Boosteria's Diablo 4 Level Boosting & Gold Selling - Essential FAQs

Diablo 4 Level Boosting & Gold Buying FAQs - Boosteria

Get thorough answers to numerous questions about the Diablo 4 level boosting and gold selling process. The information you're seeking is likely right here.

boosteria boosting questions

What is your Refund Policy?

Our refund policy is simple and fair. If a client requests a refund prior to the start of the level boost or gold delivery process, we gladly provide a full refund. However, if the boosting process has already kicked off, a partial refund will be issued, the amount of which is determined by the progress achieved.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I watch a live stream of my own boost?

Certainly, we provide that option. All you need to do is enable the streaming feature during the ordering process, and then you'll be able to watch your account's boost live!

boosteria boosting questions

How does your support service work?

Our support service is available seven days a week, and you can contact us through multiple channels like our Facebook Page, FB Messenger, email, or a specific chat with your assigned manager during the boosting or gold selling period. Although we don't offer 24/7 service, we aim to respond as quickly as possible, with our response time typically being a few minutes to several hours, but very occasionally up to 24 hours.

boosteria boosting questions

What if I want to change my booster?

If you wish to switch your booster for any reason, you can do so by pausing your order in your client area. This will return your order to our database, making it available for another booster to pick. If you feel that your assigned booster isn't living up to our service standards or displaying inappropriate behavior, we strongly encourage you to contact our support team.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I communicate with my friends during the boost process?

Definitely! Our boosters are professionally trained and well-aware of the importance of maintaining contact during the boost process. If there are any messages to be passed along or replied to, our boosters can do that for you upon request.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you have a loyalty or affiliate program and how do they work?

Indeed, we offer both a loyalty and affiliate program. After completing your first purchase, you will receive a promo code and discount. You can see the details of our loyalty program and your current status within the client area. Additionally, you're welcome to share your unique loyalty code with others. On their first purchase, they will match your loyalty level, giving them the same benefits.


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