget that Katarina has a combination of poke with her Bouncing Blades Icon Bouncing Blades and non-mana mechanics which makes her lane phase is pretty easy. You can read in more details about Katarina in our best champions for elo boosting guide.



Orianna best supportive mid lane champ for tfOrianna has many ways to support her allies and control her enemies during a team fight. Her ultimate Bouncing Blades Icon Command: Shockwave can be used as engage tool or follow up attack when her allies already went it and gathered enemies on themselves. Orianna deals nice damage with her Orianna Command Attack Icon Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance Icon Command: Dissonace combo, has an easy lane phase because she has a few ways to buff herself and also got a nice passive ability which helps her a lot in the creep slain process and lane changes. However she is mana depended and farm focused champion thus you may need an early blue buff.



Among other roles junglers usually have the best crowd control. This is understandable since their aim is to gank, but some of them have less potential in small fights like 2v2 while during team fights they rock. Let’s consider champions of that type.



amumu best team fight junglerAmumu has the best crowd control ultimate for the solo queue: it casts instantantly and roots all enemies in a big area for 1.5 seconds (that’s why he is a popular champion during lol boost). Curse of the Sad Mummy Icon Curse of the Sad Mummy is easy to use and it provides a great effect but has really long cooldown which is usual for such ultimates. Thus Amumu’s team have to wait until his cooldown on ultimate will go off. But Amumu has his own weaknesses: to succesfully cast Curse of the Sad Mummy Icon Curse of the Sad Mummy he has to hit an enemy with Bondage Toss Icon Bondage Toss, use flash to charge in or find any other way to reach the enemy team. Amumu farms jungle at a very fast rate due to 2 AoE abilites with similar range of the effect: Despair Icon Despair and Tantrum Icon Tantrum, also these abilities deal significant damage to multiple enemies during a team fight. Bondage Toss Icon Bondage Toss is a very long range (1100) engage tool with a short stun. Amumu is the best jungle pick if are looking for a great CC and simple mechanics.



sejuania the best jungle for tfSejuani mechanics are very close to what Amumu does but her ultimate Glacial Prison Icon Glacial Prison allows her to engage at a very long range (1175) without any preparations. It’s compensated by less possibility to stun multiple enemies than with Amumu Icon Amumu‘s Curse of the Sad Mummy Icon Curse of the Sad Mummy. Sejuani has awesome engage / escape ability Arctic Assault Icon Arctic Assault with knock up what can be used right before Glacial Prison Icon Glacial Prison to increase range of engage. Flail of the Northern Winds Icon Flail of the Northern Winds allows to deal decent damage despite stage of the game (due to damage of max HP) and to farm jungle at decent rate while Permafrost Icon Permafrost provides additional control in team fights and boosts the process of jungling.



Nautilus monster jungler

Nautilus is the crowd control machine what has root, knock up, movement speed slow and grab. No one else in LoL has so much crowd control possibilities. That’s why he is in this list. Nautilus assists his allies with different kinds of engages, control of  enemy bruisers and with hand of help when situation asks to reach someone among the enemy team. Range of Nautilus ultimate Depth Charge Icon Depth Charge is not so long (only 875) and enemies have time to run out in order to reposition themselves until Depth Charge Icon Depth Charge would reach them. However it’s easily compensated by amount of crowd control Nautilus has. For a relatively long engage you may use Dredge Line Icon Dredge Line which range is 1100!



Attack damage carries start to rock closer to the late game and most of them fall behind in the burst potential before middle lane champions. However they deal the best DPS in the game and all they need is time and possibility. In this part of our LoL team fight guide we recommend attack damage carries what would fit team fight composition for the solo queue.



Jinx become incredible popular pick since her release. Right now she is the most popular champion in the LoL solo queue and appears in more than one third of all games:

Jinx is the most popular champion

There are many reasons for Jinx to be top 1 pick in the game. Except the fact that she is a very charismatic champion she has many wonderful mechanics what makes her so popular among LoL players. But we are interested in what makes her good in team fights. First of all, it’s her passive Get Excited! Icon Get Excited! what provides high mobilty what allows her to reposition herself during a team fight and this is exactly what any attack damage carry needs. Her ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! Icon Super Mega Death Rocket! deals huge damage in a big area to the wounded enemies. Using a long range ability Zap! Icon Zap! is nice way to start TF in situation when you just need “to cling” to enemy to make the fight begin. Ability to switch modes between long range attacks when you need to keep yourself on the safe distance from your foes and a mode with attack speed boost when you have to deal all possible damage is also a great advantage of her.



Ashe the best pick ADcAshe is in this list because of her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow Icon Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Used in the right place and time it can turn back losing game if you catch enemies that are split from their team or land a perfect engage what would lead to a team fight in the majority. Remember that you have to use Ashe’s ultimate to start a team fight but not as act of defense when when TF already started. After recent rework each spell and attack of Ashe is slowing movement speed (from 5% to 35%) which is a big help during team fights, especially at the late game when team fights are long and usually final word is left for attack damage carries.



Sivir amazing adc for team fightsThere are not many attack damage carries who is able to buff their allies and Sivir is one of them. Movement speed buff of 60% for all team for 6 seconds at third rank when she casts On The Hunt Icon On The Hunt is a great way to reduce or increase distance depending on the situation between your team and enemies. Sivir deals very decent damage to multiple targets due to her Boomerange Blade Icon Boomerang Blade and Richochet Icon Richochet and her survivability is well because of high mobility due to combination of passive ability and ultimate. Also don’t forget about the same as the Banshee's Veil icon Banshee’s Veil effect on her Richochet Icon Spell Shield. All these advantages makes Sivir a decent pick for a team fight composition.




Many supports who have great crowd control abilities can be in this list. We will consider a few supports who are effective in fights team against team.



Leona team fight combo championLeona is the crowd control monster. She has root, stun and 80% slow / stun on her ultimate Solar Flare Icon Solar Flare. She is very tanky and capable to go into multiple enemies taking enemy fire on herself. Ultimate Solar Flare Icon Solar Flare has 1200 range is a perfect engage tool to start a team fight or to catch someone off guard. Leona’s common ability Zenith Blade Icon Zenith Blade also has a long range (875) and is a great gap closer with a low cooldown for ability of that type. Stun spell Shield of Daybreak Icon Shield of Daybreak also has a low cooldown of 7 seconds at 5th rank and it’s becoming even less with cooldown reduction items. And finally Eclipse Icon Eclipse which you should max first makes Leona the most tanky support in the game with buff of +60 armor and magic resistance for the 6 seconds.



Annie the best support championThis little girl is able to burst down alone ADc or APc even if she is being played as support. In team fights Summon: Tibbers Icon Summon: Tibbers with charged Pyromania Icon Pyromania could be a decisive factor if you engage on several enemies or catch someone out of group. Her base damage is really big and despite several nerfs in the recent past she is still able to rock (her winrate is significantly above 50% and is equals to 51.73% at the time of writing of this guide). However she demands wise and agressive playstyle when you pressure enemies but don’t expose yourself under unnecessary damage. You may need a time to master such playstyle but it’s neccessary because range of her spells is really low.



Nami best controls support for TFNami is not popular pick in the solo queue (currently she appears only in ~6% of games). Probably the reason for that is a high skillcap. Time may be needed to master her Aqua Prison Icon Aqua Prison which flies slowly but awards with AoE crowd control with long duration. Ebb and Flow Icon Ebb and Flow works perfect in team fights while Tidecaller's Blessing IconTidecaller’s Blessing probably the best buff for ADc and can be compared only with Nunu’s one. Her ultimate Tidal Wave Icon Tidal Wave travels on 2750 range knocking up and slowing all enemies it passed through (also it gains 40 movement speed to allies who were passed through it or any other Nami spell even if it works only on foes like Aqua Prison Icon Aqua Prison). This ultimate is great for both engage and disengage, and due to range can be used to start a team fight even if enemies position themselves on a far distance from your team. 



Except perfect “wombo combo” combinations there are some champion combinations what are better to avoid until you gain decent experience in LoL or you may choose to avoid them completely due to chaotic nature of the solo queue. This applies mainly to knock out abilities of champions like Janna icon Janna, Xin Zhao icon Xin Zhao or statis of Bard icon Bard.


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