Boosteria's LoL Elo Boosting - Essential FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions at Boosteria

Discover comprehensive answers to many Elo boosting queries. Most likely, you'll find the information you need here.

boosteria boosting questions

How long will the boosting process take?

The boosting duration varies based on the desired rank, the number of divisions, and your account's LP gain. For boosts under Platinum 4 and LP gains of at least 16 LP, we typically progress one division per day. Larger boosts tend to quicken towards the end due to solid MMR growth. Duo boosts may take longer due to the coordination required between the two participating players.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I request my booster to use specific champions?

Indeed! But bear in mind, this might lengthen the boosting process due to its intricate nature. Good news is, we charge nothing for this service!

boosteria boosting questions

What's the operation of your support service like?

Our support services are operational seven days a week, and you can reach out to us through various channels such as our Facebook Page, FB Messenger, email, or a dedicated chat with your assigned manager during the boost period. While we don't provide round-the-clock service, we strive to respond as quickly as possible. In most instances, our response time ranges from a few minutes to several hours, although it can occasionally extend to 8-10 hours in certain cases.

boosteria boosting questions

What if I wish to switch my booster?

If for any reason you wish to change your booster, you have the ability to do so by placing your order on pause within your customer area. By doing this, your order gets returned to our database, making it available for assignment to a different booster. In situations where you feel that the booster assigned to you is not adhering to our service standards or is displaying inappropriate behavior, we strongly urge you to reach out to our support team.

boosteria boosting questions

Can I maintain communication with my friends during the boosting process?

Absolutely, our boosters are thoroughly trained and well-informed about the importance of maintaining communication during the boost process. If you have any messages that need to be forwarded or responded to, our boosters can handle this for you upon your request.

boosteria boosting questions

Do you have a loyalty program and how does it work?

We have a loyalty program. You will receive your promo code and discount after the first purchase. You can see the details of the loyalty program and your current level in the customer area.


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