Boosteria's Hearthstone Boosting - Essential FAQs

Hearthstone Boosting FAQ - Boosteria

We've covered most of the questions related to the Hearthstone boosting process. Your answers are likely found here.

boosteria boosting questions

What's the boosting timeline?

Boost duration depends on your current status and desired rank. Typically, we can boost your rank by 10 per day until you reach Diamond League. Once you're in the Diamond League, we can boost 3-5 ranks daily. The advancement to higher ranks might necessitate more time due to the increased difficulty.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I watch a live stream of my boost?

Certainly, we offer this option. Just activate the streaming feature during the purchase process, and you'll be able to view your account's boost in real-time!

boosteria boosting questions

How does your customer service operate?

Our customer service runs seven days a week, reachable via various channels like our Facebook Page, FB Messenger, email, or a dedicated chat with your booster during the boosting period. While we're not 24/7, we strive for quick responses, typically ranging from a few minutes to several hours, occasionally extending to 8-10 hours.

boosteria boosting questions

What if I want a different booster?

If you desire to switch your booster, you can do so by pausing your order in the client area. This makes your order available in our database for another booster. If you feel your assigned booster isn't meeting our standards or behaving inappropriately, we strongly encourage reaching out to our support team.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I chat with my friends during the boost?

Absolutely! Our boosters are well-trained and understand the significance of communication during the boost. If there are messages to be forwarded or replied to, our boosters can do it for you upon request.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you offer a loyalty or affiliate program?

Yes, we provide both a loyalty and an affiliate program. After your first purchase, you get a promo code and discount. You can check your loyalty program details and status within the client area. Also, you're free to share your unique loyalty code. With their first purchase, they'll match your loyalty level, gaining the same perks.


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