Boosteria's Rocket League Boosting - Essential FAQs

Rocket League Boosting - Essential FAQs

Uncover detailed responses to numerous Rocket League boosting questions. You'll probably find the information you seek right here.

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How long does the boosting process take?

Boosting duration varies based on factors like desired rank and number of divisions. For boosts below Champion, we typically advance one division daily. Larger boosts often accelerate towards the end due to strong MMR growth. Duo boosts might take longer due to the necessary coordination between both players.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I ask my booster to play certain cars?

Yes, you can! And the good news is, we don't charge extra for this!

boosteria boosting questions

How does your support service operate?

Our support services run seven days a week. You can reach us through various channels including our Facebook Page, FB Messenger, email, or a dedicated chat with your assigned manager during the boost. Although we're not a 24/7 service, we aim to respond as promptly as possible. Usually, our response time varies from a few minutes to several hours, but can occasionally extend to 8-10 hours in certain circumstances.

boosteria boosting questions

What if I want to change my booster?

If you wish to change your booster for any reason, you can do so by pausing your order within your customer area. This makes your order available to be assigned to a different booster. If you believe that your assigned booster isn't meeting our service standards or behaving appropriately, we strongly advise contacting our support team.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I communicate with my friends during the boost?

Absolutely, our boosters are trained and understand the importance of maintaining communication during the boost. If you have any messages that need to be forwarded or replied to, our boosters can handle this for you upon request.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you have a loyalty program and how does it work?

We have a loyalty program. You will receive your promo code and discount after the first purchase. You can see the details of the loyalty program and your current level in the customer area. Moreover, you can share this with anyone and they will get the same loyalty program level as you!

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